Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More challenges

I hate talking about negative things in my blog, especially now that I'm practicing the art of positive thinking!!  But I'm sorry to say that there's been a few more challenges added to my life this weekend. 

Friday night I got home to find a very dejected boyfriend.  He'd spent the afternoon around at the new house, and had started demolishing a wall in order to build a new feature wall.  Well he didn't get too far with that.  When he started pulling gyprock off - he found some pretty massive termite damage.  So he spent the rest of the time following the mud trail around the house (smashing walls as he went!!) - they have eaten out entire studs in some parts.  I guess the good news is that we cant find them.  We can find where they've been, but not where they're at NOW. (if they're still there).  Before we bought the house we had a pre-purchase pest inspection, which came up clean.  So now we have the drama of going through battle with the pest inspectors, hopefully we dont have to go through any kind of legal battle.

So on Friday night after that delightful news I started getting stomach pains again (stress-induced I'm betting) - I battled through Saturday, groceries, cleaning, preparing for the open house etc, but by Saturday night I was doubled over again with those bloody stomach cramps, nausea etc.  We were supposed to go out to dinner for a friends 30th birthday, but my wonderful boyfriend stayed home with me to look after me (even though I told him several times that he should go).  He went and got a couple of DVD's, and he even got me The Chronicles of Narnia, which I've wanted to see for a while (which was actually a really good movie - it made me cry a couple of times!!!).

Anyway by Sunday the worst was over and I began to feel normal again.

The positives are that although we've got some serious termite damage - the house is still structurally sound.  Plus we're not ready to move in yet, so we've got plenty of time to fix it.  Also, my stomach pains weren't anywhere near as savage as the last time I had it in June.  And because I was sick, I didn't indulge in a free meal (unfortunately had to skip a few meals) so my weight actually dropped!  (probably not a good way to do it though!)

Back to gym today - I didn't feel up to it yesterday.  Today was ok but I felt weak - the weights really burned, even after just one set.  I'm probably not 100% yet.

And I am still in total shock of the death of Steve Irwin.  I just cant believe it.  We saw him do a crocodile demo at Australia Zoo a few years ago, and he was fantastic.  Its affected me like how I felt when I Princess Dianna died.... I feel that same shock and disbelief - judging by the TV coverage, most Aussies feel the same.  BF is quite sad about it, all night he just kept saying "I cant believe it - the day after Fathers' Day - I cant believe it" over and over.  Very sad news, and my heart goes out to his family.


Mel said...

Hi Hilary,
I totally agree about Steve Irwin, I felt sick, its kinda just unbelievable. Last night whilst I lay in bed I just kept thinking about his kids and his family - its very sad and so unexpected!

Goodness that sucks about the termites, I hope you can get it sorted out!!


Janew said...

Hey Hilary,also agree that the news of Steve Irwin was very sad,he was an amazing person indeed.
On a better note thats awesome that you are taking charge to become a positive thinker!Its hard at times to see the positive side to things but when you look hard enough its always there!Being positive will also allow you to not become stressed over situations..also then you wont get the tummy cramps.Anyways I hope you are feeling better :)
Stay positive and keep smiling
Jane :)

Tracey said...

These things test u a lot when purchasing a house, but sometimes buildin/pest inspectors are unable to reveal the whole truth about a property if they don't do an invasive inspection, which most of them don't do, then unfortuneately once everything is pulled apart then u end up with nasty surprises. Nothing nice about termites that is for sure.

It is a shame about Steve Irwin, he was such a great man & did so much for our countries tourism. I think that we will have another one in the making though with his little bindi.

Have a great day Hilary.

Splice said...

Hi Hilary!
Your stomach cramps dont sound to good hun. Back to the doctor if you get another attack ok?

I feel for you with the termite problem, its anyone's worst nightmare. Hopefully they have moved on and will never return. Keep us updated on how things are going.

Of course the whole nation is in shock, we lost a true Aussie icon and an amazing person in general. Steve will be missed. :-(

Hilary said...

Hi Mel - yeah its kinda surreal isn't it? So sad, I even shed a tear tonight watching the news.

Thanks Jane, its hard sometimes to find the positive - that's one of my goals lately, focus on whats great, acknowledge the negative, then let it go... seems to help!

Hi Tracey, the termite damage really came out of the blue - never mind we will get it fixed and move on!

Thanks Deb, I thought I was shot of those stupid stomach pains, but I'm 99% sure that this time it was stress induced. No point going to the doc again at the moment because it all seems to be over! It always happens on a weekend when most GP's are closed :(

Hilary xx

CJ said...

It is a shock abotu Steve Irwin - he always seemed larger than life. I feel for his wofe and family.

I agree with the 21s workout - NASTY! But very satisfying when I've finished and staggered out of the gym!

little rene said...

Hi Hilary,
Sorry to hear that you have been having a bit of an average time lately :(.

Hopefully the pest Inspectors won't be difficult and will compensate you accordingly. Take lots of photos!

I feel absolutely devastated about the death of Steve Irwin. I feel so sorry for his wife and kids, it must be so awful to lose your Dad or husband. He will certainly be missed.


Amy said...

Hi Hilary
Not good about the stomach pains again. Hope everything is resolved with the termites. What a nuisance. Has your other house sold yet??
Have a good day

Hilary said...

CJ hope you are feeling those muscles today after those 21's!

Thanks Rene - I hope the pest inspectors wont cause too much trouble!! I feel the same about Steve Irwin - its a terrible loss.

Thanks Amy - no the other house hasn't sold yet, we are crossing our fingers and toes that it doesn't take much longer!

Hilary xx

Selina said...

Oh man, you aren't having much luck lately with houses are you!!
Hope the stomache cramps don't return, or u should be off to the doc.
Yea, like everyone else, me too is in shock about poor old Steve Irwin, it's still such a shock.
Hope your week gets better!

Rebecca said...

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the termites at the house. But on the positive side, at least they were once there but not now. House stuff can be so stressful hey.

Hope that you are sleeping better. I think the worrying has been passed to me now! I am dreaming about houses now. Shocking.

Good luck with everything.


Ali said...

Hi Hilary sorry to hear about your circumstances, but you are so on the right track with your thinking positive, way to go!!

Hope it all works out well with your house, what’s the point of an inspection if they aren’t thorough though.

Awful news about Steve Irwin, my heart also goes out to his family, it was always so obvious the love he shared with them all, especially Bindi. Must say I don’t like how the media cash in under these circumstances though.

Take care and look after that tummy of yours

Ali xxx

Lia Halsall said...

Hilary they say that life doesn't present us with challenges that we can't overcome and I'm sure what ever life places in your path be it positive or negative you will definitely over come it. The mind is a powerful thing. It's great to hear that you're being active about your positive thinking, great attitude. ;o) xo

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,
Don't feel bad about having a whinge, I think it helps sometimes to get it off your chest. I hope things start to look up for you soon and lots of postive things start happening. I was also quite sad about Steve but it gave me a bit of a reminder to love every minute of every day and really live life!
Keep Smiling Luv Hilds