Monday, November 14, 2011

In other news...

The evolution of our main bathroom.  18+ months in the making.

It started out looking like this below: (before we bought the house - Sept 2009).  Not really to our tastes!

We had a separate toilet and bathroom.  My husband, ever the "cant-help-myself" home renovator (and yes its just handy that he's a licensed carpenter by trade as well) decided back in March 2010 that the bathroom needed "fixing".  Main reason was that we had a 3 month old baby at the time, and only a spa bath in our ensuite to bath her in.  So the aim was to renovate the main bathroom to give us a more child-friendly bathroom.

 Out came the dividing wall... up came some tiles.  The tiles had other ideas about being removed though, they were stuck fast!

 Pretty horrible... pink blinds... nice!

So then he had to extend the wall out and move the laundry door too so that it didn't open into the new bathroom space (laundry is also in the process of being done) 

Piping had to be changed and diverted from the corner, to the back wall.  We lived with it like this for a long time!  I had started to shun visitors because of the state of the bathroom!

And then.... suddenly it all started to happen about 6 weeks ago!  Our tiler mate came around and did the floor to ceiling tiles for us.  The bath had been in position for a while, but then it actually got plummed in!!

Next thing to tackle was the surround for the bath.  Hubby bought some Tallowwood flooring "seconds" a while ago, with a view to using it in the bathroom and laundry.  This timber is beautiful.  We actually had a cabinet-maker mate come around to design our bathroom for us months ago, however he told us that hubby's design for the bath surround could not be done!!   Yes it was painstaking and fiddly, but its a custom built work of art as far as I'm concerned :)  Perhaps I'm biased :)

He also used the Tallowwood for the vanity drawers.  Some Caesar Stone for the benchtop and some lovely chrome taps make a difference too.

And this is the bathroom as of November 2011 as it nears completion!

The bath - looking all shiny and lovely!  We are going to put some little accessories/candles/knick-knack type things in the niches - we just need to decide on a colour and go from there.  Now that the timber has been all laquered up it looks awesome.

And the new vanity, again custom-made with the Tallowwood.  The only remnant of the old bathroom here is the gold powerpoint and light switch.  White ones coming soon!

And the last things on the bathroom "to-do" list - sand and paint the ceiling, square-set cornice, and some down-lights!

So nice to have a shiny new bathroom!


Liz@LastChanceTraining said...

Hils, that bathroom is a work of art!

linda said...

what a transformation! Doesn't having a new bathroom make a difference- I'm still cleaning mine each day after the shower- I feel inspired to keep it looking shiny and new!

Anonymous said...

Oooh!! I love it! That wood is just beautiful! Nicole xx

Magda said...

Awesome transformation Hilary. Well worth the wait IMO.


Anonymous said...

oohh I love all that storage around the bath. Looks awesome.

Pip said...

Really love the new bathroom! Fantastic job :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Hilarious - your hubs and mine seem very similar!!!!!! The bathroom is really lovely x

Hilary said...

Thanks Liz, I'm quite chuffed with it myself and I didn't do any of it LOL!

Oh yes Linda you are so right - I'm amazed at myself at the moment from my constant cleaning of it. Puts the rest of the house to shame.

Thanks Nicole, it is a lovely toned timber isnt it?

Definitely worth the wait Magda :)

Thanks Frankie and Pip!

They sure do Fern, maybe its a carpenter thing?!!!