Saturday, January 05, 2008


It seems that the party season has hit my neck of the woods this week. Three late nights in a row, three nights of alcohol and cheese and nibblies and not much sleep. I'm feeling all bleughhh at the moment... still, nobody's fault but my own I guess!

Tonight OH has gone to a bucks party, but he is feeling a little rough around the edges at the moment too, so he's not having a big night. I have skipped the hens party in favour of heading around the corner to a girlfriends place. I'm hoping we'll have a quiet night and wait patiently for the boys to come home from the bucks! I am so bloated... I need sleeeeeeep... and water....

The last three days has been a bit of a turning point for the house reno's. 3 days of painting, plastering, wall building and sanding (somebody took a photo of me weilding the orbital sander yesterday - dressed in my finest working clothes lol - we wont be posting THAT pic!!) and the house is really starting to take shape. Our converted garage downstairs is actually starting to LOOK like a rumpus room, rather than a "converted garage". Nice. The kitchen has been torn apart, I've lost all my overhead cupboards and I'm SO over cleaning up globs of plaster and dust, but hey - we're getting there!

Only problem is that working on the house was a bit difficult for me, seeing how I'm suffering from some of the worst leg DOMS in my life! I am the walking wounded... takes me 5 minutes to get down the stairs, and climbing up and down stepladders all day was most unpleasant. I imagine all our tradesmen friends were sniggering at me as I hobbled from one paint tin to the next. That's what I get for not training legs for a few weeks (naughty me!)

And I have just looked out the window and the skies are finally blue and its stopped raining! The trees are actually standing vertical instead of blowing over sideways! Looks like the nasty weather might be finally gone yipee! Hope it stays fine - we are going to Australia Zoo on Monday :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hope you manage a nice quiet peaceful girly night with friends tonight.

Isnt it fantastic the sun is shining in Brisbane again WOOHOO summer is returning.

Have fun at Australia Zoo its fantastic, love it there


Raechelle said...

Hi Hilary! Too bad about all those late nights-AND the DOMS whilst having to work on the house! Hope you got some sleep last night. Glad your weather is nice again-we thought it was going to rain up here-but so far not a drop....not complaining too much though-I know once it starts it will probably be a while before it stops-it is a RAINforest afterall-LOL! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Hilary
Yes sun is shining again. Can go for walks outside again. Going to find it hard getting up at 4.30am again after 2 weeks off. Shin splints still bad, but the orthodic inserts starting to settle in. So far so good. Walking yesterday, had shin splints still, tried to push through them. thinking it will take a while due inserts correcting foot placing. Doris

Kimmy said...

Hi Hilary - can't wait to see your renovations when you have finished. I have been through the same mess as you but it is worth it in the end. We have to start on the house we are in but we just keep putting it off because we know what we are in for :) It is all worth in at the end.
Live with Passion

Antigone said...

Good on you darl for getting stuck into the reno's :)
I hope your feeling better today darl, i hate that bloated feeling YUCK!
Have a great day hun :)

Anonymous said...

House renovations must be really testing your patience, I don't know how you do it Hilary. :o)

Ali said...

Hi Hilary and Happy New Year!!

Sounds like your renovations are coming along wonderfully, I know how you feel with the leg DOMS that;s me at present, hehe

Can't wait to see pics of the renovations

Ali xxx

Shar said...

Gotta love the leg DOMS!!!!

I like it when the knee joint feels like its going back the wrong way!!
Also going to the tiolet becomes funny and I have to laugh or I'll cry!!

Hope you recover soon!

Shar x

Sam D-M said...

Hi Hil!

The house sounds like hard work, I think you need to take holidays! LOL. When do you start the new job?


LizN said...

How was Australia Zoo. I would love to go there one day.


Pip said...

Hey Hils,

Can't wait to see pics of your home reno's when finished!
Sounds like much hard work!

How was Australia Zoo? Hope you manage to get in the sun a bit before starting your new job!