Friday, March 04, 2011

I’m still here

… treading water.

Last week after “that comment”, I really knuckled down. I upped the ante with my workouts, I was particularly careful with my nutrition. I jogged more. I threw in some more interval training.

A few days later I had one of those magical “Whooshes” on the scales – hooray!!

Then my foot pain flared up again. And I had to scale it back again. Rest, and steady state cardio to nurse my poor plantar fascia on my right foot. Damn. More ice/heat/ice/heat therapy (which I should be doing multiple times a day, and I usually forget – oops!)

My podiatrist says it should settle down, but with my jogging its not getting a good chance to heal. The orthotics really help, but I need to be more patient and stop jumping in head first like I do, and doing too much too soon. I love interval jogging, but my feet dont like it.

So frustrating! But still hanging in there.

Last weekend sent me backwards though - a big free meal on Saturday night, and then a few friends came over on Sunday, and I DRANK! I'd already had quite a few big glasses of wine, and then some more friends turned up and we opened another bottle... and then polished that off too. I must have had 1.5 bottles of wine to myself. I haven't drunk that much in a LOOOOOONG time!

Needless to say I felt a bit yuk that night, and very dehydrated on Monday. But it was nice to catch up with friends and talk about stuff other than kids for a change!

I've been feeling a bit down about my progress (or lack of). My body seems intent on staying this size at the moment, and I'm just going to have to work even harder to bust through it. I need to stop having big free meals (a small one would do just as well) and I need to stop letting those little extras creep in.

Measurements day tomorrow!


Shar said...

Hey hills
Maybe for you now, with kiddy, injury etc focus on a longer term goal/date/event than 12weeks?

If you got to where you wanted to be in 24 weeks for example you wouldn't be disappointed would you? But it could save you feeling like your getting No-where just because you only have a few weeks left.

Hope that makes sense
Shar x

Keep on keeping on, you really are doing well fitting in everything you do.

Bug's Mumma said...

Try not to stress about it too much hun. It's hard trying to juggle everything - between work, bubby, life AND training on top.

Like Shar said, maybe make it a longer term goal? I know its good to set yourself a deadline, but with everything else added to the mix, maybe give yourself a bit longer?

Just my 2 cents worth xoxo

Nicole said...

Hello lovely lady :) It seems all us recent mummies are going through the same thing body wise! I too seem to make progress and then a big step backwards for one reason or another, so I now try to stop being so hard on myself and for the first time in a long time - although I don't love the way I look, I am more accepting of how I look for the moment!

That being said I agree with the other girls and maybe a longer term goal would be a good idea?

Oh, and just an idea/suggestion? If you would like to catch up I could always come down and visit you and show you how to do a proper kettlebell swing because I can assure you it is interval training at it's best AND as your feet are planted on the ground, you may be able to get around your foot problem but still get some decent cardio in! Let me know if you are interested!

Nicole xx

linda said...

I had/have plantar faciitis and a couple of things really seemed to help
I bought a 'splint' which I wore at night which kept my foot in a flexed position- see my blog nov 23rd 2007
I also bought some Chung shi shoes - blog april 11th 2008
I was religous in icing and stretching
I went to a myotherapist who I think did help a bit
I was patient (hahahahahahahaha NOT) but actually I think time was the best remedy
Good luck with it- it is a most frustrating injury

Magda said...

First of all give yourself a BIG pat on the back for making an extra effort after "that comment"... most people would have chucked it in or sought consolation from a giant chocolate bar.

Secondly ... I could have written the rest of your post myself. 65 to 67 and fluffing around with no progress down. I'm reassessing my approach and you know you need to as well.

Sending support so that we both get it right for the coming weeks.


Hilary said...

Thanks Shar - yes I think you're right - still, having a 12 week goal isn't such a bad thing, at least it gives me that sense of urgency. I guess it doesn't really matter how long it takes to get there, just that I DO get there!

Thanks Alicia, yep I tend to agree, we're probably all guilty of trying to do too much and be supermums!

Nicole I am really looking forward to perfecting those kettlebell swings!

Thank you so much Linda, I've looked into those old posts of yours... the splint looks uncomfortable! I'm trying to be more dilligent with icing and stretching, hopefully that is helping. Good to know that you can recover from it.

Thanks Magda, hope your reassessing is going well!

Hilary xx