Friday, March 31, 2006

New You Magazine

I've had a phone call today from one of the girls from Blitz publications, and they're going to put me in their latest New You Magazine, which comes out on April 21!! Very exciting!

Sue had been talking to them I think, and with my latest photos, perhaps they thought it was time to check up on how old Hilary was doing! So I have sent them my recent photos, but they have asked me to take a few "lifestyle" photos this weekend and email them ASAP. By "lifestyle" photos, they mean pics of me eating (chicken and salad???), training, casual clothes etc Going to be interesting, so now I have to figure out what I'm gonna do, what I'm going to wear etc.

I think this photo is one that they are going to go with.

Apart from that its been a quiet week. Back to the gym (cardio only), I've eaten a few things this week that I normally wouldn't, but then, this was always supposed to be a relaxed week. I've had far too much bread (sandwiches, toast for breakfast etc) but I'm back on track now, and I'm going back to normal eating now, which is a relief actually! You sort of forget how bloated and horrible wheat makes you feel. Then you eat it and its like "oh thats right!" derr.

Right well its time to go start dinner I guess... and think about what to wear for these photos!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Its Official... I'm an exercise junkie...

Well I tried to give myself a week off from exercise... but I just couldn't do it. I've had four days off (last training day was last Friday), and I just havent known what to do with myself!!! So I went back to gym this morning to hit some cardio, and I feel so much better about myself. Strange - I thought that I would LOVE to have a week of sleeping in, but I've just been champing at the bit to get back into it. I've been waking up at 5am anyway, and saying to myself "have a rest, stay in bed" and in the end I got up and did some ironing, read some blogs, read a book... tragic!

So yesterday I decided that I was going back to gym this morning, and I was so excited! lol! This is exactly why I wanted to have a break... I wanted to get that enthusiasm back, and it only took 4 days! I sat down with all my old fitness magazines last night, and Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and this weight training book named "Shape Training" by Robert Kennedy... and tried to nut out my new training programme. I didn't get very far - but I've got until next Monday to figure it out.

Anyway, back at the gym... I did some interval on the elliptical, got on the bike for 10minutes (it started to make my knee hurt) and then had an incline powerwalk. Finished up with abs and stretches... ahhhh feel so much better! :) Spewin my knee hurt on the bike, because I was considering doing the bike class tomorrow morning, and now I'm worried it wont hold out. So I think I'd better just stick to the elliptical, and power walking for now.

A colleague today got given a big box of chocolates from one of her customers. She brought them around and offered them to everyone, and when the box was put under my nose, I smiled and said "no thanks" without even thinking about it... then a few seconds later I thought to myself "hang on - I could have had one now that I've finished my programme" - but now I am so used to saying "no thanks" that I dont even realise I'm doing it - sort of like its pre-programmed into me now!! Anyway, so then I thought about it and realised that I didn't really even feel like having a chocolate. So of course, I didn't.

So I keep being surprised at myself as to how I've changed. Its amazing how things just become a habit - you do something over and over, and in the end you dont even have to think about it. Like getting up early to hit the gym - a year ago I used to grumble and complain when the alarm went off - now I just get up, get dressed and go. Dont even have to think about it. I'm lovin this new "me"!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

The day after...

Well after my day of indulgence yesterday, I feel yukky! I basically gave myself the day to eat all those little things that I'd missed... and I pretty much reconfirmed that those "cravings" I'd been having were all in my head! Eating all that "indulgence" food just made me feel bloated and ill... which is a good thing! To be honest, while it was nice to have a bit of ice cream, and chocolate, and cheese, it really made me realise that it wasn't anything special. Its just food. Cant believe I'm saying that, but there you have it! Total reversal of mindset - gotta be happy with that!

To cap off my day of food indulgence, I decided to have a glass of wine. I sat down at about 4.30pm to read the Sunday Mail with a nice glass of red wine. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and took my time with it too - it lasted until about 5.30pm. After that I made my pizzas (its funny preparing food when you're half tanked!) and decided to have another glass of wine (!!!!) So by about 7.30 last night I was feeling quite sozzled (cant believe that 2 glasses of wine gets me drunk these days - I used to be able to drink a whole bottle and still be fully coherent) and I woke up this morning with the worst dry mouth and feeling a bit hungover! Sad... sad... sad...

And now I'm feeling gross due to yesterday. I felt so guilty not going to gym this morning! I cant believe that last week I was dying for a rest, and now I'm giving myself one and I want to get back into it! I'm determined to at least have a few days off anyway. My knee is still "pinging" a bit, so it will be good to rest. I think a while ago Rae suggested I try Glucosamine for my knees, I might have to give it a go.

Thanks everyone for their lovely comments about my photos! I'm quite happy with the results, and I'm determined to stay pretty close to this shape for a long time to come. Cant wait to start designing my new programme for next week! I'm not sure whether to drop back to a 3 day split, or stay with the 4 day weight training. I do enjoy 4 days of weights (except legs - least favourite day) so I might stick with it. Although if I do 3 days weights I get to do more longer cardio sessions... hmmmm decisions, decisions!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hooray! Day 84 is here!

First photo is 2nd Jan 06 (complete with one posing puddy cat) - second photo is from this morning - 26 March 06.

Week 12 finished!! I'm so happy, but I'm also sad too, because these last 12 weeks have been fabulous, and I've really enjoyed it much more the 2nd time around! Got up this morning and had Scott take my photos... here are the results... quality of the pics aren't great - we need a new camera I think. Hopefully theres some changes that can be seen?

Its been a bit of a rough week - especially the last 3 or 4 days. Low sodium is really difficult, and I was not a nice person to be around!! Combine that with all the water I was drinking, hmmmm no wonder I was a cranky-pants!

Nevertheless, I stuck to the programme like glue. Nothing passed my lips that wasn't on plan. Its amazing what determination you can have in the last few weeks. After stuffing up my knees I decided to take it easy in terms of cardio - so it was once a day only. My knees seem to be ok now, and with the upcoming weeks rest (ahhh lovely!) I'm hoping they'll be 100% by the end of the week.

Thanks guys for your support... I'm learning that I really do need to listen to my body, and when body parts "hurt", I really need to stop and take action.

Splice, you are right about Jungle Bronze! Its all glittery and smells just lovely, even though it looks like boot polish! Tracey - I got my Jungle Bronze from the chemist, its pretty expensive (I think) - about $60 for a smallish tin, but it does seem to spread quite far, and it really does seem to give you a nice tanned look, rather than orange. It washes off in water though, so each application is only for one day. Last year when I did my first programme I got a spray tan done from Ella Bache for the photos. It was good, but I found that it took forever to dry, and I kept rubbing bits off on my clothes. So this year I decided to go with a fake tan + Jungle Bronze. I started layering on the fake tan on Friday night (two applications on Friday, two applications on Saturday, then the Jungle bronze first thing this morning) and my colour looked pretty good I think).

Anyway, I've had a lovely breakfast this morning of one slice of raisin toast, and one crumpet (just couldn't decide which one to have, so I had both - lol!) and we're having some home-made pizza tonight and a glass of wine to celebrate! Looking forward to getting back to my good old oats with protein powder tomorrow morning - old habits die hard!!

My stats for this challenge are:

Start weight - 57.5kgs Finish - 54.5kgs

Start Finish
Chest 89cm 84cm
Waist 67cm 63cm
Hips 91cm 88cm
Thigh 52cm 50cm

Time to go read some blogs and enjoy a rest!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stooopid Knees!

Ah jeez I'm annoyed with myself. I've gone and hurt my knees again. Had a great leg workout yesterday, but there was no fitball to be seen anywhere in the weights area, so instead of doing my normal fitball squats with dumbells, I decided to do something different, and did lunges on the smith machine. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!! I did these lovely slow lunges with 40kg, and really held the weight at the top and the bottom of the exercise - could really feel my hamstrings taking a hit, so it was great. Then my knees started to hurt (as they always do when I do lunges - as I said - I'm stupid!) but I kept going (der....)

So they felt ok all day yesterday, but then this morning I got up all pumped to do my hour cardio, and I jogged for about 30 seconds and it was like "uh-oh...". Stopped and did a quad stretch, jogged again, but still got pain. So guess what - no jogging for me! I got on the cross trainer, then the bike, and then powerwalked on an incline, but I think the damage is done. I was hobbling around at work today and just cursing and cursing. I'm so annoyed at myself!

Anyway - time to put that behind me and move on! 6 litres of water are going down nicely - but I usually hit a water wall around 4.30-ish, and have to force the last litre or so down. No sodium starts tomorrow! I was tempted to eat something off plan this morning - there were some pikelets with jam (and not diet jam either) left on the kitchen bench when I got home from the gym (Scott had left them out of his work esky) and I was sooooo tempted. I opened the packet, smelled them, and then noticed that the two dogs were eyeing me off from the screen door, salivating - so they got one each! Lucky dogs! I love my doggies - they save me from sugar!

Bought this stuff called "Jungle Bronze" yesterday, it looks like brown paint! - I've been very slack in terms of tanning for these final pics, and though I'd planned to get a bit of real sun in the last month, its rained every weekend. So I'm of course looking nothing like a Queenslander, cos I'm ghostly white! So I think I'm gonna start layering up some fake tan on Friday and Saturday, and then on Sunday morning I'll slather this Jungle Bronze stuff on. I'm sure it'll be enough. Its not like we're gonna have any fancy lighting on me or anything for these pics (at home).

Apparently I missed a fabulous show last night at the theatre (Menopause the Musical) - ah well, at least I got a good nights sleep! They said it was so funny they were nearly wetting themselves, lucky I didn't go, with 6 litres of water in me, it might not have been a pretty sight!!!

I'm a bit of a stress bucket tonight - feel like everything needs to be done at once, and its all getting on top of me. So I keep bumping my leg on things, I've just cut my thumb trying to open a container, tripping over stuff... I'm in such a rush to get things done that I'm not doing anything properly! So I fell apart a while ago - just need to take a deep breath and take it slow, r-e-l-a-x-!!!!!! 4 days to go, and then I can ease back on the craziness, I wont have to be so completely organised - wont that be nice!

Monday, March 20, 2006


6 litres of water done! Wow my back teeth are under water though! I've done nothing but run to the ladies all day, lol, luckily I didnt have any big meetings to go to or anything!

Great training sessions this morning - shoulders! Love it, a whole session dedicated to it, with abs and some interval elliptical to finish off. Came home after work and took the pooches for a walk (have to take them seperately - they are too hard to handle at the same time!) - they get 15mins each, which is quite enough for me after a hard day at the office! Poor puppies, they get soooo excited when I take them, and I feel so bad because its only a short walk. And then when I've finished my 12 weeks I go back to cardio once a day, and the poor loves get neglected again. (Normally they only get a big walk once a week. Lucky we've got a 1/4 acre block!)

I am meant to be going to see "Menopause- the Musical" tomorrow night (not that I'm anywhere close to menopause!!) but we have just realised that its my BF's dad's birthday, so I'm choosing to go to dinner instead. The ticket is paid for and everything, there are 10 ladies from work going, but I just really dont need the late night at this point in my programme. So I'll go around for dinner (BF's sister is doing a programme with Sue - so its bound to be a dinner "on plan") and get home nice and early and get some zzzzzz's.

Two more days of normal eating, then I'm onto zero sodium days until photos on Sunday. Do you realise that there is pretty much sodium in Everything????!!!! Ahhhh so it will be back to good old grilled chicken and steamed veges for a few days. How am I going to cope without soy sauce?? Lucky its only for 3 days!

Anyway, time to go read some blogs! Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

One week to go!

Me with Elke in December 2005.

Firstly just wanted to say thanks to everyone for dropping in to my blog! Thanks Rae, Kat, Bella and Selina for your lovely comments!

I'm feeling a little better today - but still feel like I've been hit by a truck! Zero energy, but definetely feel like I'm on the mend. Quite a few people I've spoken to have said that they've had similar symptoms to mine, so I now think that I have had some sort of bug (rather than just a simple upset stomach).

Well, one week to go! Cant believe how fast its gone! I'm gonna blitz it this week, no nasty little bug is going to stop me. I'm not doing the depletion diet this week. I'm not having professional photos done this time (just getting them done at home) so Sue has suggested I double my water 7 days out (thats today - 6 litres - yeeehaah!), and cut out sodium 3 days before photos. But I can still eat normally (I'm alternating high/low carb days at the moment) so that's a bonus!

The one recurring thought I've been having this week is "I cant wait to finish this programme so I can have a few days off training". There's been no thoughts of "I cant wait to eat such-and-such when I finish" and this is a huge change in mindset for me. I've come a long way, I do have to say - ! (Much credit to Sue and Rae!) Last year I was developing habits that have now become second nature to me. Quite happy to say that last night my partner was eating KFC, and I had absolutely no desire to eat it. It didn't even smell nice.

Well, its Sunday so I'd best be off and get prepared for the week ahead!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Been sick...

This is my little Siamese named Connor - giving me the evil eye!

Well I'd been patting myself on the back lately that I'd only missed one workout during this entire programme - and look what happens... I go and get sick! I now think that my steady decrease in energy this week has had something to do with a bit of a stomach bug I picked up.

Wednesday night I had an upset tummy. Thursday morning I got up and went to the gym as normal, but halfway through my back/bi's exercises I started to physically get the shakes and felt nauseous. So I stopped and went home. Felt ok through the day at work, just tired. Then after meal 4 I developed the worst stomach pains, so I went home, and spent all night doubled over with stomach cramps and acid reflux. My partner went and got me some Mylanta from the chemist, which seemed to help. So unfortunately I had to skip a workout today - BUMMER! I feel better today, but just completely without energy.

The good thing is that I only missed one meal - last nights dinner. I just couldn't eat. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow (Saturday) and take the dogs for a big walk before breakfast, but I'll have to see how the energy levels hold out. It might end up being a walk around the block!

We've got a busy day ahead tomorrow! I've got to get up and do the dog walk, then the dog-wash man arrives at 8am, then we're going down to the Gold Coast to test drive some cars that my partner is interested in, then home, housework, groceries etc. Then back down the coast - I'm catching up with a girlfriend I havent seen in a while, while the boys are going to watch some kickboxing!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Goals achieved!

One of my professional shots from April 2005, after my first programme with Sue.

Well I got home from the gym this morning and decided to check a couple of measurements... my goal for this 12 weeks was to have a hip measurement of 88cm, and waist of 65cm. Have this morning achieved both! Actually my waist came in at 63cm - so gotta be happy with that! And I've still got a week and a half to go! Focus is pretty strong at the moment, close to the finish line and there's going to be no stopping me.

Having said that, I unfortunately got nowhere near my jogging goal this morning. I had a fairly bad nights sleep - kept waking up lying on my left side, with my left arm numb. So energy was low-ish. I managed to get a 25 minute jog in before a stitch got me, so I slowed to a walk for two minutes, and tried to jog again. Ahhh well at least I tried. Jog-phase-2 lasted about 3 minutes!! So I put the treadmill on an incline and powerwalked the rest of the time.

I also got on the bike for 15 minutes at the end, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed it. Lately I've been sticking with the cross trainer and the treadmill, but it was good for a change to do something else. Was dripping with sweat afterwards, always a good sign, although not the most attractive look! :)

Eats were pretty clean today too - treated myself to a coke Zero tonight. I dont mind it- it doesn't have that nasty aftertaste that normal coke has... think I prefer the Diet Ginger Beer though.

My lovely little cat has just climbed up on my lap for a cuddle... naaawww - he hasn't done that for ages cos its been so hot lately. Roll on winter!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


This is a picture taken about 4 weeks ago of my back.

I'm so weary today! Not sure whats wrong with me, maybe I just need a rest? Looking forward to having a few days off from training when I finish this programme... think I'm starting to need it. Did legs this morning, and caught myself in the middle of a few negative thoughts - like "I cant do this today". Grrrr. So then I had to keep telling myself how strong I was. Yep there's that "looney" self talk again! :) Still felt exhausted though.

Clean day of eating, lower carb day today. Dont feel too bad, but I guess the results will show tomorrow morning when I'm doing my morning cardio. I'm planning on jogging for another record - the goal is 45 minutes. I've got some good jogging music on my ipod now, so no excuse! Its taken me ages to find the right tunes. I'm not really a fast jogger, but the music has to have the right pace/beat. So far, I'm going with Eminem - Lose Yourself, Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows, Ben Lee - Gamble everything for love, ummm Powderfinger - cant remember the name of the song! Plus some old U2 stuff, even The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony! See, I said I was a slow jogger!

Anyway, really ought to hit the sack... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, March 13, 2006

Another day done!

Here's a picture of our two dogs - Elke is a Border Collie cross Keeshond, and Shavez is an Alaskan Malamute.

Another day done and dusted! Felt tired and bleugh today for some reason, just didn't want to do anything... like go to work, train, cook dinner etc! I guess we all have days like these. I still did everything though - even took the dogs for a walk this afternoon. Thats the beauty of establishing a routine - even when you dont feel like it, you still just get up and do it!

Having trouble figuring out how this blog thing works. Mind you - I havent really dedicated much time to finding out either! I have just worked out how to add photos, so that's something!

Training this morning wasn't too bad - increased weight in some shoulder exercises, absolutely caned my abs doing reverse crunches - man those babies are tough!

Today is my last day of higher carbs - tomorrow I start cycling low carb/high carb days. Tomorrow is low carb - that means its peanut butter day! Yay! I wasn't really a peanut butter fan before doing Sue's programmes, but I am now... yum! I know its only a tablespoon, but hey - it makes my day. Sad arent I? Sue is a genius... I had to increase my carbs for a week - and guess what - I've got some fantastic results this week, so I feel like I've busted through that plateau finally!

Well its almost time for bed... and then we get up and do it all again tomorrow!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

End of week 10!

My goal for this blog is to keep me focused on staying fit!

Today is week 10 of my 12 week challenge with Sue! Cant believe how fast its gone, and I've only got two weeks left! Today I'm having a rest day, well earned I think. I've done over 8 hours of training this week, and I'm a bit tired!

Sunday's for me pretty much involves getting myself organised for the week. I've got to prepare all mine and my partners lunches, do all my ironing, chop up all the dog food, do my feedback email to Sue, finish the washing... so its not really a rest day I guess!

On an exciting note - I took some measurements yesterday, and I've gone down to a 25 inch waist! So excited... thats the smallest I've ever been. Still got a bit to go in terms of my hip measurements, its always my problem area.

Got up a bit late this morning, so I'm going to struggle to get all my meals in. Looks like I might have to cram in a protein shake before bed. Had a glass and a half of wine last night with my free meal, and I felt hungover this morning! After two or three sips, I could feel the alcohol coursing through my veins... I'm only drinking with my free meals these days - and I now only have a free meal once a fortnight! Yikes!

Anyway - time to go do some other stuff!