Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny little habits

Do you have any funny little "rituals" or idiosyncrasies?

Last week I discovered I have a “funny little habit” that I knew nothing about…

Now when I’m preparing dinner, I normally always have 2/3 of the plate covered in a big salad, and the final third is the meat. I’m normally the one who sets the plates down on the dining table, but one night last week I was still getting Skye’s plate organized, so hubby grabbed our two plates and set them down.

But when I went to sit down to eat, I looked at my plate and realised that it just didn’t look right. I stared at the plate for a few seconds before I realised that the plate was the wrong way round - I cant eat my dinner unless the salad is on the left, and the meat is on the right!! Once I turned the plate around, I was fine!

I once had a neighbour who counted steps. She knew exactly how many steps it took to go from her car, to her front door. How many steps from the front door to the kitchen bench, how many steps from her house to my front door etc.

I thought that was a bit funny, then I realised that lots of us have our own “funny little habits”.

My main “funny little habit” that I’ve always been conscious of is being worried about forgetting to shut or lock the door properly. I used to lock the front door, check it, get in the car, drive out the driveway, then spend the rest of the day worrying if I'd locked the door. I'd do that every day. When that got a bit much I developed a new ritual where I’d lock the door, check it (several times) and then scratch the back of my hand with my key. Then whenever I started to worry about not locking the door, I could look at the scratch on my hand and remember – YES I locked the door.

I’ve overcome that one a bit, but I still think about it. We've never been burgled or anything, so I'm not sure where that comes from!

My mum has a thing about wall picture frames having to hang straight. If she’s in your house, and a picture frame is hanging crooked, she cant sit still or concentrate until she gets up and straightens it.

I've heard that some people have to put their left shoe on, before their right. Or wont eat a certain coloured food etc

Do you have any funny little habits? Come on, share them with me so I don’t feel so strange!


Shar said...

funny you say about your salad I'm the same but it has to be at the top with my meat nearest me!

I also can't have my food touching! So things with sauce that tends to mix don't happen for me, peas are my nightmare :) I have to have a small line/gap between foods on my plate in fact I used to have a plate that had sections!!!

Ok so there gonna be someone read this that can analyze what these things mean right? Lol


Magda said...

In my last car I'd always have the volume set at an even number (my settings arent numbered in my current car). Oh and I ALWAYS stack the dishwasher a certain way - down to which holders the cutlery must go in every time. If Peter stacks it incorrectly I'll remove the dirty dishes and restack it. Control freak ?????? No not me LOL.

Bug's Mumma said...

I ALWAYS run through the same thing everytime I leave the house - wallet, keys, phone. Hell I even do it when I get off the train, leave work, blah blah blah