Saturday, November 29, 2008


Recently I have gone out on two separate occasions with the intent of buying some shoes for work. Normally I wear kitten heel, black pointy toe shoes to work, because I drive a lot they are more comfy than high heels.

But do you think I can find shoes that fit this description, that I like??

On both shopping trips I have come home with a pair of shoes, but not the ones I went out to get!!

Came home with these:

... which I'll probably wear to work anyway, and these:
which are Ipanema's (Gisele Bundchen) and I could't resist!
Last night we went to my Step class' Christmas dinner, it was nice to catch up with everyone dressed in normal clothes, with make up on and without the red face that accompanies every class! Tonight I think we're staying home - might be nice to have a DVD night and get to bed early - I need to catch up on some sleep.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

How is it possible...

How is it possible that I can go to gym this morning, have indigestion and feel exhausted because insomnia is rearing its ugly head again, and STILL beat my effort from last week on leg press?

After that though my legs were shot so I changed my next two leg exercises at the last minute, to something a little easier than front squats (which I was dreading!). Oh well, I guess with very little sleep its ok to slacken off occasionally :)

I've been very down in the dolldrums this week, and sleeping issues are starting to happen again. Not happy!

Anyway, I got my hair cut on Saturday, and got a lovely purple slash of colour down the left side. She's layered my hair quite heavily, so that when I tie it back for gym now, the pony-tail is about as thick (or thin!) as my finger! I'm trying to grow my hair because OH likes it long. But I dont like it now with the layers, and I think it wont be long before I get it all chopped off into a bob again.

We're surviving the wild storms that have hit Brisbane lately- we seem to be in a really good little pocket on the southside that misses the worst of it (touch wood!) - its still raining though, and we had some wicked wind on the weekend. Our driveway is just littered with debris, bark, tree branches etc. The really good thing though is that I haven't had to remember to go water the veggie garden! AND the rainwater tank is super full!

Only 19 more working days til Christmas - yahooo!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Staying strong, and hormones

Thanks for all the suggestions re my fish dilemma! Looks like thai fishcakes are the clear winner - will have to give them a go this weekend. Although OH is not a big fan of thai flavours, so we'll see how we go.

I'm having another fantastic week this week and staying strong, despite being hugely hormonal. PMT has hit big time, and aren't I just miss-cranky-pants! I spent the whole day yesterday scowling. Its not so much that I'm having mood-swings, for the last few days I've pretty much constantly been in a foul mood.

BUT - I have been training my arse off! Yesterday did a PB on leg press (woohoo!) and this morning, (although I almost talked myself into staying in bed) I did an fantastic cycle class. We've had this substitute cycle instructor for the last few weeks, and he does things a little differently. He doesn't tell you how hard you should work (ie the others tell you that the tension lever should be 8 out of 10 etc) - he just tells you that "if you feel like it - PUT SOME MORE ON!!" - so you can work as hard or as easy as you like.

This morning after the class he told me that I had awesome power. I left gym feeling all chuffed with myself! LOL!

I've also been really pleased with myself that I've been eating totally clean all week. The last two nights I've had to do some SERIOUS self-talk to keep myself away from the Lindt dark chocolate that's in the fridge. I have to ask myself "will you really feel any better AFTER you eat it?" "Will it really taste as good as you think?"... NO! I also could have done with a glass of wine last night, but I didn't cave in! Go me!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'd like to eat more fish. I like fish that is really mild in taste, without that "dirty" spot that they all seem to have.

Yesterday I decided on a whim to have tinned pink salmon with salad for my afternoon snack. One girl at my work seems to have this every day for lunch, and it always looks nice. So I thought I'd try it. After I dumped the salmon on top of the salad I started to have regrets. The first few mouthfulls were ok, as long as I paired a morsel of salmon with something strong tasting, like a bit of cherry tomato. Then I struck something crunchy - a bone ...shudder... ICK! Almost gagged then and there.

So I ate the rest of the salad, and dumped the salmon. Bleurgh, wont be doing that again. I felt sick all afternoon just thinking about it!

I used to like Basa, until I found it that its Vietnamese Catfish. After that, every time I tried to eat it, I kept mentally picturing whiskers. So I dont eat it anymore.

I can stomach tuna in small doses. Barramundi is ok until you strike one of those "dirty" patches that all fillets seem to have. Dont like smoked salmon. Have tried to cook fresh salmon fillets, but its too strong in flavour - again - yuk.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?

I've had an awesome week this week, I've trained hard, done 6 cardios and 2 weights - just gotta fit in a chest/tricep workout this weekend and I'm done. Food has been spot on this week too, which I'm super happy about! Now I just need to be consistent, and keep it up. Cant wait to start seeing some results!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - we're having a low-key one - I'm about to go weed the veggie garden!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Spoiling myself...

Look what I got! I just fell in love with this Guess handbag at Harbour Town yesterday, so I had to have it! It was on sale too, so there was no way I was going to walk away without it :) Its a little small for everyday use, but good for going out. Last night we went out in the city for some drinks so I had to take the new bag with me - I even kept it on the top of the table all night so I could keep looking at it LOL! Sad aren't I?

I had a great girly day shopping yesterday with one of my closest girlfriends, a long lunch and lots of retail therapy - long overdue!

I'm having some blood tests tomorrow - one of them is a glucose tolerance test which I've had to eat a diet high in carbohydrates for the last 3 days for. I'm feeling a bit bloated from all the carbs I've been eating, but if you dont do it apparently it can cause a false test result.

Anyway I'm off to get dinner organised and go look at my handbag some more... :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Check out the shiner...

Isn't she a beauty!!!

This is my knee this morning, after I took a rather embarrasing stumble at work on Thursday. I was out at a customers site, walking back to the car. My (male) boss was walking behind me, and there were two tradies sitting having smoko - they had a front row seat for my spectacular stack!

I slipped on the driveway (no it wasn't wet, I'm just a klutz) and went sprawling... ended up looking like a bit of a contortionist but managed to land rather heavily on my right knee cap - ouch.

Of course I got straight up and started laughing it off - "oh THAT?? Naaaaah- doesn't hurt a bit! Dont be silly, I'm fine, REALLY!" and started limping to the car.

All the while my knee is screaming and felt like it was burning. SHAME. So embarrassed! I've been using Arnica to bring out the bruising, and its starting to go a little yellow around the edges already, so thats good.

This afternoon I'm having another massage - cant wait. Hoping she can really get into my shoulder and loosen it up some more, and also I'm suffering DOMS all over from a super effort at the gym this week. Cant wait to see a little more arm definition come back, I've missed it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!