Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Lately I've been thinking that I hate my hair. Every time I wear it down I end up tieing it up in frustration, I'm so over it!! Its grown too long for the style it was intended for, and because my hair is so fine, as soon as it gets any length in it, it gets straggly and flat looking. It is dead flat, and - horror of horrors - I found some split ends in it last week!

So my OH went and got his hair cut on the weekend, so I went with him to check out some hairstyle books at our hairdressers house. She said that the sleek, straight hairstyles are OUT at the moment, everybody is going for big hair...

I want to grow my hair, but it definetely needs some body. So I kinda got talked into having a body wave next weekend.

OH started to look worried - he hates curly hair with a passion (probably because he's got very wavy hair naturally, and he hates it). A couple of times our hairdresser accidentally called it a "perm" and he his eyes started to bulge out of his head in fear LOL

I must admit, I'm a bit afraid of having curly hair too - but she assures me that a body wave will give me a very light wave and NOT a curl. I'm going for a very toned-down version of Natalie Bassingthwaightes 'do' at the moment.

I think my fear stems from the fact that I was a jazz and tap dancer from the age of about 10, so for a good chunk of the first half of my life I sported a bad home perm. You know the ones, frizzy curls and a huge birdsnest of a fringe. All designed to give you an enormous pony-tail to tie your flouro scrunchie around...

Anyway, then two weeks after the body wave I'm getting some funky colours put in. I'm thinking a dark brown base, with purply-plum chunks through it.

Wish me luck!!!!


Andj said...

Hi Hilary
I think a bad perm when I was 10 left me scarred as well and I hated my naturally curly hair for years.
I think that while it will be really different that it will lokk nice - as long as it isn't too curly. Just a nice soft wave. Will you still be able to straighten it if you want to ?

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Hiliary

don't stress, I have dead straight hair and i had a body wave putin. It actually looked good. Was not curly in the least bit. also the beauty about that is you can straighten it anytime with a hair straightener. You will look good in anything.


Antigone said...

Go for it girly :)
You only live once and hair grows:)

Hilds said...

You go girl!

It's amazing what a new haircut can do for you. I'm not quite as brave as you though. I just got heaps chopped of and I'm already not sure if I like it! But if you don't try, you'll never know.
Good Luck!

Raechelle said...

hmmmmm...due to the fact that my beautiful baby brother is a hair dresser-I'm going to say-forget the wave and just get a colour and trim-colour adds heaps of body to your hair without the possible frizz.
I've had many perms in my lifetime-but I've now learned that colour is the way to go.

Shar said...

OH, I fancy a bodywave now!!
even if it is coz the name sounds cool!!! :)

Please post pics so we can see the extent od wave/ curl

Shar x

jodie said...

Wow Hils!! Sounds cool. You must post some pics :) You will look gorgeous in any hair!

little rene said...

Isn't it fun contemplating new styles?

I think I almost find researching and planning new "do's" more fun than actually getting them!

You never know until you try it with hairstyles. Who knows? if you hate it you can always get it reversed. Good luck :)

Pip said...

Hi Hils,

I think a body wave would look really nice on you. Some nice body, but you could straighten it if you want I think, (double check though and don't take my word, it's my younger sis that's the hairdresser, not me LOL!) Your ideas for the colour sound fantastic too!

I'm in that same predicament with my hair currently. It needs a cut and the roots need a colour badly. But at my usual place that I love, (Maurice Meade) it costs over $200 a pop which doesn't really fit into my current budget and debt paying mission! Younger sis did mine for free last time when I was in NZ at Xmas!