Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I threw my stupid rib/neck/back/whatever it is out again on Sunday... its just so stupid! So once again I couldn't turn my head. I was only leaning over something, and I had all my weight on my right arm, and then I felt my back go into a crampy spasm. Grrrrr

So back to the Chiro again yesterday, and he couldn't fix me!! Apparently the whole area is frozen solid and he coulnd't get it to move, so I have to go back on Wednesday so he can have another go. Meanwhile I am becoming a misery to be around. I take my hat off to anyone who suffers chronic pain - I dont know how they do it!! I've only had this stupid thing for a week and its so frustrating.

I said to OH last night "Do you think I will be right to train in the morning?"

His look clearly told me he thought it was a stupid question!! LOL. Its so easy to tell other people they need to rest, but its quite a different thing to take your own advice. So I havent trained since Sunday. I will see how I go tomorrow.

And to all you "oats with cottage cheese" lovers out there: you will be happy to know that it iS possible to convert a non-lover! Yes I have been converted. I missed my oats so much since I had to stop having protein powder, that I persisted with the oats/cottage cheese combo. I gagged and held my nose for the first couple of times, but now I have perfected the art and got just the right timing on the microwave. My tip is, dont add any water. And I'm enjoying it more and more every day - go figure!

Friday, April 25, 2008


... of the furry variety. Here's a few recent snaps of our beautiful ones...

Connor - walking up his covered ramp to get into the house...

Mum and dads' little one - Ben... with his Kong...

First time at the beach! Shavez and Elke experienced the waves for the very first time today. Shavez was not impressed!

Elke, just before a mini wave came and nearly washed her away LOL!

So this morning we took the dogs to the beach for the first time ever, and they loved it! Well, Shavez didn't particularly like the water, but he loved the rest of it. We took them to an off-leash dog friendly beach, and I couldn't believe how many people were there with their dogs. It was great, and definetely something we'll do again. We didn't dare let our two off their lead though, they're not used to being around other dogs and we weren't sure how far away they'd run with all the excitement! Maybe next time. Luckily they are due for a hydrobath tomorrow to get rid of most of the sand and salt-water.

I had an interesting experience on Monday at the gym. I was doing dumbell side raises, and halfway through the first set I felt something go "ping" in my right shoulder blade. I gritted my teeth and finished the set (stupidly) but then couldn't continue. So I got on the cross trainer but found I was unable to turn my head to the right due to the shooting pain in my neck and shoulders... grrrrr.... so I went home and got ready for work. All day I was in pain, it was awful not being able to turn my head. I rang my chiro and got in to see him that day. He initially thought it was my trapezius - but instead it turned out that I had thrown a rib out of alignment in my back!!!
So I had a rather painful adjustment from him, and its slowly getting better. I'd say I now have about 80% range of movement now. I go back next week, so hopefully it will get sorted out completely. Its just so stupid. I kept saying to OH - its not like I did anything differnently. I didn't go up in weight, I have been doing that exercise for the last few weeks, perhaps my form was a little off or something? Makes you realise how easy it is to hurt yourself from something so simple.
The rest of the week has been great, I've been training hard (after a day off due to neck/shoulder) and eating clean, so its all good! Have a great weekend all!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Peace... Interrupted

Busy week! I'm back from my little trip, and it went pretty well. I surprised myself with the fact that I quite enjoyed driving long distances on my own. Who knew? In fact, the only time I found myself yawning was when the single lane highway turned into a dual lane... that's when I started yawning again.

I had an interesting moment in Hervey Bay on Wednesday. I decided to go for a jog along the Esplanade instead of staying cooped up inside the motel room. So I packed up my ipod, phone and keys and drove off to the beach. I went for a lovely 30 minute jog/walk, but unlike Townsville or Cairns, you cant actually see the water from the Esplanade, even though its right beside it. So when I'd finished my exercise I thought I'd do something new. I locked the phone and ipod in the car, and went for a lovely stroll along the beach. I'd never done this before on my own (its not as romantic on your own LOL!) so it was good to have another new experience!!

Anyway, it was a gorgeous afternoon. The sun was just starting to go down behind the trees, there were a few kids running around, a few beach fishermen etc, and because I'd deliberately left the ipod behind, the only sound I could hear was the gentle lapping of the water on the sand. It was just glorious, so I was walking along kinda meditating on the peace and tranquility of it. I stopped at one point and just looked out at the bay, watching the little waves roll in. I started to think that all the silly things I worry about are just that: silly things. You sort of feel insignificant in the face of all that nature and peacefullness.

I stood there for a good 5 minutes, until I heard a mans voice behind me - quite close... asking me if I was "absorbing the power of the waves... feeling the force..." unfortunately the man was quite drunk and I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying. He sort of stood there, slurring at me and gesturing out to the ocean... I felt a bit nervous so I just smiled and walked away... unfortunately my peace had been shattered!

Today we went to a first birthday party at a park, and it was a really nice afternoon. It now seems that OH and I are the ONLY couple on the planet without kids though!! If I had a dollar today for every time someone said "its YOUR turn next!!!"... well - ... I'd have about 5 dollars... :)

Have a fabulous week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Bundaberg

Once again, here I am, blogging from another exotic location LOL! (No offence to anyone from Bundaberg)

Today saw me drive 5 hours to Bundy, and I have to say, it’s a LOOONG drive. I knew I was in trouble when, after driving for a measly 10 minutes, I started yawning…

I made it here safe and sound though – once I bought myself a VERY strong Long Black (upsized it too – thought I might need the extra caffeine) I was buzzing along.

My (company) car does not have cruise control, or a CD player – yes its old! So I am very glad that I listen to Triple J radio, I just had to keep changing the frequency as I made my way up the coast.

So with some cool tunes, a long boring drive and only myself for company, I came up with some useless, pointless trivia to pass the time!!

- I have lived in 15 different houses
- I went to 7 different schools
- I have been to 9 countries
- I have had 7 different cars: Holden Barina, Daewoo Cielo (how embarrassing!!) Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Pajero, V8 Ford Fairmont Ghia (my favourite), Nissan Xtrail, Toyota Camry
- In the time that we have been together (9 years) OH has owned 17 different cars – yes you did read that correctly - 17.


I didn’t make it to gym on Monday morning, so I did some afternoon cardio instead. This morning I trained legs… I’m feeling it already. I brought a kickboxing DVD with me on this trip, so this afternoon after I checked into the hotel, I was punching and kicking in my hotel room !! Except that I kept getting a hamstring cramp when doing one particular move – hope I’m not too sore tomorrow.

I wont be visiting a gym while I’m here, so tomorrow morning I’ll be doing some pushups, tricep dips, lunges, crunches etc in the hotel room again. I’m off to Hervey Bay and Maryborough tomorrow – home on Thursday – Yay!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I've been stuck for things to blog about lately... maybe I've got 'bloggers block'!!

On Saturday night we went to a friends "Wedding Celebration" party. Their actual wedding was a month ago, which only involved their family. Then they had their honeymoon, and then when the came back they had the party!! Sounds like an excellent idea to me - then you dont have all the huge stress of organising a great big event all in one go!

You can probably tell that I'm not really into the whole 'white wedding' thing - I'd much rather we eloped to be perfectly honest.

Anyway, the party was fantastic, everyone got all dolled up - I even wore a DRESS (yes, can you believe it??!!) and we all got quite drunk and rowdy. Everybody let their hair down and we just laughed all night, it was so much fun. Both OH and I were fairly plastered, didn't get home until 2.30am. And that is super late for us (we're normally the ones who leave parties by 11.30 because we're tired!).

So then we spent the most part of Sunday feeling very very seedy. Yuck. It was such a fun night, but I dont think I'll be doing it again any time soon!!

I'm definetely back on track with my fitness, I've tightened up my nutrition these last two weeks, and boy what a difference!! Its like, "der!!" no wonder I wasn't seeing any changes in my body with all the little extra's that managed to slip into my meals! Anyway, its all cleaned up now and I'm feeling good. Measurements are slowly moving in the downwards direction. Trained legs yesterday, then after work did a kickboxing DVD at home. This morning did some interval running followed by another 30 minutes steady-state cardio. Feeling good!

Anyway, better go - enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Check out my new "litte brother"!!!!

Naaaaawwww.... soooo cute!!!

Mum and Dad popped in for a visit on Sunday afternoon, and brought this beautiful little boy with them - they had literally just picked him up! They've been talking about getting a little dog for ages now (its been 8 years since their last dog - their last place didn't allow pets) and now that they've moved house they thought it was high time to get a little companion... so meet 'Ben'! He is a Yorkshire Terrier, 8 weeks old, and just the sweetest little thing ever! I just didn't want him to leave - OH and I just LOVE puppies. Yorkies are arguably the smallest dog in the world (I think chihuahua's also claim this title though LOL!)

Right now I'm eating oats and cottage cheese for breakfast, and I'm trying not to gag :) I mixed in some strawberry jam, but it hasn't helped much... It seems that my stomach wont tolerate ANY protein powder any more, even the stuff without artificial sweeteners. I had two serves of "stevia-sweetened" protein powder last Tuesday, and then developed a pain in my upper stomach for the next 3 days. :( So it looks like all of my protein needs are going to have to come from whole foods, which is fine - just needs a little more preparation and organisation!

Yesterday morning I was so slack - it was so nice and warm under the doona, and the air outside felt so cool... I slept in! I had been having a 'delicious' sleep - one of those really GOOD, heavy sleeps that you dont get very often - so I thought "bugger it" and skipped gym.
I think it did me good though, cos I trained legs and shoulders this morning and absolutely CAINED them! Did weighted walking lunges at the end of the leg session and OMG my legs were burning - gotta love that :)
And then this morning I finally broke through the 60kg barrier - 59.8!! Its been probably 6 months since I was under that - so I am stoked. I have been hovering between 60 and 62kgs for ages, gaining and losing the same bloody 1-2kgs each week, so its nice to finally get a breakthrough. Just gotta stay focused!