Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday update

Jeez I had forgotten how going to work every day eats into your leisure time!! I havent had much time for blogging lately. Going to work and cramming lots of information into my poor old brain has been a bit of a shock to the system after 7 weeks off, but its good to have some mental stimulation again.

I had a bit of a downer of a weekend. I got stomach pains again and I was a bit of a misery to be around. I suppose I have to admit that the doc was actually right - he said it was IBS. My trigger normally seems to be artificial sweetener - and the only thing I had this week was a protein bar on Wednesday afternoon. I stupidly thought that one little old protein bar wouldn't hurt, obviously I was wrong! My glass of wine on Friday night probably didn't do much to help either... :(

We went to a wedding on Saturday night and the boys got SMASHED!! I was the designated driver (couldn't risk drinking with my stomach the way it was) so it was quite funny to watch everyone get more and more plastered.

Saturday was also our one year anniversary of getting engaged! (Wow didn't that go fast!) One year ago today we were in Pompeii... *sigh* I want to go back!

Training was non-existant on the weekend, I just couldn't manage it. But I'm feeling better now so back into it. Did Chest and Bi's again today, and tomorrow will be Back and Tri's. I'll do legs on Thursday, and a step class on Friday morning. My food has been nice and clean (and NO artificial sweeteners!!) so I'm starting to feel good. Gotta keep it up!


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Hiliary,
IBS is not a fun thing, having suffered from it myself..............that totally bloated stomach is really painful.
Pompeii is on my list to visit when we are in Italy mid year. So looking forward to it. Shame it costs so much money. Catch you at the gym.

Anonymous said...

WOW you really are lucky when you go to Australia Zoo. Ive never seen Terri or Steve in the times that i went.

Hope your IBS settles, it really does suck. Peppermint oil capsules and peppermint tea are fantastic to settle the tummy down and get rid of the bloat hideous feeling. But yeah artifical sweetners are nasty things.

Ali said...

A whole year!! my goodness that did go fast ;)

Hope the IBS has totally settled down now. I was with a group of drunk friends on the weekend, and it was funny as well.

Hope your new job is going along wonderfully. HOW EXCITING!!


Raechelle said...

Bummer about the IBS...I was diagnosed with that last year (guess I had it a while but finally id'd it)...I was just commenting on LIZ's blog about it....I take pro-biotic capsules now daily and it has helped tremendously...are you taking any particular supps for it?
Hope it's setteled down now!

Sam D-M said...

Hey Hil,

I know how the IBS feels. Hope it gets much better soon!

Congrats on your 1 year engagement anniversary!


Antigone said...

Oh hun i hope you feel better soon i suffer from stress induced IBS and attacks happen FAST very painful!
I hope that you are having a less of a brain craming week at work and that this weekend you will be able to enjoy it pain fee :)

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Sucks about your IBS - what do you do with that? Is it something that can only be controlled with nutrition?