Monday, November 08, 2010


Did your parents have a nickname or pet name for you as a kid?

My mum had several for me - one was "min"... short for "mini" (as in a mini person, little one). Another one I was never particularly fond of was "Mu". Short for "Muriel" - my paternal grandmothers name!

She has never ever called me "Hil" - which is what most other people call me. She doesn't like people calling me "Hil" - saying that "If I'd wanted people to call you that, then thats what I'd have named you!" LOL!

Anyway - when we named Skye, of course we tried to think of how the name could be shortened or lengthened, or how it could be made fun of!

Hubby really wanted to also come up with a good pet name - so far the one he mainly sticks with is "Skyesie-Wysie". His niece has a good pet name - "Spud" - he has called her that since she was a baby (she's now 15) and its his special name for her. She got quite offended when he accidentally called Skye "Spud" once!

Lately we've been calling Skye "Speedy" because of the way she crawls at top speed sometimes! I also call her "Freddie" - this is because whenever I pick her up, or get ready to take her somewhere, I always say "Ready Freddie?" and its just stuck :)

Isn't this a strange obsession that we humans have with names? Even our pets have "pet" names! Elke has always been "Grub" to me - hubby calls her "Elke-Schmelkie". Connor the cat is "Connor-Bear" etc...

Anyway, just random ramblings for a Monday night!


Other stuff - I've been pretty consistent with training and cleaner nutrition for a couple of weeks now, so I'm feeling pretty good - not seeing much changes yet but I know that it will happen. Still not drinking enough water though! Even though I work from home, I have a pretty good weekday routine happening - I get up at 5.30am now in order to train - a couple of days a week I have a sleep in until Skye wakes (usually around 6.30-7am) and take her and Elke for a powerwalk around 9am instead.

Weekends are still a challenge, since hubby is home my routine is all out of whack - but I'm getting there.

Skye took her first steps last Monday, which was very exciting, and she was absolutely stoked with herself LOL! I've got to start thinking about planning her first birthday too - need to start practising making cupcakes I think. We cant wait for Christmas this year too, although I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to put a tree up without her destroying it! This year is just going way too fast.

Anyway, I'd better get off the computer - early start tomorrow :)


Shar said...

MMMMmmmmm I like the Ready Freddy!! rather appropriate for us, might pinch that one, its funny how we havent used it already! LOL

freddys nic name is Freddy Foo Foo, dont even ask the story behind that one!

Anonymous said...

I always call our little cherub "kitten". Other people are always saying how CUTE it is :)

Nicole said...

I guess my nickname for Eva is "missy moo" - don't know why but it's just something I've used from the day she was born! Wierd. My mum still calls me "Pol" as in polly put the kettle on! Sigh - somehow I don't think that one is ever going to go away!

linda said...

we used to sometimes call our daughter Catherine- Cathy Pathy- still do sometimes. She used to call her dad- daddy paddy- that used to bring raucous chasings around the house! ahhhhh- sweet memories! Can't quite get my head around the fact that Skye is nearly one!!!

Frankie said...

poor Alex got "pumpkin girl" she was a real chubby wubby. Ethan is STILL "baby boy" at 11!

Alicia said...

Ava gets either "Princess Stinkypants" (no explanation needed there!) or "Dotty Bug" (her middle name is Dorothy xoxo

KRISTIN said...

Hehe, well, I don't have a kid, so no nicknames for me there, but I understand where you are coming from! I hated my nick name 'nin-nin' that my parents friend used to call me from when I was a bub. He was a teacher at my school and he kept embarassing me by calling me 'nin-nin' as a teenager! Lol!

By the way, Skye is just gorgeous, LOVE the photos below, what awesome memories they will be :)

Nice work on the trainig and nutrition Hils, keep it up :) xo

Kerry said...

My boys' nick names for home use only are
Jackie boy- Jack
Zed Man - Zachary
and Sunshine - Sam
SAM also stands for self appointed manager.
For some unknown reason when I was little, really little Mum used to call me Luce or Lucy. I never knew why and I still don't. The other thing I was called is Mick by my Mum.

Anonymous said...

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Hilary said...

Shar the other reason behind the nickname "Freddy" is that when its time for bed, I've always said "Come on, Bed, Fred!" I guess I must like rhymes!

"Kitten" is really cute Rene!

Nicole I use "Missy Moo" sometimes too, I like "Pol" though, no I dont think you'll ever escape that one!

LOL Linda, you must like rhyming names too hey? I know its scary how fast time is flying!

Frankie I dont think we ever escape the pet names our parents give us do we? So you'll probably be calling your two those names when they're old and married!

"Princess Stinkypants" is a great one Alicia!

Kristin it can be embarrassing cant it? I hope they still dont call you by that name?!!

Kerry its funny isn't it that sometimes we dont know where these names come from - like "Lucy" for you - I only found out that mum called me "Mu/Muriel" (which is my dads mums name) when I was much older, and only because I thought to ask!

Hilary xx