Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stooopid Knees!

Ah jeez I'm annoyed with myself. I've gone and hurt my knees again. Had a great leg workout yesterday, but there was no fitball to be seen anywhere in the weights area, so instead of doing my normal fitball squats with dumbells, I decided to do something different, and did lunges on the smith machine. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!! I did these lovely slow lunges with 40kg, and really held the weight at the top and the bottom of the exercise - could really feel my hamstrings taking a hit, so it was great. Then my knees started to hurt (as they always do when I do lunges - as I said - I'm stupid!) but I kept going (der....)

So they felt ok all day yesterday, but then this morning I got up all pumped to do my hour cardio, and I jogged for about 30 seconds and it was like "uh-oh...". Stopped and did a quad stretch, jogged again, but still got pain. So guess what - no jogging for me! I got on the cross trainer, then the bike, and then powerwalked on an incline, but I think the damage is done. I was hobbling around at work today and just cursing and cursing. I'm so annoyed at myself!

Anyway - time to put that behind me and move on! 6 litres of water are going down nicely - but I usually hit a water wall around 4.30-ish, and have to force the last litre or so down. No sodium starts tomorrow! I was tempted to eat something off plan this morning - there were some pikelets with jam (and not diet jam either) left on the kitchen bench when I got home from the gym (Scott had left them out of his work esky) and I was sooooo tempted. I opened the packet, smelled them, and then noticed that the two dogs were eyeing me off from the screen door, salivating - so they got one each! Lucky dogs! I love my doggies - they save me from sugar!

Bought this stuff called "Jungle Bronze" yesterday, it looks like brown paint! - I've been very slack in terms of tanning for these final pics, and though I'd planned to get a bit of real sun in the last month, its rained every weekend. So I'm of course looking nothing like a Queenslander, cos I'm ghostly white! So I think I'm gonna start layering up some fake tan on Friday and Saturday, and then on Sunday morning I'll slather this Jungle Bronze stuff on. I'm sure it'll be enough. Its not like we're gonna have any fancy lighting on me or anything for these pics (at home).

Apparently I missed a fabulous show last night at the theatre (Menopause the Musical) - ah well, at least I got a good nights sleep! They said it was so funny they were nearly wetting themselves, lucky I didn't go, with 6 litres of water in me, it might not have been a pretty sight!!!

I'm a bit of a stress bucket tonight - feel like everything needs to be done at once, and its all getting on top of me. So I keep bumping my leg on things, I've just cut my thumb trying to open a container, tripping over stuff... I'm in such a rush to get things done that I'm not doing anything properly! So I fell apart a while ago - just need to take a deep breath and take it slow, r-e-l-a-x-!!!!!! 4 days to go, and then I can ease back on the craziness, I wont have to be so completely organised - wont that be nice!


Selina said...

Hilary, sorry to hear bout your knees. I do the same stoopid things and not listen to my body. REST them!!! You'll be back up and at it in no time. Hang in there on your depletion week. I'm following with great interest as it will be my turn in three weeks too.. *gulp* Take a deep breath and some time-out!! Best wishes!

Splice said...

Hi Hilary!
I popped in through Jadey's blog after noticing that we all have something in common, we all live on the Gold Coast :-)
Jungle Bronze is awesome, I have it. It smells great and has glitter through it. Once it's on it looks beautiful.
Take care.

Tracey said...

Bummer about your knee's Hilary, rest up and you will soon be back to normal. Where do you get Jungle Bronze from?

RaeC said...

Just sent you an email sweetie, and like I said in it, some things will have to be put on the backburner!! Stay strong :)

Love Rae x

Antigone said...

I look lilly white and i hate it:( i think with a good tan it makes you feel healthier so i was thinking of getting a sprey tan at a salon but i am nervous of taking my clothes of in front of a stranger (funny as i have had a baby LOL)
So if you that jungle bronze works well let me know i would love a nice tan and in the comfort of my own home hehe
Your doing a great job you look fantastic!!!
I also have knee issues but mine is due to the fact that i did weigh 130 kilo's and thus never did much exercise and well now i LOVE exercise and my joints have to get used to it as they don't have a choice LOL
anyway sorry for raving, just want you to know how great your doing and how inspiring your story is:)

Kaddy said...

hey hilary! i can totally relate to the knee thing, it does my head in!! my right knee isplaying up right now for no apparent reason, i cant go for jogs anymore because the day after my knees flog me!! grrr and walking is just not an option once u have fallen in love with jogging lol!

hope they feel better sooon!

going out in sympathy!