Saturday, December 26, 2009

The waiting game

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!

Ours was VERY quiet. Since we didn't know where we'd be on Christmas Day, we decided to cancel Christmas this year, well - the gift-giving bit anyway, but we still got together with family and shared the day and a lovely meal.

But, we're still waiting for our best present ever!!

Tic tac was officially due on the 22nd, although technically they say that 75% of babies are born AFTER their due date. We're now 4 days "overdue" and I dont think there are any signs that we're close. At my 40 week hospital checkup on Tuesday, the midwife said that the head hadn't fully engaged yet, and although softened, I hadn't started to dilate yet. Disappointed! We just want to meet the little bugger, although I guess if its not ready, its not ready!

Its hard not to be frustrated. Even though bub will come when its ready (or when the hospital decide), I feel like all the pressure is on me to "perform" - everyone is so impatient to meet tic tac, and I reckon at this time of year its so much worse, because of all the other special/important dates around this time. At least the weather has cooled down a bit and its not so humid. Trying to enjoy my last few days of "freedom" anyway!

Next hospital appointment is on Tuesday, and if still nothing has happened then we'll be booked in to be induced - something I'd really like to avoid if possible. So we're trying every trick in the book to get things rolling, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Here's a couple of pics we took on Xmas Eve - we were sick of sitting around the house waiting so we went for a drive to Manly harbour and had a wander around... took our fur baby Elke for a walk along the water - here she is with me and the bump!

And afterwards in the car - shattered!

Enjoy your boxing day everyone, and keep fingers crossed for us!


Valley Girl said...

My fingers are crossed for you hilary!
Bubs will arrive before you know it, just enjoy your last few days to yourself as it will be full on throttle when (tic tac) arrives...

We enjoyed a quite christmas as well with family & friends & yummy fresh food...

Goodluck sweetie x

Andrea said...

It's so hard isn't it. Waiting around for something to happen knowing that it could be in the next moment or not for a few more days.
Rest up in these last few days - you need all the energy you can muster for Labour. It will be the hardest yet most worthwhile thing you ever do Hils. Try not to feel pressured, now is the time to begin to do things on your terms - this is your little bubs!!

Nicole said...

I have my fingers crossed for you that bubs will arrive safely very soon :) As Andrea suggested, rest up and save your energy for labour! Have a great boxing day!! Nicole xx

Kristy said...

Hilary I hope your little one arrives sometime soon. Fingers are crossed :)

LizN said...

Sending my best wishes for a safe and uneventful delivery. It is frustrating 'not knowing'


Frankie said...

Stubborn little bugger! you know he/she just doesn't want their birthday near Christmas 'cos you never get as many presents :o)

KRISTIN said...

Fingers crossed for you Hilary! I'm sure it will happen for you soon, thinking of you and hope you had a wonderful Christmas too xoxo

Carolyn said...

Hi Hilary! Here's hoping for a speedy delivery for you - I can't imagine how the waiting would be. BUT, one consolation though is that tic tac didn't arrive on Christmas day - I reckon that would be the hardest birthday to have (only followed by the 29th of Feb!).
All the best for a relaxing time till tic tac gets here! Which will be soon I'm sure.
Carolyn xx

Kerry said...

All my love and best wishes for the big day Hilary.xxxx

Shar said...

Still thinking about you Hils!!
Won't be long now.

Maybe at your Tues appt ask for a Stretch and sweep, got me going within 24 hours with Bryce and kknow others who it has worked for.

Andi Sopyan said...

Nice posting and nice blog. *crossing finger

Bec said...

I just read your FB announcement, congratulations. Yay!!!! I hope everything went well and I can't wait to see the pics.