Thursday, September 01, 2011

Progress photos and our newest family member

A few "bump" photos from this pregnancy... I must admit I've been extremely slack at taking photos this time around!  Last time I took them every 2 weeks, pretty much religiously.  But these days I just forget to.

18 weeks and I was pretty much feeling just fat at this stage.

 20 weeks

 27 weeks and HOLY DOOLEY I've suddenly "popped"!  My belly button is even sticking out already! 

I think I'm going to feel like a whale by the end, considering I've still got 12 + weeks to go. 

Getting a few comments that I'm much bigger, sooner, this time around. 

The weather has started to warm up and I've been able to go without jumpers for the last week or two, so perhaps its just suddenly visible now.  Had a few comments from other mums at playgroup that they didn't even realise I was pregnant, and then suddenly I'm VERY pregnant!

For the last month or so I've been feeling quite restricted around my ribs.  I have to be careful not to eat too much at one sitting because it feels like my lungs dont have enough room in there.  Dont remember feeling this way last time!

Anyway - in other news:

We got a puppy!

I know, I know - in 12 weeks we'll have a newborn baby and a toddler, and then we go and add a puppy to the mix??  Are we insane??

This is Dutchy - he's a 12 week old toy poodle X pomeranian.  (yes, he's sort-of named after a character from Sea Patrol, but it does suit him!)

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you might remember that we lost our beloved Alaskan Malamute Shavez, not long before Skye was born (Read here if you want to feel sad).

We've umm-ed and ahhh-ed about getting another dog ever since.  We still have our beautiful miss Elke (Border Collie X Keeshond) who is now 8 years old, and my gorgeous Siamese Cat Connor who is now nearly 14 - but my husband has been missing "his boy" ever since that awful day.

Sometimes we still sit and chat about Shavez, and it usually still ends in tears from both of us.

So getting a new pooch has been a long time coming, but hubby just hasn't been ready.  It will be 2 years on Fathers Day since we said goodbye to Shavez.

Miss Elke is an awesome dog, but she's a little strange that she never gets excited when we get home  -most dogs leap about in crazed excitement.  She wont sit with him while he's working outside, she'll come inside and sleep on her own instead.  She's a bit of a loner in that respect.  (I love her to pieces though - she's SO good with Skye, so patient and smart, and I can leave food on the ground in front of her all day and she wont touch it unless I say she can)

Anyway, after deciding that he wanted a little lapdog, hubby found this little pup on the internet on Saturday - and agonised over it for hours!  Finally we made a mad dash to the northside of Brisbane to check out this little man (in the pouring rain!) and came home with him!

How could we refuse a face like this!

Let the games begin!