Sunday, October 15, 2006


Andj, me and Deb at the QLD INBA's last weekend. Note the obvious skincolour difference! Why is it that us Queenslanders are all so pale when we have so much sun? (except for competitors of course!)

Today I had the priveledge of meeting Selina who is down for a brief visit to Brisbane. We chatted away for a couple of hours - it was lovely to meet her, she really is sweet and has the most amazing eyes! I'm so glad we got to meet as I felt like I already knew her. It was so hot today in Brisbane - 30 degrees or something.

This is my little man Connor this morning, basking in the sun of his new "Grand Palace" that my boyfriend made for him. It is at least three times the size of the one at the old place (he's an indoor cat, so his 'outside' area is important to him) and now the only thing missing is a cat door so he can let himself in and out! (a minor detail dont you think?!!) This will be rectified this week, so we should have one very happy kitty!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hils,
The picture of us on your camera looks so much better than the one on mine. I think that I look tired thought! Man we look white!
ps. Cute kitty!

Tracey said...

Nice pics Hilary. The cat looks so happy there basting in the sun!!

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,

I'm sooo jelous you get to meet all these lovely people with similar interests! So when are you heading overseas? I did the same crazy thing you are doing (trained hard before I went so I could really enjoy being overseas). It was great and loved every minute although its hard work getting rid of all of the strudels I ate (he he). Hilds

Kaddy said...

hi!! looks like a fun weekend!!!

i feel like being and doing what your cats doing ... right now.. what a life! :)

Ali said...

Connor is very CUTE!!! what a bloody good life some cats live, mine included :)

lovely pics of you guys,

Have a great week


Antigone said...

Lovely pics hun :)
What a sweet looking basking pussy cat talk about looks like he's in heaven LOL
I am so thinking of visiting the tanning salon before meeting all those comp girls on the 28th as i am so lilly lilly white i think i will look like ghost next to those healthy coloured girlies LOL
have a great week hun:)

Hilary said...

Hi Andj, you are right - we do look deathly white dont we!! Might have to go buy some fake tan!

Thanks Tracey, yeah what a life cats have huh?

Hilds you are right - I am soo lucky to be meeting all these wonderful inspiriational girls, and its great to have friends all over the country! And its funny how we want to work our butts off before travelling so we can relax when we're overseas!! I'm going to Austria so I might need to ask you some advice!

Hey Kat it would be so good to be able to spend our days relaxing in the sun like the cat wouldn't it? With no worries in the world?!!

Thanks Ali, the last two weekends have been great! So much happening!

Em I can relate! I think we all look like ghosts compared to those competitor girls, a spray tan sounds like a great idea!