Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bored with my hair

I've been pretty sedate with my hair for the last few years. I used to do really cool, different things with my hair, which I've blogged about in the past. One month I'd have black hair, then the next I'd decide I wanted to be platinum blonde and spend hours at the hairdressers (going from black to blonde was not my smartest move - took FOREVER!).

Once upon a time I had a really cool hairdresser who I went to see every 6-8 weeks. She'd clip pictures out of magazines for when I came in, and say "I though we might do something like this?" and I'd just go with the flow - whatever she wanted to do, cut, colour, or extensions - she did! I loved it, and she liked that I just let her do whatever.

I've had blue stripes, blue hair extensions, lovely thick slashes of purple through my hair, swatches of bright red, a full head of black, or burgundy, or blonde or red hair... long, short, and even WAY-TOO-SHORT - so short it made me cry because it looked horrible LOL!

Hubby used to love the changes cos he reckoned he got a different girlfriend every couple of months. People at work used to ask me if I did it "because of a dare or something"...
But I've been toning it down for the last couple of years. Not deliberately. But its been happening nonetheless. I still had my purple stripe for the last few years, even had it at my wedding. But a few months ago I coloured over it. Now I'm dark brown all over. Hairstyle is now non-descript. Feeling rather blah actually, all I do is tie it up in a ponytail...

And now I'm taking it one step further - I'm actually planning on going back to my NATURAL colour (whatever the hell it is LOL!) - I'm going back to mousey-brown! Well maybe not mousey, but yes I'm getting my hairdresser friend to get me to a light/medium brown. The problem is I've got years of colour build up in my hair, so its going to take some time, over a number of visits to get it right. It started on Saturday with streaks... yes the dreaded streak cap came out.

Here is the result so far. Its a bit coppery because of the camera flash - its not quite that orange in real life:

But as you can see the ends are still dark. Its a work in progress - will post more pics as the transformation happens over the coming months!

Friday, November 19, 2010


One day last week when I jumped in the shower, I turned around and there was a decent size Huntsman spider sharing the shower with me. *Shudder* I HATE spiders!

Needless to say it was the shortest shower ever, I jumped out and grabbed the nearest can of insect spray and doused that sucker as much as I could. I had to leave it there too, I was too squeamish to collect the body! Poor hubby had to clean it up when he got home!

All day I kept expecting more spiders to leap out at me... before I sat down to work I checked under the desk, every time I walked into another room I scanned the ceilings etc. But the worst was when I went to bed. Hubby went to bed about an hour before me so he was well asleep by the time I crept in.

Now I have always hated spiders. I can handle the little ones no problems, but anything bigger than about a 50c piece is enough to send me running. I'm so arachnophobic that I cant even look at them on TV, or in a book. If its on TV, I have to turn away, and ask hubby to tell me when its gone. Have you noticed in the toy catalogues lately there seems to be some kind of toy tarantula for boys? Yep, I flick past that page real quick cos I cant even look at it.

So when I went to bed that night I was pretty creeped out. I kept imagining spiders on the doona that any moment were just about to run across my face - eeek! So when hubby (who I thought was sound asleep) suddenly LEAPT out of bed, ran across the room, turned on the light and turned around looking back at the bed, terrified, well I sprang out of bed too and joined him - heart pounding!

"Whats wrong, what is it??" I asked him.

He didn't answer, just kept looking at the bed, then at me, then around the side of the bed, then back at me, with this wild look in his eyes...

Then he said "Oh, must have been a dream" and switched the light off and went back to bed!

I quizzed him further. Apparently a huge, hairy spider X scorpion had just crawled over him, and had run on top of me. He said "I hope it was a dream, cos that sucker was a FOOT long!"

He was asleep within minutes. Needless to say, I was awake for hours after that.

(I think he's been watching too many episodes of Man vs Wild! He's had dreams like this before, but he's never actually leaped out of bed before LOL)

Monday, November 08, 2010


Did your parents have a nickname or pet name for you as a kid?

My mum had several for me - one was "min"... short for "mini" (as in a mini person, little one). Another one I was never particularly fond of was "Mu". Short for "Muriel" - my paternal grandmothers name!

She has never ever called me "Hil" - which is what most other people call me. She doesn't like people calling me "Hil" - saying that "If I'd wanted people to call you that, then thats what I'd have named you!" LOL!

Anyway - when we named Skye, of course we tried to think of how the name could be shortened or lengthened, or how it could be made fun of!

Hubby really wanted to also come up with a good pet name - so far the one he mainly sticks with is "Skyesie-Wysie". His niece has a good pet name - "Spud" - he has called her that since she was a baby (she's now 15) and its his special name for her. She got quite offended when he accidentally called Skye "Spud" once!

Lately we've been calling Skye "Speedy" because of the way she crawls at top speed sometimes! I also call her "Freddie" - this is because whenever I pick her up, or get ready to take her somewhere, I always say "Ready Freddie?" and its just stuck :)

Isn't this a strange obsession that we humans have with names? Even our pets have "pet" names! Elke has always been "Grub" to me - hubby calls her "Elke-Schmelkie". Connor the cat is "Connor-Bear" etc...

Anyway, just random ramblings for a Monday night!


Other stuff - I've been pretty consistent with training and cleaner nutrition for a couple of weeks now, so I'm feeling pretty good - not seeing much changes yet but I know that it will happen. Still not drinking enough water though! Even though I work from home, I have a pretty good weekday routine happening - I get up at 5.30am now in order to train - a couple of days a week I have a sleep in until Skye wakes (usually around 6.30-7am) and take her and Elke for a powerwalk around 9am instead.

Weekends are still a challenge, since hubby is home my routine is all out of whack - but I'm getting there.

Skye took her first steps last Monday, which was very exciting, and she was absolutely stoked with herself LOL! I've got to start thinking about planning her first birthday too - need to start practising making cupcakes I think. We cant wait for Christmas this year too, although I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to put a tree up without her destroying it! This year is just going way too fast.

Anyway, I'd better get off the computer - early start tomorrow :)