Friday, September 29, 2006

Its Moving Weekend!

We're moving house tomorrow!!!! Cant wait to get settled into the new place, even though we're going to be staring at great big holes in the walls (due to the termite search a few weeks ago!) for a little while. Still it is so nice to be finally getting out of this place and on to our great big block of land! Finally I will be able to start tending to my vege garden!

I will be off air at the new place for about a week, so no internet :( so I wont be able to read any blogs during that time. I should still be able to post via email though (from work) - so I'm very sorry I wont be around, but I promise I'll catch up with everyone's blogs as soon as I'm able.

And THE most exciting thing that's happening for me at the moment is that we have decided to finally go overseas! Last night we went and paid for our flights... we're leaving on Christmas day and having 2 days in Singapore, then flying into Manchester in England. We'll spend New Years with BF's cousins/family over there, and we'll also be able to do day trips into Scotland and the rest of England from there too. Then we're heading to London to meet my uncle, then off for a couple of days skiing somewhere in Europe (probably Switzerland, not sure yet). Finally we'll be off to Rome to visit the city that I am obsessed about (!!) and have a short trip to Naples and Pompeii. Then fly home from Rome!

Its so exciting and not that far away, so I've certainly got lots of things to think about and plan. I have been wanting to go to Rome and Europe (and especially Pompeii) for about 15 years, so I'm super excited about finally getting to go! BF has always wanted to ski - so he's very excited about that part.

Anyway with that exciting news I'm off! Hope everyone has a great weekend... think of me... carrying boxes and lifting tables and stuff. I hate moving!


little rene said...

Hey hilary,

Good luck with the moving, it's almost as fun as renovating!

That is so exciting about the O.S. trip! We have our own little plans in the pipeline for next year but I will elaborate on that when we have finalised it all.

Have a great week and enjoy the new space.



Alicia said...

Oooh that sounds like a fantastic trip. I've been to all those places, so if you need tips, just drop me a line (especially Singapore shopping tips - I've been there 3 times now!)


Jehanne said...

Can I come in your suitcase?

Hilds said...

Wow you sound just like me! I had been wanting to go to Europe since I had been in High School and for some reason or another never got there. It is fantastic that you are finally doing it, you will have the most amazing time. Make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Hope the move goes well.
Luv Hilds

Kelly said...

Ooooohhh wow!! Your whole blogs sound exciting! Good luck with it all.

Ali said...

HILARY the trip sounds great!!! how exciting for you both, you will have an awesome time, good luck with the moving over the weekend,


Michelle said...

You're Holiday sounds FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Good luck with the move!!!!!

XX - Michelle

Rachel said...

Goodluck with the move - your trip sounds awesome!!! I'm very jealous!