Sunday, February 20, 2011

End of week 6 - refocus & recommit

Ok so it was measurements day again yesterday - and I went into it with some trepidation!

It was TOM so I wasn't expecting much - and I was right. Up 300g from last fortnight, grrr, and most measurements and skinfolds had little or no movement. 2cms lost. BAH!

Very annoying when you feel like you've been working your butt off. But anyway - time to refocus and recommit to my goals. I know that this is normal, so I'm not going to let it stop me.

I had a very negative moment on Friday when a relative said 5 little words that every woman dreads - "Have you put on weight?"


Only a family member would dare say that to anyone, wouldn't they? It took all my strength to keep my composure and not let it get me down. I kept saying to myself "dont let it get to you, dont let it get to you..." over and over.

But of course it got to me. I even had a little cry over it to hubby when I got home.

Stupid thing is, I only have to look at my results over the last 6 weeks to know that this is NOT true, but these comments have such a way of deflating you, dont they?

Anyway, not letting this stop me - here's to having a fantastic fortnight, and I'm going to kick arse!!


linda said...

Atta girl!!! Good attitude! I think it's awesome that you are in week 6 and still with it. I'm only part way through week 1 and the other 11 and half seem a long way to go!
I'm following your commitment with interest!

Magda said...

I'm not counting weeks but I've hit a rough patch with the scales just going all over the place and its doing my head in. I HATE IT!!! I love the title of your post because thats EXACTLY what I need to do. Thanks for making me realise I'm not alone.

:-) Magda

Kristy said...

I'm worried about the exact same thing when my Dad and Step Mum visit. They always make a big deal about my weight, either becuase I've lost weight or gained weight... I'm hoping to get into a good mindset before they come so I don't let this effect me.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes family members should be seen and not heard, especially in this case. It's what you think of yourself that really matters Hilary.

You're doing the very best you can with your current circumstances, that's all you can ask of yourself so try not to let it get the better of you. xxx

Kerry W said...

Just remember the bigger picture and only believe the results of what you know and can see Hilary.

Yes, we know how it all works inherently, but we all do it to ourselves(torture ourselves). It's called 'being human'.

Good for you for deciding to keep moving forward. Keep your goals in front of you, because you know it is possible! :)

Nicole said...

OMG!! Who would say that?? Gosh! I've only had one family member say something like that (gee, you're arse is looking bigger!) and that was from my nanna, who never said anything nice to me and always critised me AND was obese herself!! Needless to say I limited contact with her from that point forward as there was no room in my life for someone like that!

It's so frustrating when there is no movement when you have been working hard but stick at it cause I'm sure in the next fortnight you will get that magical whoosh!!

Nicole xx