Sunday, January 20, 2008


I dont know why, but every now and then I go through "phases" where I crave a certain food non-stop. You may remember my American Mustard phase, where I plastered absolutely everything I ate, from salad, to fish, to chicken, with American Mustard. Last year it was the cucumber obsession - and while I still love cucumber, I can now eat a salad without it if I had to.

Lately its been peas!! Nothing special about peas I know - but I never liked 'em as a kid, I used to do the whole "hold my nose and swallow them whole" when I was little (especially since mum and dad wouldn't let me leave the table until every last pea was gone LOL!). Last month I bought a bag of frozen baby peas on a whim, and now I love them! Baby peas are much nicer I think. I'm also a bit partial to raw green beans in my salads too lately - another vegie I used to loathe when I was a kid.

We had some steamed veges with our lamb tonight, and I was savouring my peas and saying to OH "mmmmm I just LOVE these peas at the moment!!". He just shook his head at me... he doesn't get it - food is "just food" to him - sometimes I wish I could be like that!

I had a busy weekend - I wrote myself a to-do list on Friday night, and I'm happy to report that I accomplished almost everything on that list. I just didn't get to the butcher, bugger. Its a good feeling to have a tidy house and all the cleaning, washing and ironing up to date - its just a shame that there will be more chores to do next weekend!

Have a fantastic week everyone - next weekend is a long weekend - yahoo!


Pip said...

Hey Hils,

You know what, I LOVE peas too! For frozen vegies I normally buy those packs of greens containing peas, beans and broccoli. I love them all, but when dishing out the peas need to eye up my portion before cooking, then take out a small handful to eat frozen. I've always loved frozen peas!

Well done on getting right through your 'to do' list! It's a great way to feel productive hey! Just a pity housework needs to be done too often! Have a fab week!


Anonymous said...

I do this as well, althought my food phases arent as healthy as yours. Boys dont understand it do they!

Janew said...

Hey ya honey!been soooo long since I have been on blogger but we finally have broadband at home!! YAy!!! I want to start a new blog just havent gotten around to it.

hope your well and enjoying your peas ;) hehe

chat soon...and we should try for another catch up!
*hugs* jane


ali said...

I love lists to get through as well.... well the getting through them part anyway ;)

I love raw beans at the moment, and a salad dressing I make.

Have great week

Ali xxx

Doris's New Beginning! said...

I also go through phases of food, but mine only lasts week to week. Like i had huge celery thing last week, but this week, I screw my nose at it. This week I think it is lettuce.


Antigone said...

Well being a farm girl we used to eat baby peas straight from the vine :)they are so yummy fresh!
good on you rfor getting stuck into your 'to do'list it does feel great to get everythhing done :)
Have a great week hun:)

Sam D-M said...

Well you are a weird one!! LOL. Peas, cucumber, mustard!!!....

Have you made plans for the long weekend??

Kimmy said...

Hi Hilary,
Wish my obsession was peas, this week it is bread, natural almond butter and chocolate :) I am getting a plan from Di so I think I am just craving all the food that I know I will not be ble to eat :)
Don't you just hate house work :)
Be good
Live with Passion - Kimmy

little rene said...

I love peas too Hilary but I have just recently discovered that they are a really common cause of heartburn!

I only realised after I cooked up a delicious meat pie with peas and gave myself and my poor Father in law the worst case of heartburn we have ever experienced!

So I will let you enjoy them for now :)

Have a great long weekend!