Friday, November 11, 2011

Waiting... waiting...

Yes I'm still here, still waiting!

About 11 days to go now until our official due date - although Skye was 8 days late so I'm not holding my breath!!

I'm at that really uncomfortable stage now - where it doesn't matter how I sit, how I lie down in bed, or how I stand - you just cant get comfortable, or even sleep.  How cruel is it, that at a time in life when you need the most sleep you can get, you just cant get it!  I dont sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time now, either waking up to go to the loo, or just waking up so I can roll over to reduce the pain in my hips, or waking up to adjust the multitude of bloody pillows that I now share the bed with - aaarrggh!!

I have finished work as of Tuesday though, so thats a relief.  Baby capsule is now installed in the car - and wow, does it feel strange when I look back and see TWO kids seats in the back of my car!! 

Anyway its all for a good cause!  Although I'm starting to freak out - I want this baby out now, but I know what I have to go through to get it - eeeek!!

Thought I'd share with you a conversation I had with my 22 month old daughter in the car the other day:

Skye:  "Mummy?"
Me :    "Yes Skye?"
Skye:  "Mummy mummy?"
Me:     "Yes?"
Skye:  "MUMMY!!!!"
Me:     "What?"
Skye:  "Mummy mummy mummy MUMMY!  Mummy!  MUMM-EH!  Muu-uum... mummy... mumm-ehh!  MUMM-EH!!"  etc etc etc and continued for 15 mins (all said while grinning at me in triumph)

Me:    "Sigh"


Magda said...


Frankie said...

I remember that feeling. What I remember most clearly is walking around the shops, feeling like I had a bowling ball between my legs! hahaha

Hope this bundle is on time!


Shar said...

OMG!!! 11 days??!!
How exciting!

I love the mummy conversation!! Freddy does it soooooo well although he does throw in a few babbles aswell to break the mummy marathon.

Good luck if anything happens soon!

Shar x

PS you should try looking at 4 kids in a car!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel for you!! I hope this little one comes early for you I really do!! I feel really uncomfortable now and I'm not even 32 weeks!! So I am dreading the stage you are at cause I will be there just in time for xmas :(

LOL at your conversation with Skye! Too funny :) Sometimes Eva just walks around the house, saying mummy, mummy, mummy, mum,mum, mummy....Sigh. It reminds me of Sheldon off The Big Bang Theory knocking on Penny's door and repeating her name continuously!! LOL

Good Luck! I can't wait to hear what you have!!!! Nicole xx

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linda said...

After reading facebook about all your activity today I reckon you won't be long! The 'nesting' urge usually comes just before the little chick arrives!
All the best- looking forward to seeing pics of the new bub when it arrives:))

Hilary said...

Hi Magda!

Haha Frankie, yes I can definitely relate, although not so much a bowling ball - more like a basketball stuck in the middle of my belly!

Thanks Shar - gosh I dont know how you cope with 4 kids in the car at once!! Its hard enough just dealing with one!

LOL Nicole, you're right, it does remind you of Sheldon doesn't it?? Oh its sucks being heavily pregnant at Xmas, that was us last time! Make sure everyone else does all the work and put your feet up - thats what I'm planning this year too :) My excuse is I'll have a 4 week (ish) old baby to deal with LOL!

I hope so Linda - I suppose its going to happen in the next couple of weeks anyway, but I'm not holding my breath!

Hilary xx