Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The devolution of my footwear choices... through the ages...

Shoe number 1: My favourite Sachi heels. Soooo high, soooo pointy toed. I am so in love with these shoes. These are the kind of shoes, that every time I put them on, I think "God I love these shoes".

Too much time spent in these shoes has been my undoing though. I used to wear them all day, every day. And then. In the last year or two - mega painful arches... *sob*

These shoes and I only get together very rarely these days.

Which lead to my next stage of footwear:

Shoe number 2... the slightly more sensible heel, complete with sturdy ankle strap. These are super comfy, until I take them off. Then I pay for it for the next week, with arches and heels screaming at me.
My chiropracter used to laugh at me, whenever I would say "look! I'm wearing my sensible shoes!" Then he would torture my feet, trying to loosen them up so that I could walk without hobbling.
Damn you, Shoe number 1!
And look what I have resorted to... *sniffle*

Shoe number 3 - Nanna shoes from hell.
I got these a few weeks ago. I refused to buy the rounded toe ones, they're just not me. I also refused to go completely flat, no doubt that will be the next step. Luckily I wear my work trousers quite long, so they are mostly unseen. They are so ugly!

You should see my wedding shoes. Strappy, sparkly silver heels, which I think are higher than shoe number 1. Yep, after wearing them for the wedding day, I'm sure I'm gonna be a cripple!
In other news, today I did sprint intervals on the treadmill at 13.1 km/hr (yes the "0.1" IS important!) That is a record for me on the treadmill, and its still not really that fast is it! I'm aiming to work on that each week, and see how fast I can go :)


Jadey said...

HA! This post is hilarious! I soooooo know what you mean. I bought some bally round toed patent pumps for winter the other day and they are sky high, wore them yesterday and had to swap back to flats for most of the day darn it! So funny! I can so relate! Least you've got your fab wedding shoes Hil's. You will look gorgeous on your big day! Post a pic of your wedding shoes!!!! :))))

Jadey xxx

Majiik Happens said...

Shoes shoes shoes. I so wish my feet would fit into those shoes and my feet allow me to wear them. My flat feet arent meant for them shoes "bugger". Love your post.

Interval training at 13-1 is good, I only ever got to 10 and that was enough for me so your doing well.


Frankie said...

aha you old fart! I wore my favourite high heeled suede boots out for a night dancing (idiot) and had trouble walking for a week...and a very cranky chiro as well.

Great going on the sprinting though!



Kerry W said...

I have flat feet too Hilary (like Rachael), so heels are definitely out for me, unless they're chunky. And my feet look like surfboards in anything strappy. At least you have lovely, slender feet that look good in any shoes!

jodie said...

ha Hils, can relate so much at the mo... You should try shoe shopping when pregnant ie fat feet and cankles! It is the worse. I have got one pair of shoes that fit and thongs and that's it! :(

Em said...

Well my yshsoe collection is alittle racier think knee high laced up boots with a narly thick heel I just love 'em cant get enough of them hehe.
I do have some very sexy vintage victorian style high heels but have only worn them around the house as I am afraid i may kill myself on them LOL
Sounds to me like your doing a dran good job in the gym hun keep it up :)

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Hi hilary,

I loved this blog, so funny, esp the grandma look.
I have to wear the flats as well, only because I just cannot walk in high heels sadly, as I would love to theyre sexy and very feminine (sp)...

would love to see a picture of your wedding shoes, I just cannot imagine them being higher than those No 1's, surely not...


Andrea said...

LOL - This is me exactly. Except now I am onto the entirely flat loafers. I gave up on the mid heel shoes because I would wear through the heel caps too quickly.

Of course - now I feel silly trying on pointy toe shoes because I feel like they are just too dressy for trips to the shops (the highlight od my day now!)

After my wedding my feet were the sorest they have ever been in my life AND the shoes were completely trashed. I suggest large amounts of waterproofing!


Hilary said...

Hi Jadey - wedding shoes pic just posted! Ah the things we do to our feet in the name of fashion huh?

Thanks Rachael, thats no good that your feet dont fit into those shoes, but at least you dont have to suffer the pain afterwards!

LOL Frankie, our chiro's just tend to shake their heads at us I think! Bet you wont be doing that again!

Thank you Kerry!

Jodie sorry to hear about the swollen feet - it will all be worth it in the end. :)

Em your shoes sound awesome! I think we might need a pic of those shoes too!

Hi Jools, sounds like there are many of us suffering the flat shoes! Have just posted a pic of the wedding shoes.

Thanks for the tip Andj, I am definitely not looking forward to how my feet will feel the day after the wedding, thats for sure!

Hilary xx