Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kitchens, Stress, and Telstra

I'm still here!! Been a while, sorry. Lots going on...

Firstly, kitchen. Here's what our kitchen looked like BEFORE (well, actually, OH had already started dismantling in this pic, but you get the idea) - a lovely soft pink, with round gold knobs for handles. VERY 80's!
And now... with new rangehood (note, the blue vent thing above rangehood still has the protective plastic on it, it is actually stainless steel underneath!)

We still have no splashbacks, but that will happen in the next few weeks. We're thinking of glass splashbacks - maybe a colour. What do you think of red? We originally planned a silver colour, but we are thinking we need some colour in there.

And I now have a breakfast bar (below), which also means that I can prepare meals AND watch TV through the lounge room at the same time... now we have all the mod-cons! LOL!

Last weekend I went to watch the INBAs in Brissie, and got to cheer on Michaela and Selina. Both girls looked fantatsic, and absolutely shone on stage. Still has not convinced me to get up there myself one day, but never say never I suppose! It was also lovely to catch up with lots of blogger friends, Deb, Jadey, Kerry, Liz and Lindy, and also meet a few other girls for the first time :)

I have felt incredibly stressed this week. I have all these lists of things to finalise for the wedding (less than 3 weeks to go now, OMG!) and I had to organise the hens party too :( Originally I wanted to go into town (in the Valley) to this new club, but a few weeks ago I went to a hens party in the Valley, and while I had a great time, when I was leaving I just decided that a boozy night in town just isn't me anymore. I'm over it, maybe I'm too old for it, I dont know. So I changed my plans at the last minute!!
Instead we are now doing a shopping bus tour next Saturday, which I am really looking forward to! We get to go to all sorts of warehouse outlets (some are not open to the public) and also get a nice buffet lunch on the way. Now if people would only RSVP me so I can organise final numbers!! My maid of honour has a lot on her plate at the moment, so I took on the organising of the hens party too. Maybe not a good move, I have actually lost sleep over this, more so than the wedding!
Anyway, there has been more frustration this week. We had some wild weather through the week, and consequently lots of wind - a tree in our yard broke and snapped our phone line. So I've been without home internet for a few days, and it makes things very difficult. Telstra came out yesterday to fix it, but because it was raining, they refuse to climb ladders in the rain... grrrr... so now I have to wait around for them on Monday when they come back. Lets just hope its not still raining.
I'm using my work laptop, but its not great, as all my IBO work is on my home computer.
Well, thats enough whinging for me for one day. This time in 3 weeks I will be Mrs H !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

31 days til I'm a "Mrs"

Not much time for blogging lately, but I am still here!!

Starting to really count down now, 31 days now til I get hitched! My mind is starting to overflow with all the things that are going on, finalising everying, organising wedding rehearsal, meeting the photographer on site to suss out where we'll get photos done, hens party, menu choices, flower colours, decorations at the reception, accommondation, getting final numbers together - the list seems to be endless!

The only thing not organised is the cars. OH is meant to be organising that. But I'm not too stressed about it - worst case scenario, we'll get taxis. No biggie.

So with all the wedding stuff going on, we're also in the middle of some major house renovations, with the kitchen having HALF gone in a week and a half ago. The stone bench tops got measured up, so we're hoping to have the rest done very soon (was hoping for this Friday, but who knows!). So I have bits of MDF & villa board for bench tops at the moment, and no sink. I'm having to run up and down to the laundry sink all the time.

Our dining table has been buried under a mass of kitchen appliances, glasses etc - all waiting for the kitchen and cupboards to be finished. So we've been eating on the lounge in front of the TV every night for the last two weeks - OH is loving it! I just want to get my dining table back.

Oh yeah, we also had another lot of concreting done, this time the front section of our driveway got done, and under the carport, and the back patio too - so nice to be rid of the dirt finally! Still lots more concreting to be done, but its expensive, so we have to do it in stages.

Anyway, thats about what my life consists of at the moment! I'm ready for it all to be over and done with!