Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby names

Oh my poor neglected blog! If anyone is still reading, I apologise for my lack of posting!

Partly I’m just busy, partly I’m just uninspired. I’m sure everyone is sick of reading my dribble! The only things I’ve got to talk about are my toddler, and my pregnancy and at the moment I’m into my 3rd week of battling a cold/chesty cough/tonsillitis so my motivation is quite low right now!

Anyway, onto baby names…

Wow – its SO hard to come up with baby names that you can both agree on. Last time, we had two girls names picked out – our number one pick was Piper Lily, and our “back up name” was Skye Lily (but we both preferred our first choice). I’m a big believer in having a few options!

When she was born, I looked at her and I thought to myself “She doesn’t LOOK like a ‘Piper’”… and two seconds later my husband said the exact same thing! So by default, she became Skye! I couldn’t imagine her with any other name now!

It was lucky that we had a girl, because we had absolutely ZERO boy names picked out. We just couldn’t agree on anything.

During my labour, my husband was asking all the midwives:

Have you got any good boys names?” I didn’t know about this until later, I was so wrapped up in my own little world LOL!

Girls names seem to be much easier. Boys names are tougher in my opinion!

Names are so individual too. Once the baby is born, people will generally say that it’s a lovely name, whether they actually feel that way or not! It doesn’t matter though, as long as we like it.

How did you go about choosing names? Baby name book? Internet site? Celebrity name?

Before Skye, I’ve only had to name pets in the past. I had a beautiful Staffie once, and named him “Tyler”. I got his name by flicking through the White Pages, looking for surnames that appealed to me.

When we got miss Elke (Border Collie X Keeshond) she was nameless for a day or two. We toyed with the idea of “Sassy” and even called her that for a day, but it wasn’t right. I found “Elke” on a baby name website, and it just fit. (We pronounce it “Elkie”).

Connor the Siamese cat got his name from the Highlander movie (“Connor MacLeod, of the clan MacLeod!” – I used to love that movie, and this is the only line I remember from it!)

We like unusual names, but not so weird that they’ll get teased. We prefer names of just one or two syllables too – it just seems to fit with our surname better.

I have about 5 iphone apps dedicated to Baby Names – I guess I’ll just keep looking! Time is running out though – we need inspiration!