Thursday, October 05, 2006

All moved in

We are all moved in to our new place, living amongst a sea of unpacked boxes and holes in walls!  Saturday was a HEEEUUUWWWGE day, basically we were on the go for 12 hours before we actually sat down for a rest.  My hamstrings were absolutely killing me from all the bending over and reaching down that I was doing (probably should have used my knees more I know) - but anyway, its all done now thank goodness.

There has been so much going on with the move, the old house due to settle next week, and also planning more of the upcoming holiday, that I think I'm going a bit senile.  I'll skim-read things, then I not fully understand what I've read... like the other day I saw a sign on the road and it said "Commuter Carpark" but for some reason I read it as "Communist Carpark".  I'm forgetting so many things - people ask me to do stuff and 10 minutes later I forget what it was that I was supposed to do.   On Monday I filled my mug with hot water and a dash of milk before sitting down and realising that I forgot to put the coffee in first... and last night I was getting my glutamine out to have some before bed and I dropped the container and half of the powder all over the floor.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???!!!!!!    :-)~  Just too much excitement I think.

Anyway my challenge is going pretty well - apart from the crap takeaway that I ate for 3 meals last weekend.  Well I had no kitchen and I had to eat something!!

So far, 3 weeks into it, I have lost 3cm off my waist, and 2cm off my (stubborn) hips.  Scale weight has only dropped less than a kilo.

I still have no internet at home, and I cant access blogs from work (sending this via email) so I havent been able to read what anyone else has been up to.  The ISP has indicated that I should be connected by next Friday.  BF is having E-bay withdrawals I think!  Plus we haven't got Foxtel hooked up yet - so he's not happy!

Good luck to all those who are competing in the coming days!  I'm sorry I cant log on and read everyone's results just yet.  I'm going to watch the Qld INBA's this weekend to cheer on Splice and Alicia N.  Good luck girls!  Will be great to catch up with everyone again.

And I have just found out that I have to go to Gladstone next Monday for 3 days.  Will just have to make sure I finish all the unpacking on the weekend... so much to do - so little time!

Perseverance is failing 9 times and succeeding the 10th.
- J. Andrews


Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary,

It sounds as though you have been flat out!! Glad that you have moved in now, one less stress for you to think about.

I forget things and drop stuff all the time! At least you know yours is temporary. Just take things as they come :)

Congrats on the weight loss too. Summer here we come.


Cherie said...

Hi Hils, gotta be happy the move is out the way now!!! I don't know if it's worse moving or spending the next couple of months unpacking boxes and working out where everything needs to go. We moved 3 months ago and still have boxes that need unpacking.

Forgetfulness....hmmm, i think we can all relate to that. Maybe your mind is just too full at the moment. I'm sure it will settle down soon and you'll start remembering things again (just don't have memory still isn't back yet hehe).

Great work on the 5cm loss. That is quite a big loss in 3 weeks. You gotta be happy with that! I reckon I've put that on in the last week, since comp!

Have fun unpacking!

Cherie ;o)

Rachel said...

YAY! On being completely moved! What a relief that must be!

I can relate to complete forgetfulness but mine is pregnancy related!

See you tomorrow!

Antigone said...

There is now way that you can be more forgetfull than me!!! I am shocking this time round with my pregnancy i forgot my Dr appointment today and the other day i forgot to meet up with mum for lunch thankfully she msg me LOL
So pleased to hear that all went well with the move:) Hope you sort out your interent problem soon:)

Ali said...

glad to hear you have moved :)

Sounds like you are doping really well on your challenge, good for you!!

have a great week,


Mel said...

Hey sweet,
OMG, isn't moving soo tiring!!! You forget what its really like til you have to do it...but once you are settled it will be well worth it...

I know exactly what you mean about the take out meals with not having a kitchen but that's great that you still lost the cm's!! You will blitz this challenge by the sounds of things :)

Ciao bella,

Hilary said...

Hi Rebecca, glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's dropping stuff!

Thanks Cherie - you're right - the nightmare of boxes just doesn't seem to go away, even after you're all moved in. Still so much to do!

Rachel it was so lovely to meet you on the weekend! Best wishes for the next couple of weeks - bet you cant wait to "meet" your new little man!

Hi Em! No if I'm forgetful now I can just imagine how crazy it would get being pregnant! We are BACK ONLINE!

Thanks Ali - being moved in is a relief, now I've just got to get everything else out of the way and I can relax a bit!

Mel its a bit of a challenge trying to eat clean when you've got nothing unpacked isn't it? I guess we just do the best we can and move on!

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

HI Hils,
Are you back in Brissy now?
Hope your week is going well!