Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bored with my hair

I've been pretty sedate with my hair for the last few years. I used to do really cool, different things with my hair, which I've blogged about in the past. One month I'd have black hair, then the next I'd decide I wanted to be platinum blonde and spend hours at the hairdressers (going from black to blonde was not my smartest move - took FOREVER!).

Once upon a time I had a really cool hairdresser who I went to see every 6-8 weeks. She'd clip pictures out of magazines for when I came in, and say "I though we might do something like this?" and I'd just go with the flow - whatever she wanted to do, cut, colour, or extensions - she did! I loved it, and she liked that I just let her do whatever.

I've had blue stripes, blue hair extensions, lovely thick slashes of purple through my hair, swatches of bright red, a full head of black, or burgundy, or blonde or red hair... long, short, and even WAY-TOO-SHORT - so short it made me cry because it looked horrible LOL!

Hubby used to love the changes cos he reckoned he got a different girlfriend every couple of months. People at work used to ask me if I did it "because of a dare or something"...
But I've been toning it down for the last couple of years. Not deliberately. But its been happening nonetheless. I still had my purple stripe for the last few years, even had it at my wedding. But a few months ago I coloured over it. Now I'm dark brown all over. Hairstyle is now non-descript. Feeling rather blah actually, all I do is tie it up in a ponytail...

And now I'm taking it one step further - I'm actually planning on going back to my NATURAL colour (whatever the hell it is LOL!) - I'm going back to mousey-brown! Well maybe not mousey, but yes I'm getting my hairdresser friend to get me to a light/medium brown. The problem is I've got years of colour build up in my hair, so its going to take some time, over a number of visits to get it right. It started on Saturday with streaks... yes the dreaded streak cap came out.

Here is the result so far. Its a bit coppery because of the camera flash - its not quite that orange in real life:

But as you can see the ends are still dark. Its a work in progress - will post more pics as the transformation happens over the coming months!


Frankie said...

I think light brown is one of the best hair colours 'cos you can put any colour semi permanent through it and the colour takes. So then you can change your 'colour' quite regularly without damaging the hair. My dark brown hair? Can't do a thing unless I use permanent. Blah.

Pip said...

I think I get you on this one Hils.

I'm trying to save a bit more money for a) investing and b) a big round the world trip/holiday/adventure in a few years. As I don't earn a big income I guess I have to look for smaller ways I that I can live comfortably off less means. I decided hair could be one of those things. I'm dark brown naturally although I'm now unfortunately starting to go grey and notice at least 5 single strands in each square cm these days. I used to love going to salon to get it lightened it with thick caramel and blonde foils and sometimes bright red foils. Thing was it looked great at the time but after 6 weeks in need of a redo badly. Costly! So now I'm just getting a dark brown permanent, (4.0 or similar) every 6 months with a trim and hair looks shiny and healthy. I never loathe it, at the worst these days it may get a bit boring occasionally but in my opinion always looks OK.

I do like yoru hair pic though!

Rick said...

Take care of your hair. It's a privilege, not a right - as I can testify.

Hilary said...

Totally agree Frankie - light brown is a good "base" colour I reckon. Although I'm guilty of using permanents a lot lately, they are just easier to find than the semis!

Good plan Pip! Much cheaper to go back to basics hey? I'm starting to see a few greys creep in these days too :(

Thanks Rick - agree completely!

Hilary xx