Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I never knew about parenting...

  • That eating dinner at the same time as my husband would be a rarity, and that most meals are eaten in a rush before the baby wakes up
  • That most of my food choices revolve around what is quick and convenient
  • That coming up with new and exciting ways to entertain a baby can be exhausting – they have such short attention spans!
  • That the amount of vomit my baby can produce is mind boggling at times
  • That wind can stay trapped in bubs tummy for hours – just when you think you’ve got it all, there’s more!
  • That I would forget to eat!
  • That 3 minute showers become the norm, and toilet visits become very hurried pit stops!
  • That my hair would stay in a permanent pony tail, and only get washed twice a week these days (used to be every second day). Similarly, hair colouring has become a thing of the past, and I’m in desperate need of a trim but cant be bothered!
  • That all my clothing choices revolve around what is comfortable to breast-feed in.
  • That I would go through so many bibs in a day! After my baby shower I thought I had SO many bibs and would never use them all… well we go through about 3 or 4 per day, and that’s mostly from the drooling! We can go through heaps more if she’s having a particularly ‘spewy’ day.
  • That babies are such amazing little ‘time sponges’ – I don’t know where the days go anymore.

This is her newest "thing" - she's discovered that she has two hands, and now loves nothing better than holding hands with herself. We laugh at her because it often looks like she's rubbing her hands together plotting some kind of mischief. Look at her chubby little legs! So far she hasn't realised that she has feet yet :)

I have started selling stuff on ebay - just general household stuff that we dont use. I've become a bit addicted. Now that a few things have sold, I find myself trawling around the house from room to room, opening cupboards and drawers looking for stuff to sell LOL!

My exercise mainly consists of walking at the moment, although I'm now having to strap the sole of my right foot again because the bloody plantar fasciitis is playing up again. Funnily enough it went away when I was pregnant, but its back with avengence now, even though I havent worn high heels, or done any impact exercise in months.

We're talking about getting another dog again. We put it off after we lost Shavez, and then Skye came along and we had our hands full anyway. We both still miss Shavez like crazy - I cant believe its been 7 months since he left us... I sometimes have dreams about him where he comes to this house and gives me a cuddle and I can still smell his scent. In the dreams I know he's gone, but its like he's telling me he's watching over us. Thinking about him and talking about him still makes us cry.

Anyway, so we're thinking about it again, and we also think that Elke could do with a companion - I often catch her looking longingly at the neighbours dogs. We're just trying to decide on a breed.

Anyway, sounds like the little monkey has woken up - better go!