Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo update

We had our 19 week scan on Wednesday, and I was relieved to hear that everything is where it should be! Tic tac has 2 arms and legs, both the right length, got to see the heart with 4 chambers pumping away correctly, kidneys are there and working fine, head is the right shape etc - so its all good! It took a long time - about 45 minutes all up. Most of it was diagnostic stuff, so it was really hard to recognise what you were looking at without the sonographer explaining as he went. We only got a few good looks at tic tac's face - here is one of the 3D images of its face:

It was also cool to see the hands - in the pic on the right you can see a little fist with its thumb stuck out! Nice to see all the bones too :)

And the feet:

Also, here are a few progress shots of the tic tac belly - this is at 14 weeks, when I could still just about do up the button of my work pants:
This is at 16 weeks -
And now at 19 weeks. Doesn't look to be much difference between 16 and 19 weeks, but I can feel it! At home I'm living in my Lorna Jane Flash Dance pants (I'm glad I've got a few pairs now!) and with my work pants the zipper is now halfway unzipped. Belly bands have become my best friend :)

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, I thought it was funny. We bought this mattress for Shavez (the big one) because he's a bit old and arthritic these days (especially in winter) and the vet suggested he needed something thicker to sleep on to keep the cold away. So we got him this mattress and put a thinner foam over the top. I just thought this was a classic - Shavez is huddled on the smallest strip on thin foam, while little miss Elke (young and fit and healthy!) is stretched out like a queen on the big mattress!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Advice wanted!

I know that lots of pregnant women dont like people giving them advice, but I'm soaking it all up since I have no idea what I'm doing! So I wanted to ask a few questions for you blogging mums out there!!
  1. What are some of the things that you bought (for either pregnancy or for the baby) that you thought you'd use heaps, but never did - or used once and never used again?
  2. What sort of pram is best? All I know is that I want a light weight one! 3-wheeler? 4-wheeler? Brand?
  3. If you used a breast pump, did you use manual or electric?
  4. Baby sling/Baby Bjorn thing - any thoughts?
  5. Nappy wrapper buckets - any good?

I have a million questions, but that will do for now LOL!

Yesterday I did a cycle class again. This time I spoke to the instructor beforehand and told him I was pregnant and he gave me some tips, including raising the handlebars since I'm now a bit "front-heavy". I tried not to go all-out, but he did chastise me a little (good-naturedly of course!) afterwards for going a bit too hard... I just cant help myself!!

I got a bit of light DOMS from an upper body workout this week, which was nice. I didn't particularly lift anything heavier than I have been, so I dont know what that was about. But it was nice to feel my muscles again for a few days!

I've stayed home sick today because yesterday my left tonsil swelled up like a balloon full of razors. The chemist wouldn't let me have anything except Butter Menthols and panadol. Today my throat feels better, but I'm feeling thick in the head and am coughing so I thought I should stay home rather than share my germs around at the office. I'm trying not to get paranoid about swine... Pregnancy and swine doesn't seem to be a good mix at the moment :(

We have our 19 week ultrasound next Wednesday - cant wait to see tic tac again! I'm starting to really look pregnant now, which is exciting and bizarre at the same time LOL!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 17 random stuff

Wow, time is just flying! Cant believe we've been married for over a month now!

Things are good, but I'm feeling a lot more tired. I sleep well, but I'm dreaming a lot. I read that its common in pregnancy to get a lot of REM sleep, but you miss out on some deep sleep. That must be whats happening. Plus, every time I roll over, I wake up - mainly because my belly is starting to get a little uncomfortable, but also because sometimes when I roll over I get a sharp abdominal pain like I've pulled a muscle.

Middle of the night toilet stops have diminished - I can go right through without having to get up now! Although I've heard that this will again start up once I get bigger - oh the joy! Hopefully the weather will be warmer by then.

I have a little belly now, and its so cute! Although I'm still at the stage where I just look a bit fat, rather than pregnant! Lucky its winter and I can wear longer jackets. I've got really really itchy skin though, and its driving me mental.

I'm slowly adjusting to the granny knickers now (note: granny knickers are anything other than a g-string) but I still wear a g-string a few days a week - but its getting a bit uncomfortable.

Had my first hospital visit yesterday and it was all good - mainly just filling out paperwork and answering heaps of questions. Had a weigh in , which I didn't like much - their scales had me 2kgs heavier than mine at home! Boohoo! LOL! Although I was fully clothed, with shoes on, and it was 4pm, a bit different to my own weigh ins. Its weird watching the scales go up, and being ok with it. I haven't put on too much yet, but I know I've lost some muscle.

Did have a bit of a fright when she listed for tic tac's heartbeat - and for about 15 seconds, she couldn't find it... I think I stopped breathing until she did!! But there it was, nice and strong and loud - phew!

I got given a bag of goodies to take home (I love sample bags!!) which was full of pamphlets, brochures, sample creams and nappies etc. I read them all last night while hubby watched the State of Origin - I dont think I glanced up even once!! Went to bed at half time though - did we win????

I did a cycle class this morning, the first one in about 8 weeks. It was nice to do something different, and I managed to hold myself back for the majority of the class, not pushing too much or getting my heart rate too high (until the last track, then I kinda forgot myself a bit and went hard - oops). It was nice to do something in a group atmosphere again!

Anyway, enough ramblings! Here's a few more wedding photos...

These white Havaianas were such a great idea for the wedding reception - once the speeches were over I kicked off my heels and put these on - I was so comfortable and was able to dance the night away in them! Not so glamourous, but hey, comfort rules I reckon!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

An exciting moment!

On Tuesday morning I was lying in bed, arguing with myself to get up and go to gym. "Come ON - get up get up get up" etc. For some reason I rolled onto my stomach (and I'm not a tummy sleeper) and said out loud "Come on tic tac, lets get up"...

and I felt a little flutter in my lower abdomen...

I laid there on my stomach with my eyes bulging out of my head... thinking oh wow, was that the baby I just felt moving???? Naaaah, its too soon - I'm only 16 weeks, must have just imagined it. Dont be silly...

Nevertheless, I laid there for a few more minutes - waiting, wondering - and nothing. So I sighed and said "Ok tic tac, we're getting up now"

another little flutter!!

I was so so excited! Got up and tried to explain it to hubby - Remember when you used to blow bubbles with dishwashing liquid? Remember how it used to feel having the bubbles burst on your skin? Thats the best way I could describe the sensation. I haven't felt it since, but then I've been pretty busy, and at this stage the feelings are so gentle that I dont think I would feel it unless it was very quiet, I laid very still and concentrated hard.

I have my first appointment with the hospital next Wednesday!

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend at the All Females - cant wait to hear how it all goes!!

Friday, July 03, 2009


Well I'm still here and plodding along nicely, 15 weeks pregnant now, only 25 weeks to go! It sounds like forever, but I know it will come around fast.

For the last week and a half I've had to undo the top bottom of my work pants, as I'm just starting to have a little "pooch" and its getting uncomfortable otherwise. I went a bought a belly-belt thingo, but its a bit early yet to start using it. The pants are a size 10, hopefully they'll fit for a bit longer yet.

I'm also finding that a lot of my work shirts, and casual singlets aren't long enough to cover the fact that my button is undone.

The other day in the office my mobile phone rang on the other side of the room and I ran to get it - bad idea - SORE BOOBS! So I kept running while holding onto them LOL...

Its also a bit difficult in that I'm out on the road a lot with my job - and finding toilets. Its like I need to go every hour. On Tuesday I did one of my regular drives - to Toowoomba, then to Warwick, then home - you have to plan your toilet stops VERY carefully!

I'm finding my gym sessions a bit boring, there is only so much you can do whilst keeping your heart rate in the lower range. I did two weights sessions this week, but I cant say I'm really enjoying it much. From the second trimester on, the recommendation is that you try not to do any resistance training while standing, because your sense of balance and your centre of gravity changes. I'm using a lot more machines than I used to. Its all very interesting, but frustrating at the same time!

Anyway, nothing thrilling to report. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!