Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OVER IT!!!!!!

Officially one week overdue now... still waiting AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Will be induced on Thursday night/Friday morning if nothing happens before then.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed that we can avoid that scenario if possible.

Hurry UP baby!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nope, still pregnant!

Just in case you were wondering - I'm still here, tapping my foot impatiently!

*Sigh* - this is one of the worst things about pregnancy, waiting... waiting...  Due date is tomorrow, but dont hold your breath!  Doesn't feel like anything is happening.  Next hospital visit is on Thursday.

I've mentally started making a list of all the things I'm going to do once I dont have an enormous bump in front of me.  Things like giving my hubby and Skye a full-frontal hug, without feeling like we've got a basketball between us.  Or being able to sleep on my back again. Or sleeping without constant hip pain.  Or being able to pick things up off the floor again, or have more than 3 items of clothing that fits me!! 

Yes, can you tell I'm at that REALLY whiney, whingey, complaining stage?? LOL!  And yes its exciting to be having a new baby too, I hadn't forgotten about that!

It hasn't been helping that Skye has been really frustrating with her sleeps lately.  She started to drop her day sleep altogether, and is now waking at 5.20am every day - regardless of her bedtime.  I've got her mostly back on track with her day nap, but still cant work out why she's waking so early in the mornings... just another challenge, another phase!

Our pup Dutchy is proving to be a great little addition to our home though, and its wonderful how well he and Elke get along together too, since this was one of the main things we were concerned about.  Elke can be a teeny bit, ummm, aggressive, with other dogs - but somehow she just seemed to "know" that Dutchy belonged.  Animals are so smart sometimes.

Anyway, the other week I'd put them to bed and turned out the light - but then a few minutes later realised I'd forgotten something so switched the light back on - and I caught them - like this:

They looked SOOO guilty LOL!!  Huddled on Dutchys bed (Elke has her own of course, it was just funny that they both squeezed into the same bed)  It looked so funny that I had to turn on the light and take another photo:

Awwww, they love cuddling together!

So glad they have each other now :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

In other news...

The evolution of our main bathroom.  18+ months in the making.

It started out looking like this below: (before we bought the house - Sept 2009).  Not really to our tastes!

We had a separate toilet and bathroom.  My husband, ever the "cant-help-myself" home renovator (and yes its just handy that he's a licensed carpenter by trade as well) decided back in March 2010 that the bathroom needed "fixing".  Main reason was that we had a 3 month old baby at the time, and only a spa bath in our ensuite to bath her in.  So the aim was to renovate the main bathroom to give us a more child-friendly bathroom.

 Out came the dividing wall... up came some tiles.  The tiles had other ideas about being removed though, they were stuck fast!

 Pretty horrible... pink blinds... nice!

So then he had to extend the wall out and move the laundry door too so that it didn't open into the new bathroom space (laundry is also in the process of being done) 

Piping had to be changed and diverted from the corner, to the back wall.  We lived with it like this for a long time!  I had started to shun visitors because of the state of the bathroom!

And then.... suddenly it all started to happen about 6 weeks ago!  Our tiler mate came around and did the floor to ceiling tiles for us.  The bath had been in position for a while, but then it actually got plummed in!!

Next thing to tackle was the surround for the bath.  Hubby bought some Tallowwood flooring "seconds" a while ago, with a view to using it in the bathroom and laundry.  This timber is beautiful.  We actually had a cabinet-maker mate come around to design our bathroom for us months ago, however he told us that hubby's design for the bath surround could not be done!!   Yes it was painstaking and fiddly, but its a custom built work of art as far as I'm concerned :)  Perhaps I'm biased :)

He also used the Tallowwood for the vanity drawers.  Some Caesar Stone for the benchtop and some lovely chrome taps make a difference too.

And this is the bathroom as of November 2011 as it nears completion!

The bath - looking all shiny and lovely!  We are going to put some little accessories/candles/knick-knack type things in the niches - we just need to decide on a colour and go from there.  Now that the timber has been all laquered up it looks awesome.

And the new vanity, again custom-made with the Tallowwood.  The only remnant of the old bathroom here is the gold powerpoint and light switch.  White ones coming soon!

And the last things on the bathroom "to-do" list - sand and paint the ceiling, square-set cornice, and some down-lights!

So nice to have a shiny new bathroom!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Waiting... waiting...

Yes I'm still here, still waiting!

About 11 days to go now until our official due date - although Skye was 8 days late so I'm not holding my breath!!

I'm at that really uncomfortable stage now - where it doesn't matter how I sit, how I lie down in bed, or how I stand - you just cant get comfortable, or even sleep.  How cruel is it, that at a time in life when you need the most sleep you can get, you just cant get it!  I dont sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time now, either waking up to go to the loo, or just waking up so I can roll over to reduce the pain in my hips, or waking up to adjust the multitude of bloody pillows that I now share the bed with - aaarrggh!!

I have finished work as of Tuesday though, so thats a relief.  Baby capsule is now installed in the car - and wow, does it feel strange when I look back and see TWO kids seats in the back of my car!! 

Anyway its all for a good cause!  Although I'm starting to freak out - I want this baby out now, but I know what I have to go through to get it - eeeek!!

Thought I'd share with you a conversation I had with my 22 month old daughter in the car the other day:

Skye:  "Mummy?"
Me :    "Yes Skye?"
Skye:  "Mummy mummy?"
Me:     "Yes?"
Skye:  "MUMMY!!!!"
Me:     "What?"
Skye:  "Mummy mummy mummy MUMMY!  Mummy!  MUMM-EH!  Muu-uum... mummy... mumm-ehh!  MUMM-EH!!"  etc etc etc and continued for 15 mins (all said while grinning at me in triumph)

Me:    "Sigh"