Saturday, December 26, 2009

The waiting game

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!

Ours was VERY quiet. Since we didn't know where we'd be on Christmas Day, we decided to cancel Christmas this year, well - the gift-giving bit anyway, but we still got together with family and shared the day and a lovely meal.

But, we're still waiting for our best present ever!!

Tic tac was officially due on the 22nd, although technically they say that 75% of babies are born AFTER their due date. We're now 4 days "overdue" and I dont think there are any signs that we're close. At my 40 week hospital checkup on Tuesday, the midwife said that the head hadn't fully engaged yet, and although softened, I hadn't started to dilate yet. Disappointed! We just want to meet the little bugger, although I guess if its not ready, its not ready!

Its hard not to be frustrated. Even though bub will come when its ready (or when the hospital decide), I feel like all the pressure is on me to "perform" - everyone is so impatient to meet tic tac, and I reckon at this time of year its so much worse, because of all the other special/important dates around this time. At least the weather has cooled down a bit and its not so humid. Trying to enjoy my last few days of "freedom" anyway!

Next hospital appointment is on Tuesday, and if still nothing has happened then we'll be booked in to be induced - something I'd really like to avoid if possible. So we're trying every trick in the book to get things rolling, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Here's a couple of pics we took on Xmas Eve - we were sick of sitting around the house waiting so we went for a drive to Manly harbour and had a wander around... took our fur baby Elke for a walk along the water - here she is with me and the bump!

And afterwards in the car - shattered!

Enjoy your boxing day everyone, and keep fingers crossed for us!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreaming of Screaming...

With thanks to System of a Down for the title...

Both of us had dreams of birth last night. I woke up to tell hubby that I'd just dreamt of having the baby. In the dream, I arrived at hospital on my own, because hubby was running late. There was a male midwife, who saw me to a room - where I had just hopped on the bed, and 5 seconds later gave one LITTLE push (hardly any effort really) - and suddenly the baby was born and taken away from me! I was told its a girl, and then the midwife told me I had two options, I could either stay there, or check into a hotel!! LOL!

Hubby dreamt that I was having contractions, while we were sitting in the carpark of a landscape nursery... I dont know what we were doing there!

Hmmm, well I'm still here anyway, and so is the bump.

For the last week I've been getting period-pain type cramps that come and go - perhaps these are Braxton Hicks? (I have no idea). And today I cant walk too well because I seem to have pinched a nerve in my groin area. Took Elke for a longer walk today, and was absolutely shattered when I got home. Lots of little stabbing niggles down below. I keep waiting for something to go "KABOOM" - this is it!! But nothing yet. Every little twinge I'm like "Is this IT?" I'm running out of patience!

Anyhoo... this is the new "Hil-mobile" - forgot to post pics when we got it a few weeks ago! Naturally, its a Ford!

And this was me on Saturday night (thought I should post one with my head still attached, just once!) - at the end of our housewarming party, feeling hot and bothered and about ready to collapse!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok, I'm ready for it to be over now

Yep, I'm ready for this baby to be out now!

This is just a horrible, horrible time of year to be heavily pregnant (and not in air conditioning). Its been so hot and humid, and I'm just so uncomfortable now...

The swollen feet are a given (I waddle like a slow-moving duck these days), but in the last week my hands and fingers have decided to join the "fluid retention party" - and now I cant get my wedding/engagement rings off. This is upsetting me more than anything else, its just SO frustrating and annoying, and really starts to freak me out if I think about it too much.

Yesterday I had my regular appointment with my chiropractor, and was telling him I couldn't get the rings off. Well, I had his entire office staff, other chiros, and my chiro's wife all trying different things to get my bloody rings off! Ice, elevation, lubrication - nothing worked! Felt quite funny to have so many different people standing around discussing different techniques that might work LOL! Their final suggestion was to have them cut off - something I'm reluctant to do to my beautiful rings.

So I'm just trying to ignore it for now, its not like I have purple fingers or anything, its just frustrating and annoying more than anything. I feel so stupid cos I SHOULD have taken them off weeks ago, but in my stupidity I thought "Naaahhh, my hands wont get swollen!!" - famous last words!

Week 38 hospital visit was on Wednesday and some good news - at my last visit at 36 weeks, Tic Tac was lying posterior (its back was against my back) - so after much effort this last fortnight (getting down on hands and knees, leaning forward when sitting down, not putting my feet up, lots of walking etc) we've managed to get bub to turn - yay! They are not concerned with the swelling, chiefly because my blood pressure is still on the low side of normal.

So its in position and ready to go - now just have to wait I guess! Officially we have 11 days to go, but of course its all up to bub and whenever he/she decides it wants to join us. Technically if they allow me to go 10 days overdue, then we might not be having a baby until 1st or 2nd of January... ugh!

We are having a housewarming party here on Saturday night (yeah great timing huh?) so it will be a busy weekend. I've told hubby that I'm not planning on jumping up and down serving people all night, so its a sausage sizzle and he's doing most of it (I'll make a salad and then put my feet up) - lets hope it goes to plan!

Have an awesome weekend!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Where's the cat?

The other morning I couldn't find the cat in any of his normal sleeping haunts... where is he?

Mmmm, there's a strange lump in Elke's dog bed...

Is that a little paw poking out?

Found ya!

Lemme alone mum, I like it under here!

Elke: Ok, but where am I going to sleep?

We are lucky enough to have a fully screened in patio area at our new house, which is where Elke sleeps at night. She spends most of her daytime indoors now, and Connor spends most of his daytime out in the enclosed patio area, sunning himself. Elke would rather come in and drink water from the cats small water bowl, and Connor would rather drink from Elke's huge bucket of water which is on the patio! Its like having kids! (except they dont talk back LOL)

Monday, November 30, 2009


Photo at 36 weeks pregnant.

No car news yet, we hopefully pick it up tomorrow (Tuesday)

Anyway, cravings. I haven't really experienced many. I've had the odd occasion where I felt like having something in particular, but it wasn't a desperate urge or anything.

To date, they have been:

1. In the first trimester - fruit. I'm not a big fruit lover at the best of times, but I wanted and ate a fair bit of fruit in the first 12 weeks. I'm over it now though!

2. In the 2nd trimester, on one occasion I suddenly thought I could "smell" pickles. You know, like the ones on a Cheeseburger. Then I thought about pickles all day. Told hubby about it, and he went and got me McDonalds that night, LOL!

3. Last week, I really felt like one of those icy poles that comes in plastic tubes. Like the ones you give to kids, from the supermarket. So I bought a packet, and have been having one now and then - hits the spot right now because its so hot and humid lately! I guess its like wanting to eat ice...

4. Today - All I could think about was having a HUGE cold salad for lunch. No protein, just lots of crisp iceberg lettuce, onion, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, capsicum, cucumber and avocado. So I've just finished it - yum! I dont really understand this one, because I have salad probably 4 nights a week with dinner (the other nights are steamed veg), so its nothing special, but for some reason I REALLY wanted salad for lunch!

Now that I've got some time up my sleeve, I've been experimenting with some baking. Last week I made bread rolls for the first time, and yesterday I made some Almond and Strawberry Friands (ooooh yum!). I only ate a couple, and the rest go to hubby for his lunches (he's lovin it!). Think I might also try making some Calzones, or Foccacia bread, for his lunches. I'm not a natural "baker" (I'm hopeless with measuring and weighing ingredients) and I cant seem to stick to a recipe (I've got a bad habit of throwing extra stuff in for some reason, for experimentation - which is great when cooking, but not so good when baking). But for some reason, I feel like baking. Maybe its the nesting instinct??

3 weeks to go (unless tictac is late of course)!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maternity Leave

Ok, so here I am, maternity leave. I finished work last Friday (big sigh of relief) and am now patiently waiting… waiting… for a baby to arrive.

4 weeks to go (am now 36 weeks along), and next week bub will technically be considered “full term”. Makes me laugh when people say to me “wow that’s gone quick!”… man, I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER! I would just like tic tac to be out now, seriously, its been lovely to have another little being growing and kicking inside me, but I’d really like my body back now!!

Work gave me a baby gift card, so I happily went and spent that on Monday. Just a few small items to get now, and I’ll feel ready! I still haven’t packed any bags, so I must get to that this week – just in case. I’ve got lists galore, and have got so much stuff to get done in the next couple of weeks (get tax done, hospital appointments, massage appointment, get a few more baby/hospital supplies, pack hospital/baby bags, get baby capsule installed, organize bubs room, dentist check up etc) so I’m not exactly putting my feet up just yet (and with my feet swollen to resemble elephant-man, I really should be!)

One thing that is still up in the air is a car. Can you believe that we STILL don’t have a car for me yet? Because hubby is such a car (Ford) enthusiast, well, he’s been researching a car for me for the last 6 months. Its got to be a performance car (for him, when he’s on his own), and a safe & reliable car for me and bub. Hard to find something that ticks all the boxes. To me, a car is a car, but its so important to him! My company car stayed at work on Friday when I finished, so currently I’m driving around his hotted up XR8 ute (his pride and joy). It’s a manual though, and an absolute BITCH to get into reverse. I do enjoy driving it though, I feel a bit tough! Here's a pic - wouldn’t you feel like a hoon if you drove this?:
Anyway, we sorted something out yesterday, fingers crossed we’ll have a new car by the weekend (and bye-bye XR8!)

Today I'm going for a pregnancy massage, and I cant wait. I've certainly relaxed and loosened up a bit since I finished work on Friday, but my shoulders are still pretty tight. A bit of pampering will be nice though.

So nothing too thrilling to report here - catcha next time...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fat feet

Hubby has always loved my feet - he has often said to me that one of the first things he notices in a woman (after a face, boobs etc) is their feet.  Its surprising actually how many of his mates share this same opinion actually!!   I don’t think it’s a foot-fetish, but apparently it IS important (in his opinion) to have nice feet.


Anyway, currently I have fat feet.  And at the end of each fat foot, I have 5 fat little sausages for toes…  This swelling only really started a few weeks ago, and its gradually getting worse, and some days are worse than others, depending on the weather, and how long I sit/stand in one position.


I'm having great fun tormenting hubby with my ugly feet now - I keep saying "Look at my swollen FEET!!" and he just about shrieks and runs away!  LOL!  Not quite, but it IS funny!  Ankles have disappeared too, on both sides.  It is quite bizarre.  Luckily I have no swelling anywhere else.  Elevating my legs at the end of the day helps a bit, but you cant do that at work!


We had our all-day ante natal class last Saturday, which we actually quite enjoyed.  We learned quite a bit, we both asked heaps of questions, and it was great to have a tour of the birthing suites, and to see the rooms in the maternity ward.  The great thing about my hospital is, although its public, you get an individual room - nice.  We watched a couple of birth videos, which for some reason made me want to burst into tears.  I just found it so emotional watching this woman go through all those contractions and pain, having her hubby supporting her and helping her, and then the actual birth (which was graphic enough in detail, and freaked me out a little bit) - just so … moving.  I blinked back the tears though, had to remind myself that I was in a room full of 30-40 strangers!


I'm having my baby shower this Saturday, and really looking forward to it.  One of my friends has organised it all, so I just get to sit back and relax!  (After I clean the house from top to bottom of course)


Oh and I have decided to finish work a week earlier than I'd planned, its just getting too much.  I will be 35 and a half weeks by next Friday, which is enough for me.  So I have only 5 days of work left - yeeha!   I've got so much to do after I finish though, to get organised for tic tac's arrival.


Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Stressy Week

Ugh - stress city. I knew this week was going to be the week from hell... and it has been.

I've been having trouble sleeping this week. Sleep is always one of the first thing that goes out the window for me when I'm stressed. I'm actually ok getting to sleep this time, but I cant seem to stay asleep. And once I wake up, thats it.

Now I know that this is part and parcel of the last trimester of pregnancy, but I'm over it. Work is really stressing me out, there is so much going on, and now when I wake up, I just cant seem to drop off again. Bubs has also taken to doing a "corkscrew" impersonation during this time, or at least thats what it feels like!

Last night we had a huge storm in SE Qld, huge claps of thunder too - so we decided to bring Elke inside for the night because she was really freaked out. Its the first time we've had her in the bedroom (on the floor) and while she did settle down and go to sleep, she's a really "snuffly" dog and all I could hear was her heavy breathing and snorting. I woke up around 1.30am and the storm had passed, eventually at 2.30am (I was still awake) after listening to her grunt and snort for an hour, I got up and put her out (much to her disgust!).

But still couldn't sleep, so at 3.30 I decided to get up, no point lying there NOT sleeping. So another night of 3-4 hours sleep. *Sigh*.

I have 16 days of work left. I'm really thinking that the stress is not worth it, and see if I can take my maternity leave a week earlier than planned.

I'm planning on suspending my gym membership in the next day or two. I haven't been in several weeks, and I really just dont have the energy at the moment so I'll just keep up the walking a few days a week with Miss Elke.

I had my 33 week hospital visit on Wednesday, and its all looking good. Tic tac's head has descended already - I was hoping that meant it might come on time (or even a day or two early would be nice!) but apparently it aint so!

A friend of ours had her second bub on Tuesday morning - a gorgeous little girl. Wednesday night we went to visit them in hospital, and my hubby was quite smitten with the beautiful little bundle. He even held her for ages, he said he needed some practice holding a baby! I kept saying that its hard to believe that we'll have one of our own in a few weeks - freaky!

We have our ante-natal class tomorrow! Just gotta get through today...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pregnancy observations

Having never been pregnant before, I've experienced a few things that have quite surprised me. Such as:

A pregnant belly feels HARD. Like a fully inflated basket ball. I thought it would be soft and squishy!

My hair is growing at all sorts of different rates. The hair on my head is growing fairly steadily, underarm hair is growing super fast though and requires almost daily shaving! But the hair on my legs has barely grown at all in the last few months, and most strange of all - my eyebrows - I last waxed them just before my wedding in June, and since then I think I've had to pluck a random hair about twice (yes that’s in total, in 4 months!)

My fingernails are growing like the clappers, I'm having to fill my acrylic in every 3 weeks, where I used to stretch it to 4 weeks.

Leg cramps in the night are most unpleasant, especially thigh and hamstring cramps - ouch. I never even knew it was possible to get a thigh cramp.

The little bugger has started punching and squishing and bashing into my bladder, to the point where a couple of times I've had to cross my legs, squeeeeeze those pelvic floor muscles… and hope for the best!

Random strangers often talk to me. It seems that many people love a pregnant woman, especially if its your first. People look at me and smile. I've struck up conversations with random sales clerks, big burly butchers, staff at Queensland Transport, bank officers etc - whereas before they would barely even look up.

I'm forgetful. Really, really forgetful. Hubby finds it particularly annoying! I never had a great memory beforehand, but its even worse now.

I drop things. A lot. The harder I try NOT to drop things, the more I drop them.

Putting on lace-up shoes (like gym shoes) is proving to be more difficult as time goes by. Same goes for putting on socks, painting toe nails, and picking up the stuff that I dropped.

Everything is done with a grunt. Bend over to pick something up - grunt. Get out of bed or out of a chair - grunt. Walk up the stairs at work - grunt and rest at the top.

Your feet get bigger. No kidding, its supposedly because the bones and muscles relax. Some say that they never go back to the original size. So what do I do with all my beautiful size 8 shoes????

Still, I think I've been pretty lucky so far. No stretch marks yet. And with 8 weeks to go, I've gained just on 10kgs. First time in the 70's! Fingers crossed my target of putting on no more than 15kgs is achievable. Blood pressure is still normal, glucose test results were fine. I've also not experienced any cravings, or had any symptoms of nesting yet. (Can you believe we still haven't got any furniture for tic tac's room yet!! Maybe this weekend) My major complaint at the moment is that I'm just extremely TIRED.

Last Friday we went for our 3D/4D ultrasound, and got some amazing photos of little tic tac. We ended up with about 130 images, plus a DVD of the whole thing. I will leave you with a couple of the best photos.

Have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photos! and other stuff...

Thought I'd update with a few photos this week.

Here's a pic of the new house - this is the side of the house. You can see the temporary fence that we built a few weeks ago to keep Miss Elke in. To the right of the tree in the middle is our fully screened patio area. The house is pretty much smack bang in the middle of the 1.5 acres, so the neighbours aren't too close :-)

More of the backyard - this is the area that we fenced off . If you look closely, on the right hand edge of this photo you can see the corner of the screened-in patio.

This was a classic - Connor discovering the local wildlife! This bird was absolutely obsessed with its reflection in the glass - it sat there for about half an hour gazing lovingly at its own image, totally unaware that there was a cat on the other side going bananas and wanting to catch it, and very frustrated that he couldn't!!

In the end Connor was the one who gave up in disgust.

Elke - I had just put some Advantix on her, and she was not happy with me. She refused to make eye contact with me for the photo!

Baby bump last week (at 29 weeks)

We went to a wedding on Saturday and I wore heels. Flat shoes with dresses just dont look right on me... I had to stand a fair bit though, and ended up with swollen ankles again, and back pain for a few days. The things we do for style! Although I feel that at this point in time, nothing is going to make me look good LOL. This weekend is another wedding, and I'm trying to decide if I can get away with flat shoes... maybe I'll have to wear pants, but I'd rather not! Maybe I'll just try to sit down as much as possible instead, and wear the heels? Or am I just being silly?

I'm getting to the point in this pregnancy where I'm starting to complain a bit! Oooh my back hurts, leg cramps in the middle of the night, I cant bend over and do up my shoes, or paint my toe nails because there's this big belly in the way, heartburn, I'm so tired all the time!... etc etc. I catch myself and think "you of all people should not be complaining, after the dramas it took to actually GET pregnant" So I'm trying to suck it up and just get on with it.
I have caught myself waddling a few times in the last week or two - and I have instantly corrected my gait LOL - ahhhh its SO glamourous!
Todays excitement came when I felt the heel of a FOOT pushing out of my belly. Its the first time I've actually been able to almost name a body part. Cute.
I went to a morning tea on Sunday, and one of the girls there had a 9 week old baby. Everyone was doing the "Pass the baby" thing, and I felt horrible that I STILL didn't have the slightest urge to cuddle a baby. The sum total of my baby holding experience in my entire life would probably add up to less than one our - that is including ALL babies that I've ever held. I thought I might be different once I was pregnant, but, um, I'm not. I've also never changed a nappy before. This baby is going to come out and I'm not going to have the slightest clue what to do with it.
I hope its different when its your own?
I'm also wondering when this supposed "nesting" instinct is going to kick in, cos so far it hasn't surfaced....
10 weeks to go - eeek!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Its starting to feel like home :)

For me, the sun is starting to come out again. When I think back over the last few months - its been HUGE. All the stuff that’s been going on - getting married, putting the house on the market, having open houses, buying a house, organising finance, having to put our much-loved dog down and grieving over him, packing and moving house, unpacking, buiding a fence at the new place, starting a new temporary managers role at work, AND being pregnant - well, its no wonder I had been feeling so overwhelmed and "flat" for the last few months.

But I'm starting to feel good again. There is less stuff to stress over, and more stuff to look forward to now. Starting to look ahead to the next few months as we finally get to buy a few things for the baby's room. We'd been holding off on any big purchases because there didn't seem much point doing it before we moved. So now we can get a stroller, cot, change table etc - oh and we also have to get a car for me, because pretty soon I have to give the company car back :( bugger!

We have started talking about getting another dog too - its been a month now since we lost Shavez, and it feels like it might be ok to get another one soon. It also might help us heal emotionally. Elke has become even more precious to me lately. She is such a gorgeous little girl, and is such a good indoor dog. Even Connor the cat is tolerating her being inside so much now. She has become my shadow, sitting at our feet when we're on the lounge, or comes up at random to give us hugs and kisses. I don’t know if she can sense my pregnancy, but she's certainly been a great companion lately. Isn't she a cutie?

There are a few things we need to get for the new house, but one of the things on the list was to finally get with the 21st century and get a big screen plamsa TV. We went out window shopping on Sunday - and yep, you guessed it - we came home with a new telly! It’s 50 inch - its MASSIVE! We are not really big TV watchers, but hubby wanted to watch Bathurst this weekend on a big screen - spoilt!

We have such a busy month ahead of us - including weddings on the next two weekends. Hubby is in the bridal party for one of them too. Normally I would buy a new dress for a wedding, but I decided to try on a few of my current dresses this time - and I found two that still fit, despite the big preggo belly! Not keen on buying something new that I wont get to wear again, so they will have to do. Feeling like a whale at the moment, so I don’t think much is going to make me look good somehow! Will get some photos taken if I remember.
Did a lower body training session at the gym on Monday, and took Elke for a walk this morning to expore some of the new suburb. Tomorrow I'm going to gym for an upper body session, and Thursday I'm planning a sleep in! Although sleep is getting to be a bit of a luxury at the moment, the other night I actually feel like I pulled a muscle in my stomach just from rolling over!
It really is amazing what the human body can do - I have a little being inside me right now that is about 27cms long from head to bum - now THAT is amazing! I also keep looking down at my growing belly with a degree of fright - this thing keeps getting bigger, and its got to come out down there! 11 weeks to go!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All moved in

OMG what a week!

We are now moved in to our new place, and I just have to say - I am NEVER moving again! Aaarrrggghh!!! What a pain in the butt!

We thought we were doing great on Friday morning, (remember, we hired trucks and moved ourselves) - and by 11am we had one truck loaded with all the outside stuff. Hubby is a carpenter/builder, so he has a large amount of building materials that needed to me moved (and they say that I'M the hoarder!!). Then it was on to the inside stuff - which quickly filled the second truck WAY before the house was empty.

Why on earth do TWO people need to live in a four bedroom house, with enough furniture and crap for 6 people??

Anyway, then the boys had to take the loaded trucks down to the new place (15 mins away) and unload them in the new yard, then bring the empty trucks back for more loading. Ugh. There was no way in hell we were going to be out of there by settlement time (3pm) - so I had to ring the real estate and apologise. We didn't get out of there until almost 6pm!!

So that meant that we didn't get to the new place until after dark - unloading in the dark has got to be a movers worst nightmare. Thank goodness for friends and family for all their help, and if we EVER move again - can we please get removalists in????

Everybody did too much - everybody was wrecked by Saturday. Even hubby admitted he underestimated the job and was wrecked (and thats a big thing for him to admit!). I was a mess. I found the day to be extremely frustrating. Everyone kept saying "dont you lift that" or "put that down - you're meant to be taking it easy" - but seriously, you cant sit down and relax while everyone else is working their arse off. So I worked all day and ended up with swollen ankles, a WICKED varicose vein in my left leg and lower back pain that wont go away.

Its so frustrating when you know what you are normally capable of, but because of pregnancy you just cant do it anymore. I felt quite weak and useless, and I'm not used to feeling like that.

Nevermind, we're in now... I've got this week off work, so I've been slowly unpacking and doing what I can. I got hit with heartburn/indigestion from hell on Monday - which turned into a mild version of those stomach pains I used to get a few years ago. I was up all night doubled over, my whole digestion felt like it was on fire. Thats what you get when you eat crap for a few days, or get so busy that you forget to eat and then overeat as a consequence. Lesson learned. Heartburn is still there (one of those lovely side effects of pregnancy) but I'm feeling better. The stress of everything hasn't helped, I feel very overwhelmed by it all at the moment.

Elke has become an indoor dog, which we love. She is following me around like a lost sheep, I cant move from one room to the next without her following me everywhere. She is loving the acreage, but is still a little apprehensive about it. Its not fully fenced yet, so she gets to explore it under supervision at the moment, and gets locked inside an enclosed patio area to sleep, or when we go out. She is such a good indoor dog, but I wonder how long it will last - once she's used to this place she'll probably want to be outside again!

Ooh yeah - I'm going for a pregnancy massage today - cant wait! I'm also going to get an iphone tomorrow, because pretty soon I'm going to have to give back my work mobile (and laptop - boohoo!) so I thought I'd treat myself to a new toy :) Only 8 weeks of work left - yahoo! 12 weeks til we meet tic tac, eeek!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Stuff

Our houses (selling and buying) are scheduled to settle simultaneously on Friday… so we are madly packing, cleaning and throwing-away. I don’t think I've been exerting myself too much, although my back begs to differ at the end of the day and just aches and aches. I'm so front heavy now, that even just sitting for an extended period makes my back hurt. I packed up some of the kitchen on the weekend for about an hour, and then had to sit down for an hour to rest - just so tired!

I'm excited about moving, but also a bit sad because Shavez's presence is still so real here. At the new house, although it will be easier for us to look to the future, our memories of him wont be there at that house. Elke seems to be coping ok - she doesn't want to be inside anymore, I bring her in every night for dinner, and afterwards she stands at the door and waits patiently to be let outside again.

I have started in an Acting Branch Manager role at my work - Its sort of a "caretaker" position until I go on maternity leave in about 10 weeks, so its all good experience for me, and was nice to be asked! But it has been quite challenging, trying to learn new stuff whilst suffering from baby brain! As of this Thursday, I have a week and a half off to move house, and then unpack at leisure. Although, I have so many appointments organised for next week that I'm still going to be super busy.

Tic tac is going fine, lots of kicking - usually in the bladder, usually once I've laid down to go to bed, or at 3.30am. I think tic tac takes after its dad and is going to be a Muay Thai kickboxer! I have to go for my gestational diabetes blood tests next Tuesday - fingers crossed! The latest thing we have discovered is that you can now actually SEE my belly move when it kicks - its like I've got this alien being inside me wriggling about - kinda freaky being able to actually watch the skin move. Hubby reckons we're not far off from being able to try the Malteasers thing (like on the TV ad).

Training in the last few weeks has been a bit dismal since we lost Shavez - making it to the gym about one day a week, and taking Elke for 3-4 walks a week. I guess I'm still fairly active though, especially with all the packing going on. I still have a little bit of muscle definition left in my arms. Have gained 7kgs to date, which hopefully at 27 weeks pregnant isn't too bad. Although everyone keeps telling me that the last trimester is when you stack it on, especially fluid! I'm also told that my belly will probably double in size - I don’t know how the skin could possibly stretch any further though!

I went along to the QLD INBA's on Sunday to cheer on Kristin in her first figure comp. Kristin looked so graceful on stage, and so confident too! It was lovely to be there as part of her cheersquad, you were awesome and did yourself proud Kristin! I also met one of our IBO clients Geraldine, and briefly met Tiarna and said hi to Shannon.

Anyway, thats whats happening in my world. Feeling a bit flat and overwhelmed with everything at the moment.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting through the days

Its been a week today since we said goodbye to our dog Shavez. It feels like I'm marking time, I guess I am. I know that time will make it feel more bearable.

Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments on my last couple of posts, each and every one was special - thank you all for your wonderful support. I find blogging to be theraputic in some ways, so it helps me to write my thoughts down. I suppose its a tool I use to cope. Being pregnant probably makes it all seem much more emotional too.

I can now think about Shavez without becoming a blubbering mess. I can even talk about him to other people. I thought I was doing ok this week - I got through Tuesday and Wednesday without any tears, then on Wednesday night hubby said 4 words to me that set me (and him) off crying again "Shavez comes home tomorrow".

So he is home now in his memorial box. There is room in the box for his collar, and a small ball and photos. I got home last night to find hubby crying his heart out again - looking at photos on the computer... he said he felt stupid doing it, but he hugged the box... At least he will always be with us.

Our house is now sold - and if all goes well we'll be moving to our new place in 2 weeks. We threw ourselves into packing last Saturday as a way of distracting ourselves. While we're looking forward to the new place, its bitter sweet. All the memories are here. But then again, it might be good for us to have a fresh start, and make new memories without seeing him everywhere each time we go outside.

I have been playing the "what if" game this week. I suppose its a natural part of losing someone you love. What if I had taken him to the vet sooner? What if I hadn't taken him on that last walk where he fell over again - maybe thats what did his back in? What if I'd called the doggie chiropracter?

I've also been playing the "I wish" game. I know its pointless. I wish I'd brought them both inside more often, I wish I'd stopped to give him more cuddles instead of rushing off to work in the mornings. I wish I'd taken them on more walks... I wish he was going to be here to meet tic tac...

I'm throwing myself into taking care of Elke and helping her cope. She comes in every night now (much to Connor the cat's disgust), hubby is playing frisbee with her every day, and I'm taking her for walks as many times as I can. I dont think she understands why she's inside so much now (she loves it though). I wonder if she knows whats happened. She is probably just waiting for us to bring him home, like we've always done in the past.

I've been setting my alarm for gym every morning - only to wake up feeling exhausted every day and not going. So I decided to have the rest of this week off. Next week I will get back into it. I have completely forgotten about being pregnant too - tic tac is still kicking away, but has been a bit quieter than normal, or maybe I just haven't been noticing. Last weekend was hard because I didn't feel like eating. I tried to force myself, but only because I know I've got to look after this little human being inside me. Maybe thats why I've been so ravenous these last few days!

Anyway, I will endeavour to be a bit more cheery in my next post.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The hardest goodbye

R.I.P. our beautiful boy Shavez...
Thank you for all your kind comments. We have had the most heart breaking week.
Poor Shavez's X-rays weren't good. Apart from the problems with his spine and discs, the results showed that his lungs were riddled with tumours. The vet said that it was surprising that he was still breathing as well as he was, and that it wouldn't be long before he was coughing blood and bleeding from the lungs. Everything was inoperable. The vet also said he would never walk again, so any time that we had left with him - we'd really only be delaying the inevitable.
At 5pm on Thursday, we went to pick him up from the vet. He could no longer walk or move much, so we went out the back to see him in the cage. He was wrapped in a doona because they'd shaved him (to try to find the tick that didn't exist) and had been cold. He was distressed, but SO happy to see us. His eyes lit up when he saw hubby - those two had such a special bond, I never had a hope of winning the same level of affection that Shavez had for my husband - they both adored each other.
So we talked to the vet, talked about the Xrays, and then took Shavez home for one last time. It was a mission getting him into the car, we had to use a stretcher, and the poor boy cried because it obviouly hurt to be moved.
Once we got him home, we settled him on his big foam mattress - right in the lounge room. This was his favourite place to be. He loved being close to us, as coming inside was always a bit of a treat for them, both dogs spent most of their time outside.
He was ravenous, so we gave him lots of treats. He has cleaned us out of Schmackoes, doggie chocs, and liver treats. He was also extremely thirsty, I think we filled his water bowl up 4 or 5 times during the night. Miss Elke came in and spent some time with him too.
Hubby's family came to say their goodbyes. It was so very very sad. We all sat around him on the floor, patting him, cuddling and kissing him - the whole family got to tell him how much they loved him and would miss him. Poor Shavez probably didn't understand what was going on, but I guess all he knew was that all his favourite people had come to say hello.
After the family left, he seemed to be in a lot more pain. I think the anesthetic had started to wear off by then, because he started crying... pretty much non-stop for the rest of the night. We tried everything to ease his pain - heat packs, moving him to different positions, I rubbed arnica all down his spine and gave him massages... the arnica seemed to help for a little bit, and we all were able to doze lightly for 30 minutes or so.
But there was no sleep for anyone. Hubby and I stayed up all night with him, patting him, cuddling him, crying for him, crying for us... we got to tell him many many times over how much he meant to us, and how much we'd miss him. We tried to make his final few hours as comfortable as possible.
To be honest, I felt so horrible for putting him through another night of pain. I felt like we should have made the decision on Thursday. But I do know that he loved being home... and I know that he loved the attention, and everyone coming to see him. It also made our decision to do what was best for him, and have him put to sleep, so much easier. There was no way in the world we would have put him through any more pain. But at least we got to see that for ourselves. And we got to pamper him one last time.
The frustrating thing was that Shavez was STILL a playful pup til the end. We gave him a tennis ball to chomp, and he popped that so easily, and with such gusto! He loved it. Then we gave him a squeaky ball that I'd had in the cupboard - he just LOVES squeaky balls! He squeaked that like crazy, he went nuts for it. We captured that on video - but its distressing to watch too, not only because you can hear me and hubby sobbing in the background, but because it showed that it was still "Shavez" - his beautiful personality was still there. We keep saying - "The mind was willing, but the body just wasn't able".
When the sun finally came up, our decision was made. As soon as the vet was open we were going to say goodbye. One of our good mates came around - he has always loved Shavez, so he asked if he could come to say goodbye too. He stayed with us until it was time to take him to the vets.
Hubbys parents came up to the vets office. Shavez had the four of us gathered around him at the end. He didn't understand what was going on (he was actually excited to be going in the car again) and we were all overcome with grief. I have never stayed with a pet when they have been put to sleep before. I was looking into his eyes, and I saw the light go out once it was over. He was at peace.

I cant believe he's gone. I see him everywhere. The whole yard is him. I cant go to the veggie patch, because I see him follow me in and dig up the soil. I hung washing out today and thought "last Saturday when I hung washing out, he came up and we had a cuddle". I hear him whinging at the screen door because he wants his dinner. Only its not him. He's not here anymore. Its so hard to believe that last week he was here, and seemed fine - and now he's gone.

I keep thinking "he's just a dog - get over it!". But he wasn't just a dog, he really was a HUGE part of our family. He was like the dignified old man, the heartbeat of the family. He has left an enormous hole in our hearts, and our lives.

I hope you are resting well, my beautiful Shavez. I will miss you always. I will see you again one day..... always in our hearts.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

My heart is breaking

My heart is breaking as I write this post. Our beautiful Alaskan Malamute - Shavez, is unwell and I dont know how much longer he's got left with us.
Lately when I walk the dogs, he’s been a little unsteady on his feet, sometimes slipping over etc. The vet has had him on treatment for arthritis, because he's 13 years old, which they say is REALLY old for such a big dog.
On Tuesday night I noticed that he didn’t get up to eat his dinner, so I put the bowl down in front of him – he ate it all so we just thought he was a bit sore. Then yesterday morning when I got home from gym I noticed that he hadn’t moved (and he was a bit whiney), and when I tried to get him to get up, despite his valiant efforts, he just couldn’t seem to get his legs to work properly. I even tried standing over him and hoisting his upper body up, but he was a dead weight and his front paws just curled over when they touched the ground. I did get him to take a couple of drunken steps but he fell straight over again. I was a wreck over this, actually, I was hysterical, but convinced myself that once the day warmed up a bit he would improve. When I left for work, Elke was just sitting beside him, looking down at him as if to say “Come on, why aren't you getting up??"

When I got home yesterday afternoon, hubby said he was worried about Shavez, so I told him what had happened in the morning and he burst into tears, which set me off again too. So we went out to him and he tried to get him to stand up, and the same thing happened. We rang the vet, who said we should look for a paralysis tick, and bring him straight up there. We flew up there in a panic, and virtually had to carry Shavez (all 45kgs of him) into the consult room, and laid him down there. Vet thought the symptoms were strange, but a tick was his number one suspect. We had to leave him there and they had to shave him down last night to see if they could find one (he’s too hairy to find it normally).

So at about 8pm last night they rang us to say that they couldn’t find a tick, so he next suspected a slipped/herniated disc in his back – but wont know until xrays today. They also think it could be a tumour in his spine, which might stem from his tail removal episode last year. Either way, they've told us he’s too old to have surgery, as they don’t think he’d make it. Either way, it feels like the end.

We have both spent the night and morning sobbing our hearts out. Our pets are like our children, they mean so much to us. It doesn’t feel like theres much hope. I guess we just have to wait and see what the xrays show, and maybe, just maybe its treatable with anti-inflammatories or steroids or something (as long as theres no tumour). I’m also going to ring my chiropractor and see what he thinks.

It breaks my heart. It makes us feel so bad that poor Shavez had to spend the night at the vets, shaved naked and not knowing whats going on, or why we’ve abandoned him. And poor Elke is confused too, we cant explain to her why he's not here, or whats happening. She has never known life without him.

Please keep him in your thoughts...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another boring update from me...

Finally took out my belly button ring this week – it was starting to get itchy, and wasn’t really inside my navel anymore, it was kinda riding on top of it. My belly button is THIS close to becoming an “outie” – ewwww! I was playing with my belly button the other night – when I push around the edges of it, it kinda squishes out a bit to look like a cats bum LOL! Raised a smile from hubby anyway.

On Friday I got dressed for work and discovered that most of the shirts I have ironed and ready to wear, wont button up without the buttons looking like they are going to burst. So its been a challenge to try to find something to wear to work!

So I discovered a Trade Secret shop this weekend, had a looksee and found that they sold maternity clothes too. Got 2 more maternity bras, and 4 stretchy cotton tops that I can wear for work and weekends - all for a bargain price, yay!

Yesterday morning hubby finally felt tictac kicking for the first time! I was so happy (and so was he) because I think he'd been feeling a bit left out of the whole process, it was like tictac and I had this "secret" thing going on, and everytime I'd say "quick, its kicking!!" - it would stop - little bugger!

I'm feeling completely knackered today. Last night after hubby went to bed, I stayed up to watch The Notebook... have you seen it? The last time I watched it (years ago) I ended up a complete blubbering mess, and last night was no exception. I think I used about half a box of tissues! So there I was at midnight last night, sobbing over this lovely movie... with a packet of Lindor chocolate, and my cat on my lap to comfort me... only problem is that today I have really puffy, sore eyes from all the crying! Silly pregnant woman...

Anyway, enough boring ramblings from me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have finally "popped" in the belly department - and I actually look pregnant (well I think so anyway!). Its nice, I'm actually enjoying it! I keep looking at myself side on in the mirror and thinking "OH MY GOD, I'm a pregnant woman!!"

Stupid thing is, now people are saying things like "you're showing so early!" - GAAHGGHHH!! So in some peoples eyes, I'm not big enough, and in others - I'm showing very early - give me strength!

I used to look at pregnant women and wonder why they always rubbed their hands on their bellies, or why they would rest their hand there... and now I find myself doing both of those things. I dont know why, I guess because its just "there"!

For me too its a bit strange, because I never knew what a pregnant belly felt like. Apart from those very brief moments when a friend would let me feel their tums if their baby was kicking - but you still dont know what its going to feel like when its your own. I am surprised that its quite a hard bump actually, I suppose I thought it would feel a bit wobbly, like fat! I go to give hubby a hug, and there is this round, solid "basketball" in the way!

Anyway, other stuff:

We have a contract on our house already!! We actually were under contract the day after we went on the market last weekend. Pretty neat huh? But we're not getting too carried away just yet - its still subject to finance, and builders and pest. When we sold our last place we had the first contract crash due to finance, so I'm holding off on the celebration party for now.

I have been very very stressed this week - me and buying/selling houses is not a good mix. I dont sleep too well. I've actually been getting off to sleep ok, but I keep waking up at 3am and then just dozing lightly until its time to get up (good practice for when tic tac is here).

Yesterday we put a contract on another house, and we are stoked. It still needs a bit of renovations to modernise it a bit, but nothing like the full-scale extension we did on our current house. The things that need doing can be done quickly, before tic tac arrives. The new place is on 1.5 acres - and we've always wanted acreage, so its very exciting. But again, we're trying to contain ourselves because it still revolves around the contract on our place going through, and our own finances coming back ok.

So that's been the main focus of our weekend, finding some place to live. I haven't got any other exciting news, so I will catch you all later!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy week

We had such a busy week (and weekend), mostly due to the fact that we have finally put our house on the market! I know, I know, not a great time right?? Apparently houses are still selling quite well in our area, so we will wait and see. Also, being 21 weeks pregnant means that we have a deadline, so if nothing happens then we will stay right here. But it also means keeping the house spotless, which sucks (I'm not really the tidiest person around!!)

I have had a crappy fortnight at work, with customers really starting to do my head in. I work in the building industry, and I've really just about had enough. Bring on maternity leave! Only 15 weeks to go until I can stop work for a while and hopefully have a few weeks of "me" time before tic tac arrives (thats when the HARD work begins!)

I had a few moments last week where I was in such a bad mood, I just really wanted a glass of wine. GAH! Bloody pregnancy! I had a lemon, lime and bitters in a wine glass and pretended it was the real thing.

Had THREE gym sessions last week (go me!) and felt great. Did another cycle class on Thursday morning - it was a different instructor and he did this weird hover-thing, except that you put all your body weight forward so that your knees are scraping the sides of the bike. My knees didn't like that at all, and hurt for 2 days afterwards. Think I might skip that part if he is there this week.

Starting to get paranoid because people keep telling me that my bump is so small, and asking if there is actually anything in there. I keep thinking "so should I be bigger?? Does this mean that tic tac isn't growing enough??" Drives you mental. I just keep thinking back to my 19 week scan which showed that tic tac is the right length compared to weeks...

Last Thursday was Elke's 6th birthday. Elke is our border collie X Keeshond. She got a new frisbee and lots of play and cuddles (she's on a diet, so no birthday dinner!) I found these pictures of her when she was just a few weeks old, so I thought I'd share them... she was about the same size as Connor the cat here!! (She's now about 20kgs!)

Anyway, I'm having my Ekka public holiday today, so I'd better go and get stuff done I guess! Have a great week everyone!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo update

We had our 19 week scan on Wednesday, and I was relieved to hear that everything is where it should be! Tic tac has 2 arms and legs, both the right length, got to see the heart with 4 chambers pumping away correctly, kidneys are there and working fine, head is the right shape etc - so its all good! It took a long time - about 45 minutes all up. Most of it was diagnostic stuff, so it was really hard to recognise what you were looking at without the sonographer explaining as he went. We only got a few good looks at tic tac's face - here is one of the 3D images of its face:

It was also cool to see the hands - in the pic on the right you can see a little fist with its thumb stuck out! Nice to see all the bones too :)

And the feet:

Also, here are a few progress shots of the tic tac belly - this is at 14 weeks, when I could still just about do up the button of my work pants:
This is at 16 weeks -
And now at 19 weeks. Doesn't look to be much difference between 16 and 19 weeks, but I can feel it! At home I'm living in my Lorna Jane Flash Dance pants (I'm glad I've got a few pairs now!) and with my work pants the zipper is now halfway unzipped. Belly bands have become my best friend :)

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, I thought it was funny. We bought this mattress for Shavez (the big one) because he's a bit old and arthritic these days (especially in winter) and the vet suggested he needed something thicker to sleep on to keep the cold away. So we got him this mattress and put a thinner foam over the top. I just thought this was a classic - Shavez is huddled on the smallest strip on thin foam, while little miss Elke (young and fit and healthy!) is stretched out like a queen on the big mattress!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Advice wanted!

I know that lots of pregnant women dont like people giving them advice, but I'm soaking it all up since I have no idea what I'm doing! So I wanted to ask a few questions for you blogging mums out there!!
  1. What are some of the things that you bought (for either pregnancy or for the baby) that you thought you'd use heaps, but never did - or used once and never used again?
  2. What sort of pram is best? All I know is that I want a light weight one! 3-wheeler? 4-wheeler? Brand?
  3. If you used a breast pump, did you use manual or electric?
  4. Baby sling/Baby Bjorn thing - any thoughts?
  5. Nappy wrapper buckets - any good?

I have a million questions, but that will do for now LOL!

Yesterday I did a cycle class again. This time I spoke to the instructor beforehand and told him I was pregnant and he gave me some tips, including raising the handlebars since I'm now a bit "front-heavy". I tried not to go all-out, but he did chastise me a little (good-naturedly of course!) afterwards for going a bit too hard... I just cant help myself!!

I got a bit of light DOMS from an upper body workout this week, which was nice. I didn't particularly lift anything heavier than I have been, so I dont know what that was about. But it was nice to feel my muscles again for a few days!

I've stayed home sick today because yesterday my left tonsil swelled up like a balloon full of razors. The chemist wouldn't let me have anything except Butter Menthols and panadol. Today my throat feels better, but I'm feeling thick in the head and am coughing so I thought I should stay home rather than share my germs around at the office. I'm trying not to get paranoid about swine... Pregnancy and swine doesn't seem to be a good mix at the moment :(

We have our 19 week ultrasound next Wednesday - cant wait to see tic tac again! I'm starting to really look pregnant now, which is exciting and bizarre at the same time LOL!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 17 random stuff

Wow, time is just flying! Cant believe we've been married for over a month now!

Things are good, but I'm feeling a lot more tired. I sleep well, but I'm dreaming a lot. I read that its common in pregnancy to get a lot of REM sleep, but you miss out on some deep sleep. That must be whats happening. Plus, every time I roll over, I wake up - mainly because my belly is starting to get a little uncomfortable, but also because sometimes when I roll over I get a sharp abdominal pain like I've pulled a muscle.

Middle of the night toilet stops have diminished - I can go right through without having to get up now! Although I've heard that this will again start up once I get bigger - oh the joy! Hopefully the weather will be warmer by then.

I have a little belly now, and its so cute! Although I'm still at the stage where I just look a bit fat, rather than pregnant! Lucky its winter and I can wear longer jackets. I've got really really itchy skin though, and its driving me mental.

I'm slowly adjusting to the granny knickers now (note: granny knickers are anything other than a g-string) but I still wear a g-string a few days a week - but its getting a bit uncomfortable.

Had my first hospital visit yesterday and it was all good - mainly just filling out paperwork and answering heaps of questions. Had a weigh in , which I didn't like much - their scales had me 2kgs heavier than mine at home! Boohoo! LOL! Although I was fully clothed, with shoes on, and it was 4pm, a bit different to my own weigh ins. Its weird watching the scales go up, and being ok with it. I haven't put on too much yet, but I know I've lost some muscle.

Did have a bit of a fright when she listed for tic tac's heartbeat - and for about 15 seconds, she couldn't find it... I think I stopped breathing until she did!! But there it was, nice and strong and loud - phew!

I got given a bag of goodies to take home (I love sample bags!!) which was full of pamphlets, brochures, sample creams and nappies etc. I read them all last night while hubby watched the State of Origin - I dont think I glanced up even once!! Went to bed at half time though - did we win????

I did a cycle class this morning, the first one in about 8 weeks. It was nice to do something different, and I managed to hold myself back for the majority of the class, not pushing too much or getting my heart rate too high (until the last track, then I kinda forgot myself a bit and went hard - oops). It was nice to do something in a group atmosphere again!

Anyway, enough ramblings! Here's a few more wedding photos...

These white Havaianas were such a great idea for the wedding reception - once the speeches were over I kicked off my heels and put these on - I was so comfortable and was able to dance the night away in them! Not so glamourous, but hey, comfort rules I reckon!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

An exciting moment!

On Tuesday morning I was lying in bed, arguing with myself to get up and go to gym. "Come ON - get up get up get up" etc. For some reason I rolled onto my stomach (and I'm not a tummy sleeper) and said out loud "Come on tic tac, lets get up"...

and I felt a little flutter in my lower abdomen...

I laid there on my stomach with my eyes bulging out of my head... thinking oh wow, was that the baby I just felt moving???? Naaaah, its too soon - I'm only 16 weeks, must have just imagined it. Dont be silly...

Nevertheless, I laid there for a few more minutes - waiting, wondering - and nothing. So I sighed and said "Ok tic tac, we're getting up now"

another little flutter!!

I was so so excited! Got up and tried to explain it to hubby - Remember when you used to blow bubbles with dishwashing liquid? Remember how it used to feel having the bubbles burst on your skin? Thats the best way I could describe the sensation. I haven't felt it since, but then I've been pretty busy, and at this stage the feelings are so gentle that I dont think I would feel it unless it was very quiet, I laid very still and concentrated hard.

I have my first appointment with the hospital next Wednesday!

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend at the All Females - cant wait to hear how it all goes!!

Friday, July 03, 2009


Well I'm still here and plodding along nicely, 15 weeks pregnant now, only 25 weeks to go! It sounds like forever, but I know it will come around fast.

For the last week and a half I've had to undo the top bottom of my work pants, as I'm just starting to have a little "pooch" and its getting uncomfortable otherwise. I went a bought a belly-belt thingo, but its a bit early yet to start using it. The pants are a size 10, hopefully they'll fit for a bit longer yet.

I'm also finding that a lot of my work shirts, and casual singlets aren't long enough to cover the fact that my button is undone.

The other day in the office my mobile phone rang on the other side of the room and I ran to get it - bad idea - SORE BOOBS! So I kept running while holding onto them LOL...

Its also a bit difficult in that I'm out on the road a lot with my job - and finding toilets. Its like I need to go every hour. On Tuesday I did one of my regular drives - to Toowoomba, then to Warwick, then home - you have to plan your toilet stops VERY carefully!

I'm finding my gym sessions a bit boring, there is only so much you can do whilst keeping your heart rate in the lower range. I did two weights sessions this week, but I cant say I'm really enjoying it much. From the second trimester on, the recommendation is that you try not to do any resistance training while standing, because your sense of balance and your centre of gravity changes. I'm using a lot more machines than I used to. Its all very interesting, but frustrating at the same time!

Anyway, nothing thrilling to report. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some wedding photos

As promised, here are a few of our professional wedding photos. I'm so excited to have these already, as initially it was going to take 3-4 weeks to get them! We are extremely happy with them. Big thanks to Rezolution Photography!

I'm also happy that I dont look pregnant in the photos!

Here's a few of my favourites:

I will post a few more in the coming weeks.
Today I bought baby stuff for the first time, it was so exciting! I never thought I would get excited about buying baby singlets, nappies, baby wipes etc, but, well, it is! I was so excited that I sms'd hubby about it, and it turns out that he was at home on ebay looking at baby stuff too! (admittedly he was looking at Ford Racing baby jumpsuits, suitable for boy or girl, but hey - it still counts!)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The journey up to now:

Well, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for all your comments and well wishes, I really appreciate each and every one of them, thank you so much!!

I am currently enjoying the "glow" of being pregnant, I dont remember ever being so happy and content in my life, now with a gorgeous husband and a bub on the way. It must be those 'happy hormones' that they tell you about :-) Life is great and I'm loving every minute :)

Back at gym this week after 2 weeks off (had a week off before and after the wedding) - did some piddly little weights on Tuesday, its taking some time adjusting to the different way of training, I'm so used to going as hard and as heavy as I can!

Received my wedding photos on disc today, so exciting! There are some really nice ones, so I will post them soon, maybe over the weekend.

I'm going to post my experiences of my first trimester now. Its part of a journal that I've been keeping ever since we started trying to get pregnant. I'm sure it will be long and boring for most of you, but I want to have it here for my records. Please feel free to tune out now!

25th April 2009 Saturday – SURPRISE!!

Ok, so after 4 attempts with clomid – nothing worked. I stopped drinking alcohol, removed coffee, and really concentrated hard on what we were trying to achieve. And nothing.

After 4 unsuccessful attempts, we decided to stop trying. Ob/gyn wanted me to have more tests, laproscopy, have my ovaries drilled etc. But, we’re getting married in June, so I said I wanted to wait until after that. She agreed.

So that was the plan.

In February, I stopped all treatment. I focused on getting this wedding organized. I drank coffee every day, drank alcohol like a fish.

And I’m now pregnant… go figure!

My period was 10 days late. I kept telling myself that it was going to start any minute. I kept getting little pains thinking that it was about to start, I tried not to think about it, and continued to drink coffee and alcohol. On Monday my boss asked me if I was ok, he said I was looking pale (who knew a man could notice such things?! Didn’t think anything of it at the time) Then on Tuesday we found out that a friend of ours is pregnant again. I got a little upset. Drank some more. Wednesday I still hadn’t got my period. So I decided that if it didn’t come by the time I got up for gym on Thursday morning, I would do a test.

Even so, when I got up on Thursday, I kept thinking – this is ridiculous, I can FEEL my period about to start, I’m just late. Plus, every time I go to Gympie (like I was on Thursday), I seem to get my period. So I decided that it wasn’t going to be any different.

It was positive. I think I went into shock.

I called OH in, and he was very very happy – even had tears in his eyes.

All day, up to Gympie and back, I kept thinking – I cant believe it, I cant believe it – I’m pregnant!

So, its early days yet. I am in about week 5-6 I think. I’m going back to the ob/gyn on Monday, hopefully we’ll have it all confirmed!

Feeling a bit weird about actually. Think I’m still in shock. I’m over the moon though! The worst thing is that I cant tell anyone! I think that after the ob/gyn confirms it, I’d like to tell both our parents.

No symptoms yet either – just a little tired, and little bit of dizziness.

Fingers crossed all goes well!

28th April 2009 Tuesday – 6 weeks pregnant

So far so good. Went to the Ob/gyn yesterday and she was quite happy for me, specially after a year and a half of tryin!

So I’ve got to have my blood tests on 25th of May, and first ultrasound on the 10th of June (3 days before the wedding!!). I was surprised that she didn’t do any tests on me, not even another pregnancy test. She just took my word for it! I did show her my own pregnancy test that I’d saved, so maybe that was enough. I think its too early anyway for much.

Due date is 22nd of December!

On Sunday I bought a whole heap of fruit, and then really REALLY felt like having some fruit/banana – I normally hate banana!! Not sure if that classifies as a craving, I doubt it.

Still feel fine, feeling tired this morning because I stayed up to watch the finale of the Biggest Loser, it was a late night for me. Felt a little light-headed during cycle class yesterday, even though I was faking it with the tension lever. Ob/gyn says to take it a little easier, and she doesn’t think I should do weights any more… boohoo. Don’t know that I’m happy about that.

Will have to get a referral to a public ob/gyn, since my current one is private, it would cost an absolute fortune to have this baby with her. Plus she doesn't work at the hospital that I want to go to.

So we’ll stick with her until after the first scan and blood test, then get the referral for public. Medibank wont kick in until February next year!!

I’m restraining myself from buying every pregnancy book and magazine under the sun!

Tuesday 5th May 2009 7 weeks pregnant

Yesterday (Labour day holiday) we broke the news to both sets of parents. My mum almost cried, she said she was never this excited when she found out SHE was pregnant!

OH's dad got all teary too. Although we explained that its very early days, and that anything could happen, I think we made their day. :)

Had a slight scare on Sunday night, I had a little spotting. I googled this though, and apparently its quite normal. As long as you aren’t bleeding red blood, and having severe abdominal pains, its fairly normal to have spotting during pregnancy. (What would I do without Google??)

Our Best Man to-be was here on Sunday, and he was testing his resting heart rate. His was 45 or something (he is so fit!), OH's was 60-something. Mine was 80. They were both “that cant be right”. I was thinking shit I’m unfit!

We did it quite a few times, and yep, mine was 80. Then OH and I looked at each other and went “ohhhh… I get it” and exchanged knowing glances. I was worried that it meant I was going to miscarry (same night as the spotting), but then I read yesterday that a pregnant womans resting heart rate is 20% higher, due to the increased load on the body.

Today I went to gym and did a 1st trimester pregnancy weight training session. I was almost embarrassed about how little weight I was lifting. I thought that people must be staring at me, thinking “wow, she’s not working very hard!”. Paranoid. Because obviously, it’s not common knowledge. And I don’t look any different. But now I have to train different, use baby weights and high reps.

I keep waiting for signs of pregnancy to whack me in the face. So far, the main thing has been sore boobs. I cant stop eating fruit – cant get enough mandarins. Previously, you’d have to force me to eat fruit.

Since Friday I’ve been feeling a little hung-over all day. Like I’ve been on a huge bender the night before, only, I haven’t.

I’ve become obsessed about my boobs. OH just laughs at me – he cant wait until they get bigger. Right now, they are firmer, but lumpy and sore.

I went and did the groceries on Saturday, and the sight of all the meat turned my stomach. I didn’t buy much meat this week because of that, so I’m not sure what this weeks meals will consist of!

I’m so hungry, all the time! I cant seem to fill the hole. Eating seems to keep the queasiness at bay, so I feel like I’m eating a lot more often. Like I’ll eat something, and an hour later, I’m ravenous again. Trying to make good choices, but there has been a lot less protein, and a lot more dairy and carbs on the menu. Trying to get more calcium in, so I’ll have a slice of vintage cheddar every day, with a few vita-weet. Plus about ½ cup of skim milk with my oats in the morning (had to chuck the cottage cheese out, don’t want to risk it, although its probably fine to have – I’d still class it as a soft cheese).

My toothpaste tastes horrible.

I’m calling it my little tic tac. That’s about the size at 5-6 weeks, and its much better than calling it “it”. I’ve been talking to tic tac a little bit, telling it to stay safe in there, be strong and healthy.

Still keeping fingers crossed!

Tuesday 12th May 2009 – 8 weeks pregnant

Tic tac is still with us!!

On Saturday night I got a bit of a scare, because there was more spotting, a bit more than last week. Panicked a little, but it went away again.

Went shopping with my maid of honour on Saturday for her bridesmaid dress – spent about 5 hours walking around Robina Town Centre, and I was knackered after that! Then I had to rush home and get ready for my friends hens night in the city.

I’m having to do lots of lying! I drove into the city on Saturday night, because we said I hadn’t been feeling well all day (more lies!). Then one friend was asking me about when we were planning to have kids, so I gave her the spiel – trying for 18 mths, stopped trying now and just concentrating on the wedding etc – feels bad, and you just want to tell people! I drank two soda waters with lime in a short glass, and it looked just like vodka and soda. Someone asked me what I was drinking though, so I had to tell her it was just soda.

Then when leaving I dropped two friends back to their places, and driving through the Valley at nearly 11pm, just totally put me off having my hens there. There was just this seething mass of teenagers, all drunk and wearing skimpy clothes, I just decided it wasn’t my cup of tea anymore, I’m too old for that now! Plus the fact that I cant drink doesn’t help. So we might do a day shopping tour instead.

Its difficult at gym. I haven’t been going as much, mostly because I’m so tired in the mornings! I did a cycle class yesterday morning, and was feeling pretty good, trying to keep the intensity down a little. After one sprint track, I slowed to take a drink and felt REALLY lightheaded… oops, think I went a bit too hard! After that I tried to take it easier, but its so difficult when you’re used to giving it 100%. I’m going to avoid group fitness classes for a bit, my competitive nature takes over and I cant help flogging myself!

I’m still obsessed about my boobs, they are so much bigger now! They are firm and perky, like an 18 year olds! I cant stop looking at them, and going “wow, this is what its like to have big boobs!” LOL!

This morning I have indigestion. I don’t know if its tic tac’s fault or not.

I’ve gone off fruit again, and I really cant stomach salad at the moment.

Sunday 17th May 2009 – still 8 weeks pregnant

This has just been an awful week – one filled with worry. This week I have felt the crappiest yet, from headaches, indigestion, backache, nausea etc.

On Thursday, more spotting, and heavier. Not exactly blood, but close. I had this awful sinking feeling. I kept saying “oh no… no, no, no, please don’t…”

It only happened once, but I was still stressing.

Then all day Friday I kept having these stabbing pains in my lower abdomen. Short, sharp, stabbing pain. Then it would go away for a while, then it came back. So I was worried again.

This weekend seems to be ok, I feel a lot better, almost back to my old self. Only problem is that I keep waking up at 4am – needing to go to the bathroom! Its like WHAM – wide awake, uncomfortable bladder.

Feeling really dehydrated too – just cant seem to get enough water in – I’m lucky to get 2 litres down, and yesterday I only managed about 1.5. So when I wake at 4am, my tongue feels like a lump of cardboard in my mouth. Must drink more water!!

Also been dreaming a lot these last two nights.

I’ve had to organize my hens party this week, which hasn’t helped with the stress levels. Oh well.

Friday 22nd May 2009 – 9 weeks pregnant

This week I’ve been feeling good. Too good. Worried that maybe tic tac wasn’t hanging in there, and perhaps we might not get a heartbeat when we have the scan. Stupid thoughts I know. But when your boobs stop hurting, and you stop feeling nausea etc, it’s the thing that springs to my mind.

Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones?

Nobody ever tells you that this journey is one that is filled with worry!

Been feeling better about food, but still have no interest in salad or veggies. I’m happy to eat veggies if they are mixed in with something, but just salad or steamed veg on its own? Ugh - no thanks.

Still not really eating much protein because it turns my stomach.

But I have been eating too much carbs. I know that for sure, and I really must stop. I feel a bit bloated all the time now, and I’m just hoping that my wedding dress will look ok! Only 3 weeks til we get married now…

Saturday 30th May 2009 – 10 weeks pregnant.

Today was the hens day, and it was a good day, but very tiring.

One of my pregnant friends was over last weekend for a coffee, and at one point I got up and she went “SHIT your boobs are big!!” I just laughed, really wanted to tell her, but bit my tongue. I fobbed it off, but probably not successfully. She might suspect, but then again, maybe not.

Yesterday I had my final dress fitting. When we got the dress, it was a full size too big. Even 5 or 6 weeks ago it was too big. But yesterday, it fit just right. It’s a size 12. Woah, I have really thickened up around the middle. I had to go up 2 sizes for the corset, mainly because of boobs, but also so I could wear it and still breathe! Pick the dress up on Tuesday afternoon.

Am still the same weight now as I was when we first found out. I know that I have lost muscle in these last weeks, what with my half-hearted efforts at the gym. I’m only making it to gym about 2 days a week at the moment. My chiropractor assures me that this is MUCH more than most pregnant women manage, and that I’m doing fine. Still feel guilty.

I think I might be back on salads again, I actually felt like salad on Friday night, for the first time in weeks. Protein is still a bit ick though.

Had my blood tests on Tuesday, and go for the scan in a week and a half. Cant wait to find out how the tic tac is going!

Tuesday 2nd June 2009 – 11 weeks pregnant

I’m staying home sick today. I prolly could have gone, but I really need to rest. I have a cold, and yesterday I couldn’t breathe at all through my nose. Had no sense of taste or smell. Sucked.

The problem is that there isn’t much that I can take – Olive Leaf Extract (which I normally swear by) is a no-no apparently, as is a lot of herbal remedies. Even most cough lollies are frowned on because of the menthol in them. All I can basically take is Lemsip, which has paracetamol. I’m going back to the chemist today to see what else I can take. Every time I blow my nose, my ears block up.

I’m hoping it will be cleared up for the wedding, which is 11 days away!

Only a week and one day til our first scan!

Saturday night turned into an interesting night, with OH coming home roaring drunk and then threw up half the night. It was hard work to keep my own dinner down!

I am officially back on salads again, I bought a delicious salad dressing that has really helped, and I’m only having iceberg lettuce rather than the dark green stuff, but it’s a vast improvement!

Tuesday 9th June 2009 – 12 weeks pregnant!

Yahoo!!! Made it to 12 weeks!!

Tomorrow is the scan, I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. Actually I think I’m more excited about THAT than our wedding on Saturday! Fingers and toes are crossed that everything is fine.

Wednesday 10th June 2009 - 12 week scan day!

Tic tac is healthy and fine, and we are so happy and relieved!! Cant wait to tell everyone at the wedding!

Here is a pic of the little bubba:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Now its time for the BIG news!

Now that all the excitement of the wedding is over, its time to share with you the OTHER big news in our lives.


Yep, I am 13 weeks pregnant!

Some of my friends know that this something that we have been struggling to achieve for the last 20 months or more. We started trying when I was still at my last job, which was 2 years ago!

After coming off the pill (was on it for 14 years!) we started trying. After a year of no luck, I went and had tests and found out that I have polycystic ovaries. I was devastated to find that out and it sent me into a bit of a downward emotional spiral, which is a lot of the reason for my insomnia and other stresses last year. The “good” news was that, although I have polycystic ovaries, the tests revealed that I don’t have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – which means that I have the “faulty” ovaries, but not the symptoms that normally go with it.

I was assured that a treatment of Clomid would fix me up, and it DID cause me to ovulate, however, after 4 months of treatment, STILL NOT PREGNANT!!

We actually started planning this whole wedding back in January as a way of taking my mind off fertility stuff, to give me something else to think about!!

Meanwhile, it seems that girls, friends, co-workers, random strangers are getting pregnant at the drop of a hat, there are pregnant women everywhere – SO frustrating and upsetting! What is wrong with me?? I felt like I was close to having a breakdown, I was miserable, emotional all the time. Every month when “bitch week” arrived, I collapsed into a flood of tears, feeling like a failure, feeling guilty for depriving OH of a child, wondering what was wrong with me – WHY CANT I DO THIS???!!!!

So, with 4 months to go until the wedding, we decided to stop trying. Told the Ob/gyn that I was just going to concentrate on the wedding, couldn’t handle it anymore. We tentatively booked some key-hole surgery for July, to have a look inside me and see what else could be the problem.

And then I spent the next 5 weeks drinking COPIOUS amounts of alcohol and coffee, both things I had given up for so long. (I think I drank 6 months worth of alcohol in those 5 weeks!). I didn’t think about pregnancy anymore, I stopped reading about conception, stopped counting days etc.

Unbeknownst to me, I spontaneous ovulated, without the help of any drugs.

And then a few weeks later, I was 10 days late for that-time-of-the-month. And even though I was convinced that there was no way on earth that I could be pregnant,I did a test. And it was positive…

OH – MY – GOD!!!!!!!! Husband-to-be gets all emotional. I’m in shock.

OMG, OMG, OMG… pregnant!!!!!! SO excited, wanted to shout it from the rooftops, ring everyone we knew, tell the WORLD!

But of course, we didn’t tell anyone except our immediate families. We found out just before Anzac Day. I worked out the dates, and realized that if this all went according to plan, I’d be 12 weeks pregnant at the wedding! So we kept our fingers crossed for the next 7 weeks!

We affectionately name bubs “tic tac”. At 5 weeks pregnant, that’s about the size of the embryo. Plus it sounds better than calling it “IT”. By now (June) it has outgrown the name tic tac, but the name has stuck!

We had our 12 week scan on the Wednesday before the wedding, and I cannot describe how amazing and incredible it was to see our little tic tac leaping about inside me. Hubby was stunned. My own jaw hit the floor and stayed there for a good 5 minutes. Tic tac was bouncing around, kicking its legs like crazy, punching the air, doing somersaults (well, almost!).

And the best news ever? Tic tac is looking absolutely fine, healthy and normal. PHEW!

We made the big announcement at the speeches at our wedding reception, and it was a very emotional moment when hubby declared that he was going to be a dad for the first time!

And no – we are not planning on finding out if tic tac is a boy or a girl – that will have to wait until the big day!

Tic-tac is due to join us around the 22nd of December!