Friday, October 13, 2006


I really need to post more often, there is too much to say and you will all be bored with reading it before you get to the end!

Soooooo - where to start?

I guess the most important information is that our old house settled yesterday.  I have to say I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted - I was getting quite anxious about it and just wanted it to be done.  So we are now the proud owners of ONE mortgage, not two.  Phew!

Last Saturday I went to the QLD INBA's to cheer on Deb and Alicia, and it was a really good day.  Congratulations to Deb on her outstanding 2nd place, she was awesome!   And well done to Alicia, she looked fantastic on stage and has come so far in such a short time!  Almost made me want to get up there myself!

It was great to be able to hang out with Andj for the day - Andj is lovely and we had quite a few good laughs - thanks for the company!  I met Rachel too, and she was so sweet and friendly and just about ready to "pop" with the baby - I have to thank her for letting me join her "cheersquad"!  I met Liz, who competed in a very tough field - I thought she looked amazing - great physique, and great hair!  I think I said it over and over how much I loved her hair, and when I wasn't saying it, I was thinking it!!  Lovely to meet you Liz!

Unfortunately the photos I took were blurry, I just cant figure out this camera!  I did get a good one of Deb, Andj and me, which I will post this weekend. (Andj has posted it on her blog too).

On Monday I went to Gladstone for work, and was lucky enough to meet with Carolyn and Tracey!   Carolyn joined me for an early morning treadmill session and we had a great chat about pretty much everything!  It was awesome that she was able to take the time to train with me - it made the hour on the treadmill just fly by, and I hope we can catch up again soon!   Then on Tuesday afternoon Tracey and I went to the Coffee Club where I had a lovely Chai Latte and we talked away the early evening.  It was so good to meet her, especially after we didn't get to meet at the comp on Saturday.  Thank you both for taking the time while I was there - you were both as gorgeous and friendly as I thought you would be!  So I've been very spoiled in the last week to get to meet so many wonderful and inspiring women!

Hmmmm what else - well we've finally got internet back on, so my boyfriend is happily e-baying away.  I havent had much time to get on it actually, besides I have to fight him for it!

Bit disappointed with my own efforts at the gym this week - haven't had much time for weight training, and there have been a few celebrations in the last week so my food is all over the shop and my weight has gone back up.  I feel like I have gone a little backwards this week - one step forward, two steps back... nothing that a little hard work and clean food wont fix!

Stay strong everyone, have a great weekend!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your house settling! Yay. Must be the biggest weight off your shoulders.

Don't be too hard on yourself, a lot has been happening. You are the body blitz queen!

Have a great weekend.

Ali said...

Great news about your house settling!!! must be a huge relief all round :)

Wonderful that you have got to meet so many wonderful people lately!!! WAY TO GO!!

enjoy your weekend!!

CJ said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. About the weight thing, I'm the same. Some weeks its up and other weeks its down. I try not to get stressed about it now, as long as my clothes fit I'm one happy CJ!
Have a great week!