Sunday, March 29, 2009

When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

I feel like I've got so much going on at the moment, feel like I'm trying to be superwoman!! Wedding stuff is slowly coming together - ordered my invitations last week, so I've been going through address lists, wording options, romantic verses (!!) and FONTS! Who knew that choosing a bloody font could be so difficult?

And just when I've got it narrowed down to a few options, OH finally decides to have a say, and dislikes my choices... grrrrr!

Is it just me, or do most males think that you can just "wing it" with weddings? I think mine has decided that all he has to do is turn up... lol!

I'm making great progress with training though, absolutely smashed it this week. Only managed 2 weights sessions, but did 7 cardio sessions. Sprint update: did interval sprints on Tuesday morning - kept it at 14km/hour but increased the duration slightly... need to increase it more next week.

Feeling pretty good, weight is finally shifting a little, food has been pretty clean all week - and counting down - 11 weeks to go!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

12 weeks to go

I've had so much stuff that I wanted to blog about this week, but I haven't had much spare time on the computer this week, so I've forgotten most of it!!

The most exciting news is that there is now only 12 weeks until I become a "Mrs"! OMG I still have so much to do! So effectively that gives me 11 weeks to get into "buff bride" shape - I say 11 weeks because I intend to have the entire week off training before the wedding - I want to look rested and refreshed, without dark circles under my eyes.

I dont really have far to go, about 3kg. Its just that I keep losing and gaining the same 1kg every week, and I'm a little bit over it. Weekends are my downfall, I'm usually really good and consistent through the week, but then come Saturday its sleeping in, egg white omelette on toast for breakfast (which are still fine, but I find them so much more filling than my regular oats and cottage cheese, consequently I forget to eat meal 2)... , forgetting to drink enough water, a few glasses of wine on Saturday night, takeaway for dinner... you know the story.

Enough is enough. I'm in countdown mode now. Putting together my plan this weekend, watch this space!

This week I was so motivated, it felt great. On Tuesday I challenged myself to beat my previous best sprinting speed of 13.1 km/hour. Got to 14.5km/hour - 1 minute intervals. Woohoo!! Felt amazing, my intervals were 6km/hour, 9km/hour, 14.5km/hour - kept that up for 10 minutes. Then I slowed to my next walking interval, and got struck down with the most horrendous period pain... I wasn't sure if I wanted to vomit, or run to the toilet, or collapse on the floor. So I had to pack up and get the hell out of there - went home, took 3 panadeine, and laid on the floor for 20 minutes until it passed.

Next morning I was determined to do it again, so after weights I did a 10 minute jog, and then another 10 minutes of intervals - this time I got to 15km/hour! The treadmill started to make a noise at that speed (the suspension starts to rattle), to the point where people were turning around to stare at me... oops! (perhaps it was my gasping noises that drew their attention?!) Shattered after that!

Its nice to be able to challenge myself like that - each week I want to either increase the speed, or increase the length of the intervals. Next week I will aim for longer duration, and the following week will go for speed.

Wedding: have ordered the invitations, paid the deposit for the venue, booked our accommodation for a few nights after the wedding, booked my flowers, and shortlisted some photographers. Surprisingly most wedding suppliers seem to be free on my date, every single photographer that I have contacted is available... who says you need a year or more to organise a wedding!!?

So I'm starting to feel more organised!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok. They know me here...

Its been an up and down week. A few emotional moments, a few big days driving (had to go to Gympie and back on Thursday - 3 hours there, 3 hours in Gympie, 3 hours home= knackered) and I've been a bit in my own little world.

On Thursday it was mine and OH's 10 year anniversary... T.E.N. Years! Wow. We didn't do anything much, OH wanted to get takeaway for dinner so I didn't have to cook, but I decided to cook anyway. I had chicken breast marinated in pesto, and then pan fried, with a nice clean salad, and OH had his favourite steak. We followed that up with a celebratory drink - white wine for me, bourbon for him. Happy Anniversary!

Training has been going well this week. I powered through all my sessions, but slept in again for Friday step - oops! Got up at 6 this morning and took the dogs for a walk, and then went for a run around the neighbourhood. I did a few intervals of jogging, and then, inspired by the Biggest Loser last night where they had to run around Royal Randwick racecourse... decided to change it to sprint intervals - woohoo!! (kept picturing Nathan sprinting along like he did - that man is a machine) Felt great! Well, when I could catch my breath I felt great, I was gasping for breath most of the time :-)

Tonight we are having a BBQ here, with about 10 friends. So we've decided to have a table tennis tournament! I'm really looking forward to this, should be a great laugh. I've decided to go and get a prize for the winner too - cant wait!

Oh, before I forget too - here's a few pics of my wedding shoes... (and the corner of my wedding dress!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The devolution of my footwear choices... through the ages...

Shoe number 1: My favourite Sachi heels. Soooo high, soooo pointy toed. I am so in love with these shoes. These are the kind of shoes, that every time I put them on, I think "God I love these shoes".

Too much time spent in these shoes has been my undoing though. I used to wear them all day, every day. And then. In the last year or two - mega painful arches... *sob*

These shoes and I only get together very rarely these days.

Which lead to my next stage of footwear:

Shoe number 2... the slightly more sensible heel, complete with sturdy ankle strap. These are super comfy, until I take them off. Then I pay for it for the next week, with arches and heels screaming at me.
My chiropracter used to laugh at me, whenever I would say "look! I'm wearing my sensible shoes!" Then he would torture my feet, trying to loosen them up so that I could walk without hobbling.
Damn you, Shoe number 1!
And look what I have resorted to... *sniffle*

Shoe number 3 - Nanna shoes from hell.
I got these a few weeks ago. I refused to buy the rounded toe ones, they're just not me. I also refused to go completely flat, no doubt that will be the next step. Luckily I wear my work trousers quite long, so they are mostly unseen. They are so ugly!

You should see my wedding shoes. Strappy, sparkly silver heels, which I think are higher than shoe number 1. Yep, after wearing them for the wedding day, I'm sure I'm gonna be a cripple!
In other news, today I did sprint intervals on the treadmill at 13.1 km/hr (yes the "0.1" IS important!) That is a record for me on the treadmill, and its still not really that fast is it! I'm aiming to work on that each week, and see how fast I can go :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Good morning Hamstrings!!...

Thats what I was saying to myself this morning at gym...

Got up, went to gym, did my first shoulder session since my traps locked up a few weeks ago - its all good. Followed up with some incline treadmill and some jogging - its all good. Got down on the floor to stretch before going home...? HELLLLLOOOOO hamstrings!

What the hell happened? My hamstrings started cramping the minute I started to stretch. I've never had a hamstring cramp before, and I tell ya, I dont want another one! I could barely touch my toes - WTF? I stretched them out for longer than normal, but I was seriously grimmacing - it HURT.

Now every time I bend over, they continue to pull and cramp. I have always been able to bend over to touch my toes with my palms flat to the floor and knees straight. Right now, I cannot get the tips of my fingernails to touch the floor... ?

Tomorrow I'm doing an hour cardio, so after I'm nice and warm I will do lots more stretching. Will put some tiger balm on tonight too before bed.

We had a very uneventful weekend, the highlight was a trip to Victoria Point, a game of pinball and lunch (half of which I gave to the birds that swarmed in on us) by the bay - nice :)