Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some news!

Baby #2 is on the way!

This is part of the reason I’ve been absent from blogging (along with trying to get my work done in the short day nap Skye now takes) – so its nice to be able to share the news.

I’m 13 weeks along now, the due date is 23rd of November. This means there will be 23 months between Skye and this little jellybean, not a bad spacing I guess! We thought between 2 and 3 years would be good – just happened a little sooner than expected :)

We actually didn’t technically “try” to get pregnant this time. Since it took 18 months of very stressful and emotional “trying” to fall pregnant last time due to PCOS, well, I didn’t believe that it would happen quickly this time around – but it kinda did! I stopped the mini-pill around the end of November (after I stopped breastfeeding), and then we just adopted a “see what happens” attitude – and so it only really took 4 months this time!

A doctor did tell me once (when I was pregnant with Skye) that its common for PCOS to not be an issue the second time around – sort of like, your body knows what to do now, and just does it. Pretty cool, since I’m now 36 and technically my fertility levels aren’t so good anymore!

And so far, its been a pretty different pregnancy. Last time I sailed through the whole thing. No real morning sickness or nausea – except for a week or two of feeling a little bit off, and not being able to eat protein.

But this time around I’ve been feeling absolutely rotten since about 5 weeks – constant nausea (no actual vomiting though, thank goodness!) dizziness and light-headed, freezing cold all the time, exhausted, and BIG TIME food aversions – nothing but carbs, carbs, carbs lately! The sight and smell of meat cooking, even salads and some veggies just turned my stomach.

And changing a pooey nappy, with morning sickness, has been a bit of a struggle! I remember chopping up a roll of dog food a few weeks ago, and portioning it out into little baggies to pop in the fridge for the week – and then spending the next two or three days trying NOT to vomit whenever I was in the house – even though the dog food was in SEALED bags, in the CLOSED fridge, I could still smell it!

Anyway, hopefully the worst seems to be over now!

We had our 12 week scan on Monday, and it was still SO amazing to see our little creation on the screen! I remember when we first saw Skye in a scan, she was leaping around doing backflips, bouncing off the walls etc (a true indication of how she is now – she has ONE speed - FAST!) – well I was a bit worried about this little one because it barely seemed to be moving at all! But the heartbeat was strong and normal, and the sonographer said that it was just asleep. Fingers crossed that this little bean is a bit less hyperactive than his/her big sister! Everything is healthy and normal too!

Oh and in case you were wondering, no - we're not going to find out if its a boy or a girl.  We like surprises :)

Exercise has been… um…. fairly limited. Ok, to be honest I haven’t been doing much – but now that I’m feeling human again, I’m getting back into it. The plan is to do 1-2 resistance training sessions per week, and 3-4 treadmill walks per week. Getting up early to do them hasn’t been nice though! Now that the middle-of-the-night toilet stops have eased, I’m feeling a bit more energetic too – so will continue this while I still feel able.

I started this pregnancy at 64kgs – 1kg heavier than my pre-preg weight last time. So far I haven’t gained anything yet, which is on a par with my last pregnancy. I gained 14kgs all up with Skye, so the goal again is to not gain more than 15kgs.

But even though the scales haven’t moved yet, OMG I FEEL HUGE! They say that you start showing much earlier with your second due to the fact that the uterus and other muscles are already pre-stretched, and that is certainly true in my case. I feel like I’ve already got a belly – my waist has disappeared, I feel so “round”.

Anyway, I will try to blog more frequently – rather than leaving it so long and then posting a mammoth and boring post!  I also must get around to read some other blogs – its been a while, sorry guys!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Long time no blog

Long time no post - AGAIN!

Its been so long I'm not even sure where to start! 

Skye is now doing just one day nap, and has settled in pretty well now - usually sleeping around 1.5 hours over lunchtime.  Unfortunately this has meant that its more difficult staying caught up with my day-job work, as well as my IBO work.  I went through a bit of a rough patch a few weeks ago, where instead of getting up early to train, I was getting up early to work because I just wasn't getting enough done during the day.

I had a bit of a meltdown the other week, because I was also trying to get our BAS sorted (which took me a week - it was more complicated this time due to a recent vehicle purchase and sale) and other MYOB stuff which I find quite confusing at times.  I am fairly new to MYOB (or bookkeeping of any kind) and I have a very limited understanding of accounting, so trying to run the business on my own in MYOB (with the guidance of our accountant) has been a bit of a nightmare!  I have to keep asking stupid questions, and I KNOW they are stupid questions, but sometimes I just dont understand!

My little munchkin is growing up WAY too fast - 16 months now and she is just a joy.  I love how she runs up to me now, climbs onto my lap and throws her arms around my neck and SQUEEEEZES a big hug.  She makes us laugh every day.  This is a beautiful age - she's too young for tantrums yet (although she's tried a couple) and she hasn't realised that she can disobey me yet!! 

Piggy tails!

 Climbing the slippery slide

 LOVES her swing-set!

We had a nice, relaxing Easter break - it was nice to just have some family time with just the 3 of us.  Skye also had her first ever taste of chocolate.  She bit straight through the foil of a 17g egg (about the size of a chicken egg) and after we unwrapped it, she ended up eating about half of it.   Here's a photo of the first taste...
 Easter - her first ever taste of chocolate....

...and the after-effects!

The sugar-rush lasted for a while afterwards - with her running around the house yelling "Yippee!!  Yippee!!" LOL!

We also had a morning trip up to Tamborine, and went for a bit of a bushwalk.  She did pretty well and walked for about 1/3 of it on her own, before cracking it and having to be carried!

Anyway its taken me all day to write this post (!!) so I'll sign off now and go enjoy my Friday night!