Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I think I got about 4 or 5 hours sleep last night, and I have a big drive ahead of me today. I went to bed early enough, just my brain wouldn’t switch off! And then the more you cant get to sleep, the more you stress that you NEED to get to sleep. Very frustrating! I’m starting to develop some coffee cravings, which is not good. I cant drink diet cola because of the artificial sweeteners, so coffee it is. I have always preferred weak instant coffee too (all you coffee lovers will think I’m weird I know!) but I have started buying long blacks with a dash of skim milk, and while the taste is quite strong and bitter, I’m starting to like it… :) I don’t think having one per day is too bad, do you??

It took me over 4 hours to get home yesterday afternoon… a truck jack-knifed on the Bruce Highway, which saw me sitting in one spot, engine off, for an hour… and then the chaos of the Gateway Arterial in peak hour traffic… so by the time I got home I was knackered from sitting in the car doing nothing!! Too tired to get up and train this morning, I think I would have been dangerous in the weights room anyway. If I get home early enough this afternoon I will do some cardio then.

I’ve been feeling very emotionally flat for the last few days, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed, and my “to-do” list seems to be getting longer rather than shorter! Hasn’t been helped by an attack of the hormones this week – or what is otherwise known as “Bitch Week” in our house!

… but I’ve decided that enough is enough, and the only person who can fix this is myself. I am refusing to let negative thoughts enter my mind, and even if they do I instantly say STOP to myself. Its an ongoing process, and I have to be constantly aware of my thoughts, but its definitely worth it because I’ll get to a point where the thoughts don’t even materialise.

Nutrition is still on track, despite the Bitch Week hormones raging. I had a couple of pieces of organic dark chocolate the other night, and mmmmm it was delicious! Just two little pieces was enough to satisfy me, and not want to devour the whole little packet. My weight is holding steady, but I’m hoping its more fluid than anything else and next week should see me make some improvements there.

Anyway, best get this show on the road – have a great day!


Raechelle said...

Once cup of coffee a day is perfectly fine. (Dr. Raechelle says so-LOL)
When I have trouble sleeping (like last night)-I get up and play computer solitaire-after a couple of games I can usually get right to sleep.
The worst thing to do is lay there tossing and turning; at least get up and walk around the house a bit-it really does help.

Doris's New Beginning! said...

I have one cup of brewed coffee first thing on the morning, gets me going in the morning, but if I have something like that after 3.00pm, I am bouncing off the wall late at night. I have been suffering night sweats every hour during the night, so can so relate to lack of sleep.

Hey Hiliary, congrats on becoming a Feedback Coach. well done!

Hope you get to feeling better soon, nothing worse than feeling crappy and hormonal at the same time!


Magda said...

Its always scary having to do long country drives if you havent slept enough. I say "bugger whether its healthy or not", I'd be getting those coffees in just to stay awake.



Antigone said...

I have cut myself down to one coffee a day but I but I am smart and I have half in the morning with breaking and then half with morning or afternoon tea i bought myself a lovely little cup and saucer so that it equals one cup a day :)
I have been like you I can't turn my brain off at night! and my to-o-list is off the page LOL

Good luck hun for a positive week hun :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a nice relaxing and stress free weekend. Brissy is beautiful at the mo (ok a tad too hot) but it should be nice weather to chill out :-)