Sunday, November 09, 2008

Spoiling myself...

Look what I got! I just fell in love with this Guess handbag at Harbour Town yesterday, so I had to have it! It was on sale too, so there was no way I was going to walk away without it :) Its a little small for everyday use, but good for going out. Last night we went out in the city for some drinks so I had to take the new bag with me - I even kept it on the top of the table all night so I could keep looking at it LOL! Sad aren't I?

I had a great girly day shopping yesterday with one of my closest girlfriends, a long lunch and lots of retail therapy - long overdue!

I'm having some blood tests tomorrow - one of them is a glucose tolerance test which I've had to eat a diet high in carbohydrates for the last 3 days for. I'm feeling a bit bloated from all the carbs I've been eating, but if you dont do it apparently it can cause a false test result.

Anyway I'm off to get dinner organised and go look at my handbag some more... :)


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Luv the bag! Very very Noice!

Kristy said...

Very nice bag... I couldn't stop looking at my new bag, when bought. I know the feeling and I still love my bag :D

SeLiNa said...

I'm addicted to Guess bags. On last count I had three, plus a wallet ;) Yours is vewy nice!

Rebecca said...

Hi there,

That guess bag is gorgeous! Love it. I think that you deserved to spoil yourself.

Maybe you need to go and get the matching purse too.... I am terrible!

Hilary said...

Thanks Doris!

Hi Kristy, its lovely to get something you like so much isnt it? I'm sure I'll still be gazing lovingly at my bag every night I use it!

Wow Selina you ARE addicted!

I agree Rebecca, I think I need to find the matching purse now - all mine are too big!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

I don't think it's sad at all!! Lord only knows what I am going to be like when I buy my first Louie with the dividends of the shares Mum gave us (well if they don't crash and burn before then of course with the way the world economy is. I could be waiting a long time for it... LOL!!). The bag is gorgeous xxx