Thursday, November 27, 2008

How is it possible...

How is it possible that I can go to gym this morning, have indigestion and feel exhausted because insomnia is rearing its ugly head again, and STILL beat my effort from last week on leg press?

After that though my legs were shot so I changed my next two leg exercises at the last minute, to something a little easier than front squats (which I was dreading!). Oh well, I guess with very little sleep its ok to slacken off occasionally :)

I've been very down in the dolldrums this week, and sleeping issues are starting to happen again. Not happy!

Anyway, I got my hair cut on Saturday, and got a lovely purple slash of colour down the left side. She's layered my hair quite heavily, so that when I tie it back for gym now, the pony-tail is about as thick (or thin!) as my finger! I'm trying to grow my hair because OH likes it long. But I dont like it now with the layers, and I think it wont be long before I get it all chopped off into a bob again.

We're surviving the wild storms that have hit Brisbane lately- we seem to be in a really good little pocket on the southside that misses the worst of it (touch wood!) - its still raining though, and we had some wicked wind on the weekend. Our driveway is just littered with debris, bark, tree branches etc. The really good thing though is that I haven't had to remember to go water the veggie garden! AND the rainwater tank is super full!

Only 19 more working days til Christmas - yahooo!!!!

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