Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The playgroup

Today I ventured into the world of the unknown… the playgroup.

I've been wanting to take Skye for a while, but I kept putting it off.

I find it amusing that despite my roles in the workplace, which for years saw me flying around the country to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and train them to use a computer program, and then later as a sales rep covering the whole of South-East Queensland – where I was talking to strangers all day, and making small talk out of absolutely nothing, that I should be so daunted by a childrens playgroup!

Its a bit off-putting, entering a room full of mums and their kids, who all know each other. Me not knowing anyone. Wondering if they’ll be friendly, or keep to themselves etc.

But kids are amazing aren’t they? They aren’t shy, they just jump right in there and go play. They don’t worry about if someone will talk to them or not – they just march right in there and get down to business.

Grown ups on the other hand, worry about all sorts of silly things. Nobody likes to be the new girl!

Luckily this local playgroup is a small, relaxed one – only about 20 kids. Its raining today, so they had to stay indoors. But I was amazed at the huge variety of toys, and activities for the kids… a drawing table with lots of crayons and paper, a painting table with glitter and glue, a big padded play mat with a zillion toys, a reading section, a food table with lots of healthy kids foods (plus a few unhealthy too! I was quite pleased to see Skye reach for the strawberries and apple, and then pick up the piece of muffin and throw it on the floor!)

Skye had a blast! Plus I got to meet a couple of other mums who were also new today (but they were already friends) so it was a pretty nice morning. I think I’ll be going back.

Next on the agenda this week – Skye’s first official swimming lesson!


Shar said...

Ohhh hills I'm jealous!! Believe it or not like you with your job, I could get on stage (in tight fitting clothing!) and instruct body attack to up to 55 people, yet I didn't go to mothers group when I had the chance early on and I still just 'looking' at the contact name for the playgroup.

Ok you have inspired me, I'm going to e mail today! I need adult company one hour a week :)


Kerry W said...

Glad you enjoyed it Hilary. Obviously Skye did too. I think playgroup was great for Philomena. It's great for kids socially and helps them burn energy and also gives you some time to sit, relax, and have a bit of a chinwag with other mums. :)

Hilary said...

Its a bit scary Shar isn't it? But I guess its the fear of the unknown, once you jump in you're fine!

It was a good experience Kerry, and yes I think it will be good for Skye to interact with other kids. Once I get to know some of the other mums I'm sure it will be good for both of us :)