Friday, March 18, 2011

Turning it around

I’ve had a great fortnight. Something SO simple has turned it around for me. I’ve started logging food again. I swore I wasn’t going to get into that again, but its really helping me stay in control.

Now, I love a gadget. My favourite gadget is my iphone. I play with it all day. I even have to try to make a conscious effort NOT to play with it when hubby is home, because he gets the shits with me LOL!

So when I found a free iphone app last week called “My Fitness Pal” – I had to give it a go, and its awesome! So I’ve been logging my food, my cardio, strength training, calories burned (according to HRM), water intake, measurements, weight etc

Theres heaps of Aussie brand foods too (although even though I’ve switched it to metric, some of the portion sizes come up with ounces rather than grams… so I’ve had to use my Handy Convert app to figure that all out LOL!)

So I even had another whoosh on the scales last week, plus a very sensible weekend, no huge free meal, and I’m even starting to see those lines appear down either side of my stomach again – yay!

I’ve been doing weights and simple cardio – incline walking, and straight powerwalking. I’m trying to be kind to my foot and give it a chance to heal. Nicole has very kindly offered to come next week to teach me how to do kettlebell swings correctly, so I’m really looking forward to that!

I’ve also started doing a bit of Crossfit too. A friend of ours runs a Crossfit Studio, so he’s been giving me some tips and ideas. I’m just starting out with bodyweight stuff, but don’t worry – its not easy!! This week I did “Cindy” – which is 5 x pull ups (using rings, modified), 10 x pushups (modified) and 15 squats. Repeat for as many rounds as possible – I did 5 minutes to start with, and managed 5 ½ rounds… Caught my breath for a few minutes, then went again for another 5 minutes. This time did 6 rounds! I've had really sore leg and back DOMS from this session!

Then later this week I did 5 x DB one arm snatches, followed immediately by 5 x burpees. Repeat. For FIFTEEN minutes!! OMG I was dying at the end! (I hate burpees!!) I did 12 rounds in 13 minutes - yes I had two minutes to spare, but I needed to breathe instead!!

On in-between days I did treadmill walks (cant let that sparkly new treadmill go to waste now)

I'm feeling great, and looking forward to adding some kettlebells into the mix next week. I also went and got all my hair chopped off yesterday too, so I'm feeling like a new woman!


Nicole said...

Whoohoo! I am so excited for you that everything is coming together. I sooo wish I had an iphone so that I had access to apps etc so that is on my wish list!! My husband has one and I'm afraid he spends ALOT of time on it!! Mainly playing games though! LOL (true kid at heart)

I am so looking forward to next Thursday. I will put together a metabolic circuit for us to do if we get time :) hehe

See you next week!

Kelly said...

What kind of treadmill did you get? I am thinking of getting one and am not sure where to start. I don't want a cheapie, but on the other hand don't want to spend 12 grand either.

Frankie said...

awesome work!

Magda said...

Its great to hear that things are going so well for you Hilary. You'll be fitness model material before you know it.

Kristy said...

I was going to ask the same question as Kelly. What type of treadmill did you get? Now that it's getting dark and cold in the mornings and I live in the sticks (where I don't feel safe running in the dark). It's time to revisit the treadmill idea. I really love a quick run!

Boris said...

L&P was here. :)