Sunday, February 20, 2011

End of week 6 - refocus & recommit

Ok so it was measurements day again yesterday - and I went into it with some trepidation!

It was TOM so I wasn't expecting much - and I was right. Up 300g from last fortnight, grrr, and most measurements and skinfolds had little or no movement. 2cms lost. BAH!

Very annoying when you feel like you've been working your butt off. But anyway - time to refocus and recommit to my goals. I know that this is normal, so I'm not going to let it stop me.

I had a very negative moment on Friday when a relative said 5 little words that every woman dreads - "Have you put on weight?"


Only a family member would dare say that to anyone, wouldn't they? It took all my strength to keep my composure and not let it get me down. I kept saying to myself "dont let it get to you, dont let it get to you..." over and over.

But of course it got to me. I even had a little cry over it to hubby when I got home.

Stupid thing is, I only have to look at my results over the last 6 weeks to know that this is NOT true, but these comments have such a way of deflating you, dont they?

Anyway, not letting this stop me - here's to having a fantastic fortnight, and I'm going to kick arse!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny little habits

Do you have any funny little "rituals" or idiosyncrasies?

Last week I discovered I have a “funny little habit” that I knew nothing about…

Now when I’m preparing dinner, I normally always have 2/3 of the plate covered in a big salad, and the final third is the meat. I’m normally the one who sets the plates down on the dining table, but one night last week I was still getting Skye’s plate organized, so hubby grabbed our two plates and set them down.

But when I went to sit down to eat, I looked at my plate and realised that it just didn’t look right. I stared at the plate for a few seconds before I realised that the plate was the wrong way round - I cant eat my dinner unless the salad is on the left, and the meat is on the right!! Once I turned the plate around, I was fine!

I once had a neighbour who counted steps. She knew exactly how many steps it took to go from her car, to her front door. How many steps from the front door to the kitchen bench, how many steps from her house to my front door etc.

I thought that was a bit funny, then I realised that lots of us have our own “funny little habits”.

My main “funny little habit” that I’ve always been conscious of is being worried about forgetting to shut or lock the door properly. I used to lock the front door, check it, get in the car, drive out the driveway, then spend the rest of the day worrying if I'd locked the door. I'd do that every day. When that got a bit much I developed a new ritual where I’d lock the door, check it (several times) and then scratch the back of my hand with my key. Then whenever I started to worry about not locking the door, I could look at the scratch on my hand and remember – YES I locked the door.

I’ve overcome that one a bit, but I still think about it. We've never been burgled or anything, so I'm not sure where that comes from!

My mum has a thing about wall picture frames having to hang straight. If she’s in your house, and a picture frame is hanging crooked, she cant sit still or concentrate until she gets up and straightens it.

I've heard that some people have to put their left shoe on, before their right. Or wont eat a certain coloured food etc

Do you have any funny little habits? Come on, share them with me so I don’t feel so strange!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The playgroup

Today I ventured into the world of the unknown… the playgroup.

I've been wanting to take Skye for a while, but I kept putting it off.

I find it amusing that despite my roles in the workplace, which for years saw me flying around the country to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and train them to use a computer program, and then later as a sales rep covering the whole of South-East Queensland – where I was talking to strangers all day, and making small talk out of absolutely nothing, that I should be so daunted by a childrens playgroup!

Its a bit off-putting, entering a room full of mums and their kids, who all know each other. Me not knowing anyone. Wondering if they’ll be friendly, or keep to themselves etc.

But kids are amazing aren’t they? They aren’t shy, they just jump right in there and go play. They don’t worry about if someone will talk to them or not – they just march right in there and get down to business.

Grown ups on the other hand, worry about all sorts of silly things. Nobody likes to be the new girl!

Luckily this local playgroup is a small, relaxed one – only about 20 kids. Its raining today, so they had to stay indoors. But I was amazed at the huge variety of toys, and activities for the kids… a drawing table with lots of crayons and paper, a painting table with glitter and glue, a big padded play mat with a zillion toys, a reading section, a food table with lots of healthy kids foods (plus a few unhealthy too! I was quite pleased to see Skye reach for the strawberries and apple, and then pick up the piece of muffin and throw it on the floor!)

Skye had a blast! Plus I got to meet a couple of other mums who were also new today (but they were already friends) so it was a pretty nice morning. I think I’ll be going back.

Next on the agenda this week – Skye’s first official swimming lesson!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Weigh-In day

Results after 4 weeks:

This fortnight has seen a small loss on the scales again – only 800g since last fortnight, and 1.5kgs in total. Bit disappointed in my measurements this fortnight too, as my waist, hips and chest stayed the same (and they are normally the big movers for me), and only had small losses from thighs, calves and biceps. Still, a 4cm loss is a 4cm loss and I am still happy that things are going in the right direction – albeit a bit slower than I’d like!

I am pleased with my skinfolds though – I’ve lost another 1.3% bodyfat (down 3.8% in 4 weeks) and a 8mm from all over (down 17mm since the start).

So although the scales and some measurements aren’t showing the progress that I’d like, I have to look at the big picture and know that the changes are slowly happening!

I’m actually quite impressed with myself this week, and really really chuffed that my determination and commitment is still there!

I had a bit of an “a-ha” moment yesterday when I was thinking that my progress felt slow compared to in the past, despite the hard work. I’m not sure if this is because I have Polycystic Ovaries – this was never a problem until we first started trying to get pregnant a few years ago and went off the pill. Actually – I never even knew about it before then. I was on the pill from the age of 18, until I was 32, and so consequently I never had any of the tell-tale signs or symptoms until I stopped taking the pill and tried to get pregnant (and even then, I don’t have MOST of the symptoms that go with PCOS, just the faulty ovaries) and being on the pill may have helped control the symptoms.

So PCOS is possibly hampering my fat-loss attempts, but in no way is it an excuse. But it might explain why my belly fat (which I’ve never had a problem with before) is a bit more stubborn now (or it could just be that I’m older now LOL!). I’ve been working hard and eating clean – the results will come but they might just take a little longer.

We had a night from hell with Skye last night – she woke up every hour and a half crying… I don’t know why, she NEVER does that. She seemed fine and if I went in to her, and picked her up, she would fall asleep on my shoulder. Put her back down and the crying started again. At 1am we brought her into our bed (which we’ve never done before) to try to get her to settle – BAD IDEA! She thought it was so much fun, and was too excited to sleep. So… back to her room at 2am – more crying… finally she went to sleep until she woke at 3.45am crying again… sigh…

Today I feel shattered, I don’t know how on earth I survived on so little sleep when she was a younger baby!