Thursday, July 09, 2009

An exciting moment!

On Tuesday morning I was lying in bed, arguing with myself to get up and go to gym. "Come ON - get up get up get up" etc. For some reason I rolled onto my stomach (and I'm not a tummy sleeper) and said out loud "Come on tic tac, lets get up"...

and I felt a little flutter in my lower abdomen...

I laid there on my stomach with my eyes bulging out of my head... thinking oh wow, was that the baby I just felt moving???? Naaaah, its too soon - I'm only 16 weeks, must have just imagined it. Dont be silly...

Nevertheless, I laid there for a few more minutes - waiting, wondering - and nothing. So I sighed and said "Ok tic tac, we're getting up now"

another little flutter!!

I was so so excited! Got up and tried to explain it to hubby - Remember when you used to blow bubbles with dishwashing liquid? Remember how it used to feel having the bubbles burst on your skin? Thats the best way I could describe the sensation. I haven't felt it since, but then I've been pretty busy, and at this stage the feelings are so gentle that I dont think I would feel it unless it was very quiet, I laid very still and concentrated hard.

I have my first appointment with the hospital next Wednesday!

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend at the All Females - cant wait to hear how it all goes!!


SeLiNa said...

Awwww how exciting!!!!!!!!
My sis' bubby is already playing tricks with Aunty Selina, it'll kick but whenever I want a feel of it, it goes into hiding. Stubborn like it's aunty!!

Kerry W said...

How cool is that? It's the most exciting feeling in the world, and it's only going to increase. Lots of 'moments' with tic-tac to come. :-)

Andrea said...

Ahh..gorgeous! I remember feeling the first flutters around that time as well. It's strange isn't it!
So cute how you talk to the little one already - I wasn't very good at that.

Shar said...

Its a journey of new discovery's, enjoy every moment.

Shar x

Frankie said...

cooool! Yeah they do say you won't feel it until 20 weeks but I had my first flutters at 17 weeks. Like little gurglings but def the baby. wait until it gets bigger and tries to break out of the side of your stomach using a very sharp little elbow LOL! It's as freaky as it is hilarious and joyful.

Kristy said...

Wooow that is so exciting

Splice said...

That just brought a happy tear to my eye. I remember the first time I felt my son move, nothing can describe what that feels like although you came pretty close ;-)

It's such a beautiful experience growing a life inside you.
I am currently training and taking care of 3 pregnant ladies and am sharing so much of their experiences with them, it's so nice.

Deb xxx

LizN said...

That's great Hilary - makes it so much more real..amazing :)

Alicia said...

OMG that is sooooo cool! Which hospital are you going to? I'm booked into the Mater

Sandra said...

Isn't it the most AMAZING feeling? I felt my girls move around at about 16 weeks and people were always telling me I was imagining it - but Mummy knows best.

Just brought back memories of being pregnant with my first (she's 13 now) and lying in the bath a few weeks before she was born and actually seeing this little fist or foot "poking through" my weird, almost like something out of a sci-fi movie LOL :-0

Valley Girl said...

very happy for you that you had that special 1st moment with tic tac, so wonderful!

& it was real, I felt what you are describing around 16 weeks...

Hilary said...

How cute Selina! At least you know what to expect when its time to babysit that little one!

Thanks Kerry, I'm so looking forward to it!

It is a bit strange isn't it Andj?!! I guess its only going to get stranger too!

Thanks Shar!

I know Frankie, I think its exciting now, but I reckon I wont be too happy about it when the kicks are keeping me awake at night LOL!

Thanks Kristy!

How cool Deb that you get to help 3 women through their own pregnancies, you get to relive it all through them.

Thanks Liz!

Alicia I'm going to Redlands Hospital, they seem pretty nice there.

Oooh Sandra that sounds cool! I cant wait to actually see the movements, and for hubby to feel them too - so far he's just having to take my word for it!

Thanks Valley Girl, its hard to know if its real or not, especially when its such a small movement.

Hilary xx