Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Lately I've been thinking that I hate my hair. Every time I wear it down I end up tieing it up in frustration, I'm so over it!! Its grown too long for the style it was intended for, and because my hair is so fine, as soon as it gets any length in it, it gets straggly and flat looking. It is dead flat, and - horror of horrors - I found some split ends in it last week!

So my OH went and got his hair cut on the weekend, so I went with him to check out some hairstyle books at our hairdressers house. She said that the sleek, straight hairstyles are OUT at the moment, everybody is going for big hair...

I want to grow my hair, but it definetely needs some body. So I kinda got talked into having a body wave next weekend.

OH started to look worried - he hates curly hair with a passion (probably because he's got very wavy hair naturally, and he hates it). A couple of times our hairdresser accidentally called it a "perm" and he his eyes started to bulge out of his head in fear LOL

I must admit, I'm a bit afraid of having curly hair too - but she assures me that a body wave will give me a very light wave and NOT a curl. I'm going for a very toned-down version of Natalie Bassingthwaightes 'do' at the moment.

I think my fear stems from the fact that I was a jazz and tap dancer from the age of about 10, so for a good chunk of the first half of my life I sported a bad home perm. You know the ones, frizzy curls and a huge birdsnest of a fringe. All designed to give you an enormous pony-tail to tie your flouro scrunchie around...

Anyway, then two weeks after the body wave I'm getting some funky colours put in. I'm thinking a dark brown base, with purply-plum chunks through it.

Wish me luck!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I think I got about 4 or 5 hours sleep last night, and I have a big drive ahead of me today. I went to bed early enough, just my brain wouldn’t switch off! And then the more you cant get to sleep, the more you stress that you NEED to get to sleep. Very frustrating! I’m starting to develop some coffee cravings, which is not good. I cant drink diet cola because of the artificial sweeteners, so coffee it is. I have always preferred weak instant coffee too (all you coffee lovers will think I’m weird I know!) but I have started buying long blacks with a dash of skim milk, and while the taste is quite strong and bitter, I’m starting to like it… :) I don’t think having one per day is too bad, do you??

It took me over 4 hours to get home yesterday afternoon… a truck jack-knifed on the Bruce Highway, which saw me sitting in one spot, engine off, for an hour… and then the chaos of the Gateway Arterial in peak hour traffic… so by the time I got home I was knackered from sitting in the car doing nothing!! Too tired to get up and train this morning, I think I would have been dangerous in the weights room anyway. If I get home early enough this afternoon I will do some cardio then.

I’ve been feeling very emotionally flat for the last few days, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed, and my “to-do” list seems to be getting longer rather than shorter! Hasn’t been helped by an attack of the hormones this week – or what is otherwise known as “Bitch Week” in our house!

… but I’ve decided that enough is enough, and the only person who can fix this is myself. I am refusing to let negative thoughts enter my mind, and even if they do I instantly say STOP to myself. Its an ongoing process, and I have to be constantly aware of my thoughts, but its definitely worth it because I’ll get to a point where the thoughts don’t even materialise.

Nutrition is still on track, despite the Bitch Week hormones raging. I had a couple of pieces of organic dark chocolate the other night, and mmmmm it was delicious! Just two little pieces was enough to satisfy me, and not want to devour the whole little packet. My weight is holding steady, but I’m hoping its more fluid than anything else and next week should see me make some improvements there.

Anyway, best get this show on the road – have a great day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been everywhere (man)

Well I'm certainly clocking up the kilometres in my new job!
Its strange to be doing lots of driving for a living, especially when you're used to being chained to a desk all day.  I think it will take a little getting used to.  Today I drove to Lismore, which took me 2 and a half hours in the rain!  I learned a valuable lesson too - and that is - stop and go to the toilet when you get a chance!!!  I made the mistake of saying to myself (as I drove past a highway service centre) "Oh I'll go at the next one..." ...
Famous last words...
There WASNT another one, until I reached Lismore!  By which time I was almost crying with discomfort because I needed to go so much!  Then I stopped at the first petrol station I found, ran up to the toilet door to find it locked!  Aaargh!  So I went inside to ask for the key - and had to wait for an elderly customer to finish paying for his fuel... and use EFTPOS... and then remember that he wanted to get $20 cash out too... meanwhile I'm hopping around behind him trying to will my bladder not to burst LOL!
So we wont be doing that again.  I think I have found every single McDonalds on the northside of Brisbane, and no - not for food.  They have clean toilets and easy parking!
Training is still going well - although I had a late night on Sunday night and consequently skipped gym on Monday morning... oops.  I made up for it by taking the dogs for a big walk in the afternoon and then doing a mini-shoulder session at home.  Today was chest and biceps, and I felt a lot stronger this week - gotta love that!
Anyway, better start getting dinner organised... byeeeee!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The great suburban flood of 2008

Well we certainly had an eventful day yesterday afternoon! This video is of our street, one house up from ours. The next door neighbour has a causeway through their block and yesterday afternoon we had an enormous amount of rain in a short space of time so they ended up with a river running through it! Waterfront properties in the heart of suburbia!!!! The force of the water was so strong that their dog almost got sucked under their fence (they saved him though).

A suburb near us had 100mm of rain in one hour, so you imagine the amount of water we had, it was incredible. In the video I am standing in the middle of the road, an inch under water, and this was taken AFTER the height of the storm.

We heard that cars in our local shopping centre were submerged up to their doors.

Our rumpus and spare room downstairs all got wet - the retaining walls near the house just couldn't cope with that much water, so it seeped in and now we've got wet carpet. I dont think I have ever seen so much water ever!!!

Other than that, not much exciting has been happening. My training is going great, I have got my mojo back and I'm really enjoying it again, which was the bit I was missing for a couple of months. Although I did another Abs, Butt and Thigh class this morning and I seriously felt like bailing several times thoughout the class - that is a SERIOUS workout! My legs were screaming, my thighs were screaming... but I stuck it out and now I feel fantastic so I'm really glad I did. According to my HR monitor I burned 550 calories in 50 minutes.... woohoo! I'll do step tomorrow, which is like my little treat for the end of the week, I LOVE step!

Have a great day everyone!