Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sunburned again

Wow this week is just flying!

I got absolutely roasted on Sunday afternoon... sitting by the in-laws pool after a swim. I felt a bit cold when I got out of the pool so I sat in the sun to 'warm up'... not a good move cos now my chest is bright red. My arms and face copped a bit too, but my chest is the worst. When will I ever learn?

I had a lovely day on Monday (thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!). We went for a nice drive to Springbrook in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Because of all the recent rains all the waterfalls were flowing again, and the rainforest actually FELT like rainforest - lovely! We also went to Natural Bridge, had a nice lunch in a cafe, and then took a drive up to O'Reilleys. I took lots of pic's on my new little digital camera, so I'll try to post a few when I figure out how to upload them. OOooh I scored a Lorna Jane voucher too and I cant wait to spend it!

The last couple of years I've felt a bit sooky when it comes to birthdays. I've decided I dont like them anymore. I tend to get a bit sullen and cranky for a few days before, silly really, because its inevitable - we all get older.

Aaaanyway, training has taken a bit of a backseat this week. The sunburn hurt so bad that I just didn't think I could face dragging a crop-top over my head and over the burn, so I skipped it and doused myself in cream instead. I went back to gym this morning and it felt ok, my skin is now just covered in little bubbles where the sweat tried to break through, and it starting to get itchy.

Well that's about all from me, have a fantastic Friday!


Ali said...

SUN BURN never good!!Hope its well and truly on the mend, glad to read about your Birthday, sounds like you had a great day!!

Weekend nearly here already :) enjoy it when it comes!!

Ali xxx

Andj said...

oohh ouch! Sunburn sux. No worries about Sat night - Coffee sounds good though. Just name a future date and a place! I do know of an awesome place in the vally with very delicious but dangerously high calorie food - it is on Brunswick st at the New Farm end so parking isn'ttoo bad)
A rainforest would have been lovely on the weekend.
Happy Birthday for last week too!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear to the sunburn, hope its on the mend and not too painful for you.

Your birthday sounds like a wonderful relaxing day. I was actually just thinking the other day how awesome the waterfalls in springbrook would be now.

Have a great weekend

Antigone said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday hun:)
hope your sunburn gets better soon :)

Janew said...

Hey hey sun burn chick!I hope its clearing up and the redness is going...will you get a tan out of it? ;)
You know the thing about birthdays is that we cant stop them so we might as well embrace them!as you age you have more knowledge and you know that knowledge is power!!

anyways Im just rambing now!!I hope you have a fabulous weekend and have lots of fun :-D

jane xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ouch sunburn, I hope you have a real aloe vera plant to help ease your pain? It has incredible cooling and healing properties in it once you get past the stickyness. LOL!!

Happy Belated Birthday Hilary. Sorry I missed it. Lorna Jane now that's a score. I love their stuff.

Lia :o)

Sue Heintze said...

Ouch! You are in the wars! Happy Belated Birthday, sounds like you had a lovely time. I will be in touch soon re feedback stuff.


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Happy Belated Birthday, you didn't say anything when we were talking on Tuesday. I forgot you were an Aquarian like me, didn't realise your birthday was so close. Mental memory for next year.
Sunburn is not a lot of fun, but I especially hate when you think you are all recovered from it and you have a lovely tan, you do a heavy duty sweaty gym session and you have little bubbles suddenly appear, then you peel! Doesn't that just rip your skin off!


Kelly said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Hilary,
Happy birthday to you.