Friday, March 31, 2006

New You Magazine

I've had a phone call today from one of the girls from Blitz publications, and they're going to put me in their latest New You Magazine, which comes out on April 21!! Very exciting!

Sue had been talking to them I think, and with my latest photos, perhaps they thought it was time to check up on how old Hilary was doing! So I have sent them my recent photos, but they have asked me to take a few "lifestyle" photos this weekend and email them ASAP. By "lifestyle" photos, they mean pics of me eating (chicken and salad???), training, casual clothes etc Going to be interesting, so now I have to figure out what I'm gonna do, what I'm going to wear etc.

I think this photo is one that they are going to go with.

Apart from that its been a quiet week. Back to the gym (cardio only), I've eaten a few things this week that I normally wouldn't, but then, this was always supposed to be a relaxed week. I've had far too much bread (sandwiches, toast for breakfast etc) but I'm back on track now, and I'm going back to normal eating now, which is a relief actually! You sort of forget how bloated and horrible wheat makes you feel. Then you eat it and its like "oh thats right!" derr.

Right well its time to go start dinner I guess... and think about what to wear for these photos!


Selina said...

Hilary, I can't find the words that explain how great you look. What you have done is SO incredibly inspiring to me. I've said it before and will say it again - if I look a smidgin like you I will be a happy gal :) Congrats again on a fantastic achievement! You are very photogenic...have you thought of modelling?!?!?

RaeC said...

That is such exciting news honey!! I am so proud of you... good things are happening for you and you deserve every single one of them!!

Love Rae xxx

Tracey said...

Lucky you Hilary, enjoy yourself this weekend!

Ali said...

Hilary, that is such great news, good on you!! Rae's right you deserve every good thing that's happening for you, have a great weekend,
that photo is awesome!!

Antigone said...

That is just fantastic:)
I bet you are soo excited and nervous ooooo you will have to post those pic's :)
And must buy the mag too:)

little rene said...

well done hilary! how thrilling!this is so much better than any cheat meal you could ever eat! good on you, you really deserve this after all of your hard work. i checked out your before photo again on the sportzblitz website today and honestly you look like a completely different person. you are a total inspiration to me!

Sue Heintze said...

Way to go Hils! I was wondering if they would ask for some updated pics. Are they going to write some new words for the story or leave as it was? You better email me as I may not get back here for a few days!

Sekhmet said...

Fantastic news Hilary! How exciting for you - I'm sure you'll look great and I can't wait to get it hot off the press - lol :)

B x

Belinda said...

Hi Hilary, I finally got here. I have to say it again.... you look fabo, congrats. Congrats on the New You Mag I can't wait for its publication. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. You really crack me up. To make you feel better I can no longer drink the copius amounts of grog either !!!I am now labelled the cheap drunk of the group. Ha, they are just jealous. Bel.