Monday, October 30, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Weekends just go too fast.  I need a holiday!

Got up nice and early on Saturday morning, walked the pooches, cleaned the house, did the groceries etc, and then one of my girlfriends came over for lunch, along with her 9 month old son Joshua.  He's growing up so fast, and really turning into a little man now, lots of personality!  hmmmm, am I getting clucky?

Saturday night we watched a couple of DVD's, during which I had 3 glasses of bubbly and fell asleep on the lounge!  Just cant keep up the pace anymore - jeez I'm getting old.  I woke up on Sunday morning with the beginnings of my stomach pains again, but my "miracle cure" glutamine seemed to save the day - after a shot of that I seemed to improve dramatically.  I really want to take my glutamine overseas with me, but I'm a bit worried about how I will go travelling with a "suspicious white powder"!!!  Might have to switch back to tablets for the duration of the trip.  I think it is really helping with my stomach issues though.

Not much else happened on the weekend - we went and looked at a car (for me), a Nissan Xtrail.  I liked it, and the price was right too.  We'll see what happens. 

Anyway, another week beckons, I am at week 7 of my challenge now - how fast time flies!  Weight went back up a little on the weekend, bugger.  Did the bike class again this morning, I think there was something wrong with the bike I was on - the tension was stuffed or something, I kept turning up the tension and it didn't feel like I was working hard enough.  I like to think that its just me getting fitter, but in reality I think the bike was faulty... Finished the class and jumped straight onto a treadmill for a 10 minute jog - jelly legs after that. 

56 days til our trip!   eeeeeeeeek!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Eye Assessment

Well I went and had my Lasik eye assessment yesterday afternoon.  First I had to watch a video about all the potential risks and dangers associated with Lasik, then had a whole heap of tests done, only to find out that my cornea is too thin to have either Lasik or PRK.  To meet the Australian Standard, the cornea has to be a minimum of 510 microns or something, and mine is way thin, getting down to 380 microns in some parts.

He said it was nothing that I've done, its not like I've worn away the cornea by wearing contact lenses for so long, its just the way I am - like having fine hair, or thin fingernails... thin corneas cause no other problems other than if you want to get Lasik done.  But I do have an option - I'm suitable for Implantable Contact Lenses, which has not been done a lot in Australlia, but if I go with that it means that I CANT get them done before the trip.  Plus you have to get one eye done at a time, with a few weeks in between.  So this might be an option for February next year.  Got lots of research to do!

Unfortunately because I was so excited beforehand, and totally had my heart set on being able to have it done, I was so disappointed when we left that I burst into tears as soon as we got in the lift.  And I was weirded out with having dilated pupils (which means that your eyes cant adjust to the light and bright light/daylight hurts),  and I was feeling quite low yesterday afternoon.  Spoke to mum and dad about it, and they were great - dad was telling me to be philosophical about it - things happen for a reason, and this other procedure sounds like a much better alternative, its reversible, the results are instant rather than waiting for that "adjusting" period of 3-6 months that Lasik has... I just cant have it done now, thats all.

Anyway I had a glass of wine and a handful of peanuts last night, which made me feel even worse.  I felt so gross and even drunk on ONE glass of wine!   Didnt feel like going to gym this morning, but I got up on autopilot and went anyway.  I humm'd and haaah'd about doing Step because I felt really lacking in energy.  At the last minute I decided to do it anyway, but only used one block instead of two.  Felt absolutely shattered afterwards, burned 430 calories, but also felt much better.  What would I do without exercise?!!  It always makes you feel good!

And was rewarded this morning when I stepped on the scales to find that I've reached 57kgs!

This week for some reason I'm not enjoying my food.  Apart from last night I've eaten 100% clean and on plan, but I'm so bored with my food!  I need to find some good recipe alternatives for dinner.  There's only so much chicken and salad, lamb and salad, and fish and salad that a girl can bear.  I've been eating this way for a year and a half now and always enjoyed it, but for some reason this week I cant stomach it.  I eat stir fries for lunch, so I dont want to eat that for dinner as well.  Does anyone have any suggestions, or point me to a few websites?

Good luck to all who are competing this weekend in Melbourne - wish I could be there!!

Monday, October 23, 2006


My weekend wrap-up... On Saturday morning I got up early and took the pooches for a walk around the new area, then we had Foxtel come out to do our installation.  Unfortunately they were unable to do it because there are some issues with the power pole that they need to run the cable from... long story, anyway, we had Energex come out and fix the power line, then had to re-book with Foxtel - so poor BF has to wait another two weeks to get his Fox Sports back!!

We went shopping after that - for a new lounge suite!  We're so picky, the sales people must hate us!  I think we went to about 6 different places trying to find the right one. We found one that we really really liked, but it was too big for the lounge room!!  So we came away without a purchase, but its still on the agenda.  While we were in Harvey Norman we found these fabulous "massage chairs" - they had about 6 or 7 models ranging from $1000 to about $9000.  OMG these chairs are amazing!  I got on one expecting that it would just vibrate or heat up, but its acutally got little "fingers" almost!  They have a rolling motion, or kneading, or tapping, and goes all the way up your body - even massages your feet, hamstrings, butt... everything!  We sat in these chairs for about half an hour, all the time we were going "oooooh... aaaaaaah.... OH MY GOD that feels good!!!" its a wonder we werent chucked out!!  hehehe.  If you've got a furniture store near you - you HAVE to try one of these chairs!!!!  When I win the lotto, I want one! :)

I had an optomotrist appointment on Saturday afternoon, and I received the good news that my script has not changed!  That's now 2 years with a stable script, and also my eyes are in great health.  Sooooooooo.... I have booked in to have an assessment for Laser Eye Surgery... I will find out on Thursday if I'm eligible!  I have been wanting to have this done for about 10 years, but I've never had stable vision.  So now, cross your fingers, I might be able to get it done before our trip!!

My challenge is going really well, this morning I was under 58kgs which I'm quite happy with.  On Saturday I was able to squeeze into a pair of 3/4 denim pants that a few weeks ago I couldn't do up.  Well they were tight, but at least I could wear them and still breathe... an important factor dont you think?  We have a new Amart AllSports open near us, and they have a huge sale on.  So I went and bought myself a new pair of gym shoes (finally - after months of putting up with shin splints!)  They are New Balance running shoes, white, with hot pink trim!!  Very snazzy, and my feet were glowing in the bike class this morning (darkened room with fluoro lights).

Food was great on Saturday, could have been a little better on Sunday though  - had a real sweet tooth last night unfortunately.  Anyway, I didn't do too much damage.  I'm going to have a sensational week this week!  Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The kitty and the toad

This story has a happy ending!  But I had a rough night!

Last night my lovely boyfriend added the final touches to Connors' "Grand Cat Palace" and added the cat flap.  Connor was very excited that he could come in and go out as he pleased!  The food and litter was promptly moved outside, and he was all set.

At about 9pm, we were just watching the end of Spicks and Specks, when I heard the cat come in and what sounded like paper being rustled.  I thought "oh he's playing with one of his paper balls - he must be happy".  Then he ran past us and up the stairs... where he sat and looked at us and shook his head.  When I looked up at him I though "oh how cute - he's still got the ball in his mouth!"... then I realised that the paper ball was actually FOAM... he was foaming at the mouth... and what I had thought was paper rustling had actually been him shaking his head and the froth hitting the floor.

Well I jumped up in an immediate panic!  The only thing I know of that turns an animal into an instant froth-maker is cane toad poison.  I whisked him up, ran to the kitchen sink, got BF to hold the cat down in a headlock, grabbed a syringey thing (no needle of course - it used to contain cat medicine in a paste) and squirted water into his mouth over and over, much to Connor's disgust.  It was actually heartbreaking to hear his cries - he was obviously in shock, and yowling, kicking, scratching, foaming, biting me.  Imagine the poor little things fright - he's obviously had a toad come into the enclosure, he's chased it, maybe tried to bite it - got rewarded with poison being squirted into his mouth, only to run inside and get pounded with mouthfuls of water for 10 minutes by his protector - me!!  We washed and washed his mouth and wiped his face, and only when we put him down did I start to freak.  Cane toad poison can kill a small dog, so imagine how scared I was for my poor little 4kg cat!  Freaked out so much I started crying.

Anyway, I rang the 24 hour animal emergency number and they said I had done the right thing, if he was going to show signs of it he would have been convulsing and fitting by now.  So I felt a bit better.  They said I should continue to wipe his mouth out with a wet cloth, getting around the gums and inside of the cheeks etc - yeah right - have you ever tried to do this with a cat?!!!  So poor Connor was tortured once again - BF had started to look like he was a cat himself - he was drenched in water and covered in white cat fur, not to mention all the scratches and bite marks from holding him down.

So we finally ended the torture, and I stayed up with him until about 11pm, which is soooo late for me.  But I had to be sure he was going to be ok.  He seemed to be back to his old self this morning - all I can say is that he was very VERY lucky.  Cane toads are nocturnal so I've decided that I'm only going to let him out into his enclosure during the day.  Most of the websites I've looked at say that cats are very smart and dont usually get struck twice - so hopefully he'll be very wary of toads in the future.

And because of that debacle last night I hardly slept!  So there was no way I could get up to go to gym today.  I've been good with food though, not really even wanted to eat junk so thats good.  Had to drive down the coast today, traffic was horrendous - all I can say is B.L.O.O.D.Y. INDY!  Grrrr

Here's to a better night and day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back into it and going strong

Alright I've really got my head in a good space at the moment - now that all the stress of the house stuff is out of the way, I'm focused and committed and ready to work.  I've figured out that I've got about 10 weeks until we leave on our trip, (eeek which also means 10 weeks til Christmas!!) so its time to put my head down and DO IT!

A major motivating factor here is that I tried on a few pairs of jeans on the weekend, and cant zip them up... aaaaaaauuuuurrrrggggh!  Now I'm going to be in the UK, Austria and Italy in WINTER, those jeans HAVE TO FIT!!  I refuse to buy a new wardrobe - these jeans are only a year old for heavens sake!  A few centimetres off the hips will do the trick... that seems to be the first place that I put on fat, and the last place I lose it from.  :(

Did a bike class yesterday - I'm really getting into these classes and loving the burn in the legs.  I'm a sicko I know.  I'm so motivated right now that after the bike class I just wanted to jump on a treadmill and run... but sadly I had to get home and get ready for work - silly day job!  This morning I did shoulders/biceps/triceps and then 20 minutes jogging following by 10mins powerwalk on the incline.  Again I wanted to stay for more but ran out of time.   Happy with myself that the last two mornings I have left the gym with a bright red face, so although I looked goofy, I worked really hard.

Anyway I promised the pups I would take them for a "walk" this afternoon (I use that term loosely, as I've said in previous posts - its more like me being dragged at top speed - but we call it a "walk" anyway) and now that I've promised the dogs, I cant let them down!!  Concentrating on having totally clean food - that bloated feeling is slowly going away (after my big carb-fest last week) - looking forward to having a flat stomach again.  Need to buy a new training diary, I've got one day left in my current one!!  Ahhh now I have a good excuse to pop into Rebel Sport and drool over the gym clothes!

It's Connor's birthday today!!  My little kitty-cat is 9 years old now, cant believe how time flies! 

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Andj, me and Deb at the QLD INBA's last weekend. Note the obvious skincolour difference! Why is it that us Queenslanders are all so pale when we have so much sun? (except for competitors of course!)

Today I had the priveledge of meeting Selina who is down for a brief visit to Brisbane. We chatted away for a couple of hours - it was lovely to meet her, she really is sweet and has the most amazing eyes! I'm so glad we got to meet as I felt like I already knew her. It was so hot today in Brisbane - 30 degrees or something.

This is my little man Connor this morning, basking in the sun of his new "Grand Palace" that my boyfriend made for him. It is at least three times the size of the one at the old place (he's an indoor cat, so his 'outside' area is important to him) and now the only thing missing is a cat door so he can let himself in and out! (a minor detail dont you think?!!) This will be rectified this week, so we should have one very happy kitty!

Friday, October 13, 2006


I really need to post more often, there is too much to say and you will all be bored with reading it before you get to the end!

Soooooo - where to start?

I guess the most important information is that our old house settled yesterday.  I have to say I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted - I was getting quite anxious about it and just wanted it to be done.  So we are now the proud owners of ONE mortgage, not two.  Phew!

Last Saturday I went to the QLD INBA's to cheer on Deb and Alicia, and it was a really good day.  Congratulations to Deb on her outstanding 2nd place, she was awesome!   And well done to Alicia, she looked fantastic on stage and has come so far in such a short time!  Almost made me want to get up there myself!

It was great to be able to hang out with Andj for the day - Andj is lovely and we had quite a few good laughs - thanks for the company!  I met Rachel too, and she was so sweet and friendly and just about ready to "pop" with the baby - I have to thank her for letting me join her "cheersquad"!  I met Liz, who competed in a very tough field - I thought she looked amazing - great physique, and great hair!  I think I said it over and over how much I loved her hair, and when I wasn't saying it, I was thinking it!!  Lovely to meet you Liz!

Unfortunately the photos I took were blurry, I just cant figure out this camera!  I did get a good one of Deb, Andj and me, which I will post this weekend. (Andj has posted it on her blog too).

On Monday I went to Gladstone for work, and was lucky enough to meet with Carolyn and Tracey!   Carolyn joined me for an early morning treadmill session and we had a great chat about pretty much everything!  It was awesome that she was able to take the time to train with me - it made the hour on the treadmill just fly by, and I hope we can catch up again soon!   Then on Tuesday afternoon Tracey and I went to the Coffee Club where I had a lovely Chai Latte and we talked away the early evening.  It was so good to meet her, especially after we didn't get to meet at the comp on Saturday.  Thank you both for taking the time while I was there - you were both as gorgeous and friendly as I thought you would be!  So I've been very spoiled in the last week to get to meet so many wonderful and inspiring women!

Hmmmm what else - well we've finally got internet back on, so my boyfriend is happily e-baying away.  I havent had much time to get on it actually, besides I have to fight him for it!

Bit disappointed with my own efforts at the gym this week - haven't had much time for weight training, and there have been a few celebrations in the last week so my food is all over the shop and my weight has gone back up.  I feel like I have gone a little backwards this week - one step forward, two steps back... nothing that a little hard work and clean food wont fix!

Stay strong everyone, have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

All moved in

We are all moved in to our new place, living amongst a sea of unpacked boxes and holes in walls!  Saturday was a HEEEUUUWWWGE day, basically we were on the go for 12 hours before we actually sat down for a rest.  My hamstrings were absolutely killing me from all the bending over and reaching down that I was doing (probably should have used my knees more I know) - but anyway, its all done now thank goodness.

There has been so much going on with the move, the old house due to settle next week, and also planning more of the upcoming holiday, that I think I'm going a bit senile.  I'll skim-read things, then I not fully understand what I've read... like the other day I saw a sign on the road and it said "Commuter Carpark" but for some reason I read it as "Communist Carpark".  I'm forgetting so many things - people ask me to do stuff and 10 minutes later I forget what it was that I was supposed to do.   On Monday I filled my mug with hot water and a dash of milk before sitting down and realising that I forgot to put the coffee in first... and last night I was getting my glutamine out to have some before bed and I dropped the container and half of the powder all over the floor.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???!!!!!!    :-)~  Just too much excitement I think.

Anyway my challenge is going pretty well - apart from the crap takeaway that I ate for 3 meals last weekend.  Well I had no kitchen and I had to eat something!!

So far, 3 weeks into it, I have lost 3cm off my waist, and 2cm off my (stubborn) hips.  Scale weight has only dropped less than a kilo.

I still have no internet at home, and I cant access blogs from work (sending this via email) so I havent been able to read what anyone else has been up to.  The ISP has indicated that I should be connected by next Friday.  BF is having E-bay withdrawals I think!  Plus we haven't got Foxtel hooked up yet - so he's not happy!

Good luck to all those who are competing in the coming days!  I'm sorry I cant log on and read everyone's results just yet.  I'm going to watch the Qld INBA's this weekend to cheer on Splice and Alicia N.  Good luck girls!  Will be great to catch up with everyone again.

And I have just found out that I have to go to Gladstone next Monday for 3 days.  Will just have to make sure I finish all the unpacking on the weekend... so much to do - so little time!

Perseverance is failing 9 times and succeeding the 10th.
- J. Andrews