Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attack of the barbed wire gate.

I had a bit of a bad day today... :(

Firstly driving to work I saw a little kitty get hit by a car... horrible... it ran in front of me (I thought it was lucky because I saw it and slowed down to avoid it) but unfortunately the car racing up to the right of me was going too fast, and kitty got clipped on the back of the legs. He kept running off the road and into the bushes, so I'm not sure how badly it was hurt. I couldn't stop because it was an extremely busy intersection. I was only about 5 minutes from work so by the time I arrived I was trying not to fall apart into tears.

Then I went out to look at a damaged door for work. I had to go way out to woop-woop to a farm area, so lucky I've got my trusty GPS! When I finally got there, I had to get through a barbed wire gate. This was not a 'normal' gate with a top and bottom rail that swings open. This was a "gate" (I use the term loosely) made of two upright posts with 3 strings of barbed wire through it. It had a chain and a long stick to keep it in place. I couldn't figure out how to open it.

I stuffed around with it for a few minutes, and thought bugger-it, and tried to climb through. Big mistake number one. It snagged my pants, and I started to lose my balance so I grabbed the wire - got a barb right through my left palm. Great - now I'm bleeding and cranky. The cows were giving me the evil eye too!

Anyway, got through, walked about 50 metres to the shed. Now I had to get through an electric fence. Had to reach through the fence to unplug the battery (all without getting a shock) so I could climb through. Managed to do this without electrocuting myself too!!

So I took a couple of photos of this damaged door, and then when I left I had another battle with the gate. Well, since I was bleeding already I didn’t particularly want to climb through it again, so I thought “I’ll have another go at opening this thing”. Big mistake number two. I got it open ok, but then I couldn’t figure out how to get it closed again!! It took me another 5 minutes… getting crankier, hot and sweaty, and then I sliced open the back of my right hand… twice… before I figured out how it worked! So now with both hands bleeding I grumbled all the way back to the office!

So now I have to go have a tetanus shot tomorrow morning. :(

Despite all this I’m still smilin’; I wore a pair of pants today which two weeks ago fit just right – and today I had to keep pulling them up! Yay!

Have a fabulous Friday and a great long weekend! (Its my birthday on Monday and I get a public holiday - how cool!)


jodie said...

Poor kitty. I hate hearing about animals being hit by cars. I hope it was alright.

Ouch about the gate. I hope you mend up ok and the shot doesn't hurt too much!

Happy Birthday for Monday - luck you, day off to boot! Enjoy. And well done on the pants being loser, you and me both! :)

Ali said...


Not good with the gate, barbed wire is yucky stuff!!

I also hope the cat was okay,

have a great weekend, are you doing anything special for your birthday??

Ali xxx

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a bad day. Hope the shot isn't too bad.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your birthday!! hope you get stupidly spoilt!hehehee


Kimmy said...

Funny story - hope your hands are ok and now a needle !!!!!!!

I nearly hit two ducks on the road this morning and I was nearly in tears also but luckily they waddled off just in time.

Happy Birthday for Monday.

Congratulatons on the loose pants but make sure you Enjoy and eat lots of nice food on your Birthday :)

Live with Passion


Dianna Broeren said...

Bugger on the puddy and the barbed wire : (
Yay for loose pants and your birthday : ) I hope you have a great day and get suitably spoilt!

Janew said...

AWWW what an ass of a day!hope your ok!!
also happy birthday for Monday :) I love birthdays!!
Hey send me an email and we should try for a catch up at some stage (
Hope you have a Fabulous need it after the day you've had!
jane xoxo

Antigone said...

Happy birthday hun :)
I am sorry about your bad day and I hope the tetenus shots didn't hurt you too much.
Hope your having a lovely long weekend :)

Raechelle said...

Oh you poor thing! And the kitty!
But hurray for the weight loss-HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!