Monday, October 23, 2006


My weekend wrap-up... On Saturday morning I got up early and took the pooches for a walk around the new area, then we had Foxtel come out to do our installation.  Unfortunately they were unable to do it because there are some issues with the power pole that they need to run the cable from... long story, anyway, we had Energex come out and fix the power line, then had to re-book with Foxtel - so poor BF has to wait another two weeks to get his Fox Sports back!!

We went shopping after that - for a new lounge suite!  We're so picky, the sales people must hate us!  I think we went to about 6 different places trying to find the right one. We found one that we really really liked, but it was too big for the lounge room!!  So we came away without a purchase, but its still on the agenda.  While we were in Harvey Norman we found these fabulous "massage chairs" - they had about 6 or 7 models ranging from $1000 to about $9000.  OMG these chairs are amazing!  I got on one expecting that it would just vibrate or heat up, but its acutally got little "fingers" almost!  They have a rolling motion, or kneading, or tapping, and goes all the way up your body - even massages your feet, hamstrings, butt... everything!  We sat in these chairs for about half an hour, all the time we were going "oooooh... aaaaaaah.... OH MY GOD that feels good!!!" its a wonder we werent chucked out!!  hehehe.  If you've got a furniture store near you - you HAVE to try one of these chairs!!!!  When I win the lotto, I want one! :)

I had an optomotrist appointment on Saturday afternoon, and I received the good news that my script has not changed!  That's now 2 years with a stable script, and also my eyes are in great health.  Sooooooooo.... I have booked in to have an assessment for Laser Eye Surgery... I will find out on Thursday if I'm eligible!  I have been wanting to have this done for about 10 years, but I've never had stable vision.  So now, cross your fingers, I might be able to get it done before our trip!!

My challenge is going really well, this morning I was under 58kgs which I'm quite happy with.  On Saturday I was able to squeeze into a pair of 3/4 denim pants that a few weeks ago I couldn't do up.  Well they were tight, but at least I could wear them and still breathe... an important factor dont you think?  We have a new Amart AllSports open near us, and they have a huge sale on.  So I went and bought myself a new pair of gym shoes (finally - after months of putting up with shin splints!)  They are New Balance running shoes, white, with hot pink trim!!  Very snazzy, and my feet were glowing in the bike class this morning (darkened room with fluoro lights).

Food was great on Saturday, could have been a little better on Sunday though  - had a real sweet tooth last night unfortunately.  Anyway, I didn't do too much damage.  I'm going to have a sensational week this week!  Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracey said...

OMG Hilary, those scales of yours must be so out there is no way that you are 58kg's. You are so tiny I couldn't believe it when we met, you were like this little thing. I am not hearing that you are that weight at all.

Hope you had fun tryin out the chairs!! LOL, sounds like me & hubby when we went to try out beds. Well that was just too funny as well. I don't know what the sales people ever think!!

Mel said...

Ohh, I love the sound of those chairs...haha, I can just imagine you guys relaxing back in them in the store!

Awesome with your weight too sweet, don't ya just love that feeling of actually being able to "do up" that item of clothing!!!


Hilds said...

Those chairs are awesome. We did the same at Harvey, I couldn't get Cam out of the chair, we were so close to getting one but thought it might look a bit funny in the lounge!!! Isn't it great when you can get back in to your favourite clothes, keep it up!

Ali said...

Might have to go try out one of those chairs :) sounds like your going great good to hear.

Muscle weighs twice as much as fat, your obviously very muscley Hils!!

Have a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the scales:)
Sounds like you have had a busy weekend!!
Have a great week hun:)

Selina said...

Lol, I lurve those chairs too, and it is funny how 30mins passes so quick when you're 'testing' one out!! One day I will have one, one day :P
Congrats on the jeans!!! Now that's a nice feeling :)
I'm in the same boat as you with the eyes.... CONGRATS on being stable!! That IS an achievement! You're very brave if you go through with the surgery, I'd love to be able to see, but I'm such a chicken!!

Rachel said...

nothing like fitting into tiny clothes you have not been able to for a while - well I can only dream of that at the moment!! hehe Those chairs sound AMAZING - I winder if they have a baby rocker attached so mum can enjoy them?

I also Connor is ok now - what a scary story!

Rach xx

Hilary said...

LOL Tracey - YOU are the tiny one! Seriously, my butt and thighs are my big problem areas, and that's where I'm holding it at the moment. But thanks for the nice comments - I'd like to think that its all muscle, but I know better!!

Mel those chairs are amazing, you really have to try one! I want to go back this weekend but I think they might recognise me!

Hilds I agree - if I ever get one it would have to go in the rumpus room or something, they dont go with any of our other furniture.

Thanks Ali - I think I am gaining muscle, but trust me, there's a decent amount of fat there too!

Thanks Em!

Selina I'm not really brave at all, I'm totally chicken about getting LASIK done! But I really want it, so I'll see how I go!

Rachel it wont be long before you're back into your old clothes, but you're right, it is such a good feeling!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

Oh your poor puddy tat!! I hope he is OK now hon... give me one of those massage chairs... LOL!! See you soon :o) xxx

little rene said...

Those chairs sound awesome! I need one at my desk! The poor kids wouldn't get anything out of me them LOL!

Sounds like the little blitz is going well Hilary! Summer will be great for you!

Have a great weekend!