Thursday, November 20, 2008

Staying strong, and hormones

Thanks for all the suggestions re my fish dilemma! Looks like thai fishcakes are the clear winner - will have to give them a go this weekend. Although OH is not a big fan of thai flavours, so we'll see how we go.

I'm having another fantastic week this week and staying strong, despite being hugely hormonal. PMT has hit big time, and aren't I just miss-cranky-pants! I spent the whole day yesterday scowling. Its not so much that I'm having mood-swings, for the last few days I've pretty much constantly been in a foul mood.

BUT - I have been training my arse off! Yesterday did a PB on leg press (woohoo!) and this morning, (although I almost talked myself into staying in bed) I did an fantastic cycle class. We've had this substitute cycle instructor for the last few weeks, and he does things a little differently. He doesn't tell you how hard you should work (ie the others tell you that the tension lever should be 8 out of 10 etc) - he just tells you that "if you feel like it - PUT SOME MORE ON!!" - so you can work as hard or as easy as you like.

This morning after the class he told me that I had awesome power. I left gym feeling all chuffed with myself! LOL!

I've also been really pleased with myself that I've been eating totally clean all week. The last two nights I've had to do some SERIOUS self-talk to keep myself away from the Lindt dark chocolate that's in the fridge. I have to ask myself "will you really feel any better AFTER you eat it?" "Will it really taste as good as you think?"... NO! I also could have done with a glass of wine last night, but I didn't cave in! Go me!


crusty said...

Great to hear you're workouts and clean eating are going well! Yeah...Lindt chocolate...yummmm...we also have some stashed in our pantry. Hubby is making Creme Brule for Christmas Eve dinner. I'm saving myself for too?
The wait will be worth it I'm sure!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

RaeC said...

Go Hilary!! Got a tip for you with regards to hormones that Jadey gave me, that her naturopath gave her. I was so skeptical that it would work but was amazed that it did!! A teaspoon of lecthin granules and a teaspoon of ground linseed meal every morning. We mix it with a teaspoon of honey so it becomes like a gooey treat, but you could also sprinkle it over your oats. Honestly it works and I've not had any hormone issues since!! Have a great weekend and well done on the PB xxx

Pip said...

Hilary! Going great! Top job on the clean eats and training!!!

Bugger about the hormones, I may have to try Rae's suggestion myself I think!

Top work, when you do the things to keep on form it feels great hey!!!


Rebecca said...

Good on you for sticking to your workouts and eating clean. I think hormones can make even the strongest person faulter with food. So well done! I am trying to follow your example and not reach for the cherry ripe I could sooo eat right now. lol!


Hilary said...

Hi Kerry, yeah that Lindt chocolate is dangerous isn't it!! I think the good thing is that you cant physically eat too much, its too rich!

Thanks Rae I will have to give that a go and see if it helps.

Thanks Pip, yeah it feels great when you stay strong!

Hi Rebecca, I agree, and sometimes its difficult to fight those hormonal cravings, but when you do it feels fantastic! Hope you stayed away from the Cherry Ripe!

Hilary xx