Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back into it and going strong

Alright I've really got my head in a good space at the moment - now that all the stress of the house stuff is out of the way, I'm focused and committed and ready to work.  I've figured out that I've got about 10 weeks until we leave on our trip, (eeek which also means 10 weeks til Christmas!!) so its time to put my head down and DO IT!

A major motivating factor here is that I tried on a few pairs of jeans on the weekend, and cant zip them up... aaaaaaauuuuurrrrggggh!  Now I'm going to be in the UK, Austria and Italy in WINTER, those jeans HAVE TO FIT!!  I refuse to buy a new wardrobe - these jeans are only a year old for heavens sake!  A few centimetres off the hips will do the trick... that seems to be the first place that I put on fat, and the last place I lose it from.  :(

Did a bike class yesterday - I'm really getting into these classes and loving the burn in the legs.  I'm a sicko I know.  I'm so motivated right now that after the bike class I just wanted to jump on a treadmill and run... but sadly I had to get home and get ready for work - silly day job!  This morning I did shoulders/biceps/triceps and then 20 minutes jogging following by 10mins powerwalk on the incline.  Again I wanted to stay for more but ran out of time.   Happy with myself that the last two mornings I have left the gym with a bright red face, so although I looked goofy, I worked really hard.

Anyway I promised the pups I would take them for a "walk" this afternoon (I use that term loosely, as I've said in previous posts - its more like me being dragged at top speed - but we call it a "walk" anyway) and now that I've promised the dogs, I cant let them down!!  Concentrating on having totally clean food - that bloated feeling is slowly going away (after my big carb-fest last week) - looking forward to having a flat stomach again.  Need to buy a new training diary, I've got one day left in my current one!!  Ahhh now I have a good excuse to pop into Rebel Sport and drool over the gym clothes!

It's Connor's birthday today!!  My little kitty-cat is 9 years old now, cant believe how time flies! 


Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary,

You will definitely be fitting into those jeans by xmas! You sound extremely focussed and raring to go. I have never done a spin class, maybe I should try one.

I am also fighting to fit into my summer clothes. So close....

Good luck with all the training :)

Shar said...

Hey Hilary

As you know I'm heading towards Christmas also!! and my ig trip home to see my wonderful family!!

You know you can do it, i'll be checking up on ya! you will keep me going too.

Shar x

Chontelle said...

Hi Hilary,

I understand about the hips thing! I have the same problem... last place to lose... first place to gain! aargh!
You sound very motivated though, and you know what you need to do (hmm... mental note, so do I, so I should get off my butt!)

Chontelle xx

LizN said...

I love spin classes too, so count me in as being certifiable! It was great to meet you last weekend at the show and I hope we cross paths again soon.

Meanwhile I dream of going to Rebel Sport and having a good drool~!


Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,

You'll be back into those jeans in no time. I'm in the same boat at the moment, just put my work pants on and theyr'e not looking too flattering. I can't believe how quickly those hips grow!!!! Nothing a few weeks of hard training and clean eating won't fix. You are going to love your holiday, Austria was amazing and I imagine it will be even better in the winter. Let me know where you plan to go. Luv Hilds

little rene said...

Hey Hilary,

I will be joining you on this 10 week blitz! We are finally ending our renovation journey and my life can settle down again :)

Looking forwards to sharing the pain of training with you!



Splice said...

Hi Hilary :-)
Im happy to see you have your mojo back!
I can't believe little 'ol you can't fit into her jeans lol.
For those who haven't meet Hilary, she is gorgeous and she has a fabulous body.
You will be fine for europe :-)

Janew said...

Hi Hilary, sounds like you have an awesome trip coming up!! also great to hear you have a plan of attack! Good work :)

have fun and keep on training hard!
jane xo

CJ said...

Good luck with your sessions and clean eating - can't see you having a problem getting back into your jeans! I'm still battling the carb cravings at the moment howver I have gone cold turkey on the sugar-free mints (I was eating so many of them and no, they didn't affect my stomach!) and that seems to be helping. I wonder why?

Mel said...

Hey sweet!

How good does it feel to finally be all moved in and able to concentrate on "you" again!!

Sounds like you are well on track though.

AND OMG, 10 weeks to Xmas??!!! Your holiday sounds awesome, how exciting :)


Cherie said...

hey there hilary,

good to hear that you've got your groove back, now that you are settling into your house and stressing less about your other place.

fitting into those jeans is a great goal to head toward. it's either lose weight or plaster your legs with vaseline and try and slide into them....now that'd be a sight to see!! lol

please don't remind us of xmas....it's come up too quickly...AGAIN!! wasn't it xmas only last month..SHEESH!

Happy Birthday Connor for Monday - I hope you had a great day! ;o)

"Drool over gym clothes"...sounds like something I would do.....I think we might have a problem/addiction to fitness!!

Have a great week.


Hilary said...

Thanks Rebecca - you too! You should definetely try a bike class - if nothing else it relieves the monotony of the treadmill now and then!

Hi Shar - I'll be checking up on you too girl! I'm so excited I get to go overseas, you must be extra happy because you get to see all your family again!

Chontelle its just so bloody typical isn't it, takes no time at all to gain it on the hips, and takes 12 weeks of hard slog to get it off again! Very frustrating!

Thanks Liz and it was great to meet you too! Take heart I bought nothing in Rebel Sport - but its nice to look!

Hilds those centimetres creep up on you dont they? Ah well it gives us something to do huh? I will have to get some tips on Austria - apart from needing thermal underwear!

Rene I'm so glad to hear that your renovations are coming to an end, must be a relief!! Meanwhile mine are just beginning again! Good luck with the next 10 weeks - I'll be checkin on ya!

Thanks Deb - I think I'm one of those people who look slimmer than they actually are. Like people think I'm taller than I am too, which is weird. Trust me, I cant get into my jeans!! Thanks for your lovely comment!

Hi Jane! Yep I'm so lucky to be going on this trip... I've only been waiting 15 years!!! HA! I've never been this excited about anything!!

CJ those carb cravings are a bugger arent they? I had them last week and unfortunately caved in, which is why I'm so determined this week!

Thanks Mel - the countdown begins already!

Cherie I dont think vasoline will help me into those jeans - maybe a girdle?!! And nothing wrong with having an addiction to fitness clothes, is there???? LOL!

Hilary xx