Thursday, February 07, 2008

The great suburban flood of 2008

Well we certainly had an eventful day yesterday afternoon! This video is of our street, one house up from ours. The next door neighbour has a causeway through their block and yesterday afternoon we had an enormous amount of rain in a short space of time so they ended up with a river running through it! Waterfront properties in the heart of suburbia!!!! The force of the water was so strong that their dog almost got sucked under their fence (they saved him though).

A suburb near us had 100mm of rain in one hour, so you imagine the amount of water we had, it was incredible. In the video I am standing in the middle of the road, an inch under water, and this was taken AFTER the height of the storm.

We heard that cars in our local shopping centre were submerged up to their doors.

Our rumpus and spare room downstairs all got wet - the retaining walls near the house just couldn't cope with that much water, so it seeped in and now we've got wet carpet. I dont think I have ever seen so much water ever!!!

Other than that, not much exciting has been happening. My training is going great, I have got my mojo back and I'm really enjoying it again, which was the bit I was missing for a couple of months. Although I did another Abs, Butt and Thigh class this morning and I seriously felt like bailing several times thoughout the class - that is a SERIOUS workout! My legs were screaming, my thighs were screaming... but I stuck it out and now I feel fantastic so I'm really glad I did. According to my HR monitor I burned 550 calories in 50 minutes.... woohoo! I'll do step tomorrow, which is like my little treat for the end of the week, I LOVE step!

Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wasnt all that rain amazing! and more importantly its going into the dams WOOHOO.

Bummer about the carpet getting soaked, do you think you will be able to save it? I hope there isnt too much water damage. Sucks that we need the rain so badly but so many peoples homes have been damaged as a result, can we ever find a happy medium?

Hilds said...

Wow one minute there is no rain the next its flooding, you can't win. Hope the carpet dries quickly nothing worse than smelly wet carpet. Great to hear your training is going so well. I'm still waiting for my mojo to kick in after holidays, can you send me some!

Antigone said...

I hope that there was no serious damage and that you and your house are still in one peice :)
Glad to hear training is going wellI hope that you have a lovely dry weekend :)

Raechelle said...

Oooohhh we saw that on the news-you poor thing...glad nobody was hurt though-Bummer about the carpet-I can relate-when we went through our first cat 5 cyclone in Exmouth-every room in the house had soaked carpet!
Hope you're drying out now!

Ali said...

Hope your carpet was able to be saved.

That clip is amazing.

Good to hear that your training is goping along so well, enjoy the rest off your weekend,

Ali xxx

Selina said...

There has been sooo much water hasn't there! Finally a 'normal' wet season!
Hope there wasn't too much damage, it's just so inconvenient! ;)