Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Late night humour...

One of the many things I love about my other half is that he can always make me laugh. Sometimes, he makes me chuckle when he's not even trying... I'm sure this wont be funny to anyone but me, but here's what happened anyway:

Last night OH went to bed around 9pm, he was pretty tired. I stayed up to watch this strange show on SBS called "The Mighty Boosh", which my TV Guide appropriately described as "like The Goodies on acid"... very accurate description, but I kinda liked it... this is not important to the story, just a piece of trivial information for you. :)

When I went to bed after this, I crept quietly into the bedroom as I normally try to do, and as I approached the bed, OH turned on the bedside lamp and sat bolt upright. Then he leans over his side of the bed, and peers at the floor. Up and down, left and right, he is clearly looking for something on the carpet.

I said "whats the matter, what is it?" remembering that a couple of nights ago he had to squash a spider that had found its way into the room.

He says nothing, but looks up at me with wild eyes... and a look of utter bewilderment and confusion on his face. Then he looks at the floor again, even leaning over to peer under the bed.

Again I say "Whats wrong, whats is it?"

And he says "There's a fish down there"...

I fell apart into giggles, that took me some minutes to contain! He promptly went straight back to sleep!

I was still chuckling about it this morning, and OH had a very sheepish laugh about it himself.


I'm really glad to have my mojo back with regard to training. I missed it. I'm into my second week of training hard and tightening up my nutrition, and I feel much better. I'm even getting out of bed early with no problems anymore. Maybe I just needed a bit of a rest?

Tomorrow is leg day and I'm incorporating some burpees into the session. I dont normally do things in the gym that draw attention to myself, so I'm a bit apprehensive about doing these, especially as I know I'll be gasping for breath afterwards!

My calves are suffering some really bad DOMS at the moment, that's what I get from not doing Step class for so long! My finger is also still numb from when I crushed it in the door jamb last week, but somehow I avoided getting any bleeding under the nail. So hopefully I wont lose the nail, fingers crossed eh?

Friday, August 22, 2008


I've been a real sooky-bum this week - lots of emotional stuff, coupled with hormones and not enough sleep in the last two weeks is catching up with me.

I think if I could catch up on sleep, the world would be a much nicer place! Yes a bit of it is my fault from staying up a bit later to watch the Olympics (and I'm a sucker for watching any of the gymnastics - to the point where you forget what time it is) but we've also had neighbours having mid-week parties (HOW RUDE!) and dogs barking, as well as some personal stress at the moment, which means my brain wont stop churning when I go to bed.

Last night OH was starting to come down with a bit of a cold, so when he went to bed he spent the entire night clearing his throat, or coughing. When he finally DID get to sleep, he was so blocked up that he snored... I ended up putting ear plugs in. Then at about 3am my cat decided to start howling in the hallway, and because he sounded like he was sick, I got up. (There is a definite difference between Connor's "I want some attention" yowl, compared to his "I dont feel well" one - other Siamese cat owners will know what I mean!)

So I tiptoed out of the room and very quietly tried to close the bedroom door - because it was dark and I was tired, I didn't realise that I had my finger resting in the door jam (opposite side to the handle), so as the door closed over, my finger got crushed... aaaarrrrggghhhh! I was hopping around in the dark, silently screaming "F**K!!!!!!!!" - and wondering to myself why I was trying to be so quiet - when every other bastard in the house had kept me awake all night!

Then I had to go clean up cat vomit, and go back to bed with a throbbing finger. So I had me a little pity-party right then and there.

Quick reality check: this is probably what its like when you have kids, except it probably happens quite regularly. Get on with it.

So I got up at 5am and went to step - and burned 744 calories. So there.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


“Stumpy” is Shavez’s new nickname :) Who knew that a dog could cope so well without his tail? I had visions of him falling over because he’d lose his sense of balance, but apparently that’s more of a cat thing. Dogs, well, its more for social signaling. Now when he wants to show he’s happy, he’s just going to have to learn to smile more, or wiggle his new “stump” LOL.

Both OH and I have calmed down considerably since last week, particularly since Shavez seems to be back to his old self. Well, as normal as a dog can be with a big plastic bucket on his head. He has been getting spoiled rotten of course, which has set off some jealousy from little miss Elke – when we brought Shavez home from the vet on the day of the amputation, she growled at him all night! I wondered if she didn’t recognize him without a tail :0 I’m doing my best to shower them all with affection (cant leave the cat out either can we?) in the hope that they will all start to play nicely again.

We had a nice weekend, we went to a friends wedding at Sanctuary Cove on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and quite emotional too because the groom spent most of the ceremony in tears (of happiness!!), which set off the bride and the entire gathering – not a dry eye in the house! It was nice to get frocked up too – I bought a new Cooper Street dress for the occasion, OH was most impressed (he loves it when I dress up) – wanna see?
Yesterday I caned my legs at the gym, so as expected, I wasn’t able to walk properly today. It felt good though, its nice to get back into it after a little break.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments of support over our beautiful pooch too – very much appreciated!