Saturday, December 26, 2009

The waiting game

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!

Ours was VERY quiet. Since we didn't know where we'd be on Christmas Day, we decided to cancel Christmas this year, well - the gift-giving bit anyway, but we still got together with family and shared the day and a lovely meal.

But, we're still waiting for our best present ever!!

Tic tac was officially due on the 22nd, although technically they say that 75% of babies are born AFTER their due date. We're now 4 days "overdue" and I dont think there are any signs that we're close. At my 40 week hospital checkup on Tuesday, the midwife said that the head hadn't fully engaged yet, and although softened, I hadn't started to dilate yet. Disappointed! We just want to meet the little bugger, although I guess if its not ready, its not ready!

Its hard not to be frustrated. Even though bub will come when its ready (or when the hospital decide), I feel like all the pressure is on me to "perform" - everyone is so impatient to meet tic tac, and I reckon at this time of year its so much worse, because of all the other special/important dates around this time. At least the weather has cooled down a bit and its not so humid. Trying to enjoy my last few days of "freedom" anyway!

Next hospital appointment is on Tuesday, and if still nothing has happened then we'll be booked in to be induced - something I'd really like to avoid if possible. So we're trying every trick in the book to get things rolling, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Here's a couple of pics we took on Xmas Eve - we were sick of sitting around the house waiting so we went for a drive to Manly harbour and had a wander around... took our fur baby Elke for a walk along the water - here she is with me and the bump!

And afterwards in the car - shattered!

Enjoy your boxing day everyone, and keep fingers crossed for us!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreaming of Screaming...

With thanks to System of a Down for the title...

Both of us had dreams of birth last night. I woke up to tell hubby that I'd just dreamt of having the baby. In the dream, I arrived at hospital on my own, because hubby was running late. There was a male midwife, who saw me to a room - where I had just hopped on the bed, and 5 seconds later gave one LITTLE push (hardly any effort really) - and suddenly the baby was born and taken away from me! I was told its a girl, and then the midwife told me I had two options, I could either stay there, or check into a hotel!! LOL!

Hubby dreamt that I was having contractions, while we were sitting in the carpark of a landscape nursery... I dont know what we were doing there!

Hmmm, well I'm still here anyway, and so is the bump.

For the last week I've been getting period-pain type cramps that come and go - perhaps these are Braxton Hicks? (I have no idea). And today I cant walk too well because I seem to have pinched a nerve in my groin area. Took Elke for a longer walk today, and was absolutely shattered when I got home. Lots of little stabbing niggles down below. I keep waiting for something to go "KABOOM" - this is it!! But nothing yet. Every little twinge I'm like "Is this IT?" I'm running out of patience!

Anyhoo... this is the new "Hil-mobile" - forgot to post pics when we got it a few weeks ago! Naturally, its a Ford!

And this was me on Saturday night (thought I should post one with my head still attached, just once!) - at the end of our housewarming party, feeling hot and bothered and about ready to collapse!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok, I'm ready for it to be over now

Yep, I'm ready for this baby to be out now!

This is just a horrible, horrible time of year to be heavily pregnant (and not in air conditioning). Its been so hot and humid, and I'm just so uncomfortable now...

The swollen feet are a given (I waddle like a slow-moving duck these days), but in the last week my hands and fingers have decided to join the "fluid retention party" - and now I cant get my wedding/engagement rings off. This is upsetting me more than anything else, its just SO frustrating and annoying, and really starts to freak me out if I think about it too much.

Yesterday I had my regular appointment with my chiropractor, and was telling him I couldn't get the rings off. Well, I had his entire office staff, other chiros, and my chiro's wife all trying different things to get my bloody rings off! Ice, elevation, lubrication - nothing worked! Felt quite funny to have so many different people standing around discussing different techniques that might work LOL! Their final suggestion was to have them cut off - something I'm reluctant to do to my beautiful rings.

So I'm just trying to ignore it for now, its not like I have purple fingers or anything, its just frustrating and annoying more than anything. I feel so stupid cos I SHOULD have taken them off weeks ago, but in my stupidity I thought "Naaahhh, my hands wont get swollen!!" - famous last words!

Week 38 hospital visit was on Wednesday and some good news - at my last visit at 36 weeks, Tic Tac was lying posterior (its back was against my back) - so after much effort this last fortnight (getting down on hands and knees, leaning forward when sitting down, not putting my feet up, lots of walking etc) we've managed to get bub to turn - yay! They are not concerned with the swelling, chiefly because my blood pressure is still on the low side of normal.

So its in position and ready to go - now just have to wait I guess! Officially we have 11 days to go, but of course its all up to bub and whenever he/she decides it wants to join us. Technically if they allow me to go 10 days overdue, then we might not be having a baby until 1st or 2nd of January... ugh!

We are having a housewarming party here on Saturday night (yeah great timing huh?) so it will be a busy weekend. I've told hubby that I'm not planning on jumping up and down serving people all night, so its a sausage sizzle and he's doing most of it (I'll make a salad and then put my feet up) - lets hope it goes to plan!

Have an awesome weekend!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Where's the cat?

The other morning I couldn't find the cat in any of his normal sleeping haunts... where is he?

Mmmm, there's a strange lump in Elke's dog bed...

Is that a little paw poking out?

Found ya!

Lemme alone mum, I like it under here!

Elke: Ok, but where am I going to sleep?

We are lucky enough to have a fully screened in patio area at our new house, which is where Elke sleeps at night. She spends most of her daytime indoors now, and Connor spends most of his daytime out in the enclosed patio area, sunning himself. Elke would rather come in and drink water from the cats small water bowl, and Connor would rather drink from Elke's huge bucket of water which is on the patio! Its like having kids! (except they dont talk back LOL)